SwaSan! I Love You!! {Episode-7}


Next day

All elders of Maheswari’s and Gadodia’s were seated at lawn area … Discussing abt something
Where as raglak were also sitting there with a blushing face

Just the Sanskar and shlok comes there

Sanskar: (smiles)good morning guys …wats going on tat all r here
Sujatha: (happily) Sanskar .. We r discussing abt ragini and laksh’s engagement …
Sumi:as it’s high time we should get them engaged na
Sanskar:☺ wow tats great … (To raglak who were blushing) hey stop blushing love birds and give me a hug

Raglak smiles and hugs Sanskar

Sanskar:(smiles)☺ congratulation
Shlok:me also guys (hugs them)

Releases the hug

Shlok: finally u r getting engaged
After u (blushing)..it will my turn to get engaged (looks at Sanskar)
I don’t think so sanky is interested in marriage and all coz he is not tat type na …. He likes boys not girls …waise bhi I’m more handsome than sanky

All controls their laugh .. Pressing their lips
Sanskar gives a death glare to shlok …thinks something and smiles naughtily

Sanskar: haan u r more handsome …..more than SRK or varun dhwan (keeps his hand on his shoulder)?
Shlok:(proudly) haan..haan I know tat …. But plzz stay away from me I’m not tat type
Sanskar: haan I know u r not

He smile and turns him …. Gives a kick on his buttocks ….. Shlok falls on the floor

Shlok:? sankyyyyyyyyyy
Sanskar: oh dude sorry ..get up

He makes him stand … Shlok walks holding his buttocks wincing in pain

Sanskar: hahahaha?? now u r looking more handsome dude

All looks at shlok’s walking and brust into laugh ????
While shlok gives ????

Just the swara who heared thz comes there

Swara:(suprised) wat really ragini and bhai’s engagement
Sujatha: haan shona(smiles)
Swara:(hugs raglak) oh god I’m soooo happy for both u .. Congratulations
Ragini: haha thank u swara
Sanskar: but when it is .. I mean did u all decided the date or day for raglak engagement
Shekar:(smiles) haan Sanskar we all decided …it is 2mro
Swara:(suprised) wat 2mro itni jaldi
Sumi:haan shona …2mro is a nice day for engagement if not 2mro then we should wait still next month
Sanskar: haan it’s k aunty .. Engagement will be 2mro only
Swara:(smiles) and it will be dhamakedar engagement after it’s my bestie’s engagement
Ram:right swara beta

Sanskar smiles

Sujatha: sumi come let’s go … Bahut saari tayaari karni hai

Sumi nodes both the ladies leaves from there

Ram:shekar let’s leave

Both leaves from there

Swara turns …and finds Sanskar with teasing smile winking ? at her remincing his kiss she gets angry ??

Sanskar:(sweetly) hi swara … How was ur night ..ahem ahem I mean sleep ?
Laksh: she would have slept peacefully only disturbing me at late night ?
Sanskar: oh is it so swara but it’s a bad habit u shouldn’t irritate anyone like thz ?

Swara gives a death glare to him ???? …. Turns towards laksh and stamps his foot angryly

Laksh: (winces in pain) aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh stupid girl

He leaves from there

Shlok & sanskar gupls in fear ?
Seeing swara’s reaction
While swara goes towards them with angry eyes

Shlok: ? no I don’t wanna die soo soon dude … I’m leaving from here

He was abt to but Sanskar holds his shoulder and pulls him

Sanskar: hey stop dude … And y r fearing of thz 4futt 2inch wild cat
Swara:(smirks)oh Amol baby it’s better if u fear ?
(Comes forward)
Shlok:hahahaha Amul baby ??
Dude really it’s a best name for u

Sanskar gives ” I will kill u” look to shlok
Swara smirks and comes forward …

Swara:Amul baby …go have some milk it’s good for health u know

Ragini, shlok brust into laugh???
Sanskar gets irritated and pulls swara towards him

Sanskar:?stop calling me tat
Swara:nah u r Amul baby only na then how can I stop calling u tat ?

Sanskar thinks something and smiles teasingly …pulls her more closer by waist and whisphers in her ears

Sanskar: darling stop calling me Amul baby …haan but u can call be just baby coz it will be useful in future …..u know?
Swara:(confused)? wat
Sanskar: nothing darling?
Swara:? i’m not any darling … Dare u call me tat again
Sanskar: k 4futt 2inch wild cat ?kisses her cute nose without anyone’s notice while swara stands shock ?

Sanskar: shlok come let’s go dude …or else today also u have to give ur pizza to dad (winks at swara?)
Shlok: no never …come let’s go

Sanskar & shlok leaves from there …. While swara stands ?

Ragini: (shakes her) swara come let’s go
Swara comes to sense and touches her nose ..she blushes at 1st but later gets angry

Swara:(mind)? stupid idiot sanky hanky panky idiot huh!
Ragini: ?oh god swara u and bhai r impossible …
Swara:it’s ur bro …ragini …
Stupid he doesn’t leaves a chance to irritate me
Ragini: okay okay …swara leave it …let’s go (teases) ur romeo would have kept love letter for u don’t u want to read it
Swara:(hits her head) coz of thz idiot Sanskar I frgt abt him …

Both leaves from there


Soon reaches to xyz clg
Both goes towards the box in which letter will be kept always
…..Kavya was standing there with a smile

Kavya:hi swara…hi rags
Swaragini: hi kavi
Rags:swara take the letter

Swara nodes with blushing face and takes the letter …and reads it


Jab kalam liya haath mein
Ghazal bann gaye tum,?

{When I took a pen In hand
U became a song or poem }

Jab bhi nazar uthaayi
Nazaara bann gaye tum,?

{Whenever I lift up my gaze
U became the gaze}

Jab bhi kuch kehna chaha
Ishaara bann gaye tum,?

{Whenever I thought to say something …u became sign }

Doob raha tha jab jazbaat ke samandar mein
Saahil bann gaye tum,?

{was sinking in the ocean of feelings …u became the meaning}

Kehne ko tha bahut kuch
Parr kuch naa kah saka main,?

{Was a lot to say
But I couldn’t say anything}

Bina kuch kahe
Bahut kuch kah gaye Hum?

{But wordlessly
I have said too much}

Jab bhi saans li maine
Hawa bann gaye tum,?

{Whenever I breathed
U became the air}

Jab bhi dua mein haath uthaaye
Dua bann gaye tum,?

{Whenever my hands raised in prayer ,
U became the payer}

Jab bhi chalak gayi aankhen,
Aansoon bann gaye tum,?

{Whenever the eyes of the driver,
U became tears}

Nahin jaan saka main’
Jaane kab meri dhadkan bann gaye tum..?

{I did not know
When did u became my heart beat}

As usual she was blushing feeling his words ..his love which is clearly shown in the letter

There is person hiding behind a tree was staring swara continuously

Ragini:seriously swara ur secret admirer love u very much(smiles)
Kavya:Jo bhi ho …wo tho hai rags
Swara:( blushes) I love him too now guys comes let’s go to the class

Trio leaves from there



Hi guys tanu Herr …Happy diwali to every one …thank u all guys
Hope u all liked thz epi ..plzz do comment guys
Bye tc love u all???

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  1. Awesome dear… Please update soon.

  2. Simin

    Sooooooooooooooo sweet
    The shayari was awesome
    Plz dear post second part of SwaSan!Love!!(two short)
    Happy diwali

  3. awesome n pls reveal the secret admirer soon!

  4. Wohooo..
    raglak engagement!!?? 😮
    Congo raglak!
    Awwww my swasan!!
    They r sooo sooo sooo sweet..
    lv them alot… :-* :-* :-*
    Uffff yeh shlok!!! Heee heee… he is hilarious
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    Dat letter.. aww im dying.
    No cmnts 4 dat..
    its sooo beautiful.

    Bt who is dat guy??!! Hiding behind da tree…??
    Dnt tell me its sahil..
    and he is planning 2 gt swara by saying dat he is da 1 who write dat letters. ?.
    ohhh nooo I ll die… dnt do it…

    Keep writing drl..
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    lv ya
    ★★happy diwali★★
    May ur all da wishes cm true…
    😀 😀 😀 😀 D

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  12. it was amazing
    sanskar is finding ways to kiss swara
    the poems are very awesome
    do show why swasan call each other amul baby and wild cat
    happy diwali
    take care

    pls don’t end SwaSan! you r my life!

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