swasan- is this love (episode 6)

hi guyz this is shanaya here again with my ff. iasked you a question that you all entry of ragini many of you asked me to make ragini enter but guyz frankly telling this is not going to be a ragsan ff nor raglak so please confirm it and then tell me.lets begin with the story.
[sanskar proposed swara and swara was very happy and amazed to see sanskar like this it was like her dream comming true.walets see what hapenns next.]
sanskar- swara say na will you be my gf?
swara- no sanskar idont want to be your gf .
sanskar- what ? but why swara.?
swara- are sanskar first listen to me na
sanskar- what? you said no to me but why swara? i know you fron13 years but now also do not trust me.you dont like me?
swara- sanskarlisten to me.[shaking him] i dont want to be your gf rather i want to be your soulmate ,your life partner. and ya i dont like you ilove you.
sanskar- really [teared eye]

sanskar- i love you shona
swara- love you 3 4 5 6 infinity
sanskar – lets and enjoy our party.
swara- iwant a promise.
sanskar- yaa
swara- you will never leave me whatever happens.
sanskar- i will be with you tillmy last breath.
swara-[ hugging him] lets go.
sanskar- oh miss swara i proposed you now what about you ha?
swara- how can i propose you?
sanskar- why if a guy can propose agirl why not agirl? now swara you have to confess you love for me in front of everyone?
swara -sanskar………
sanskar- bye swara will meet you in part
swara- what will i do now?

friend 1- wow sanskar why you are smilling so much.
sanskar- nothing
friend- koi pat gayi kya?
sanskr- shut up guyzz.
[suddenly a announcement was made by a sweet voice]
swara- hi guyz i want a favour from all of you.
everone- what?[ shoutiing]

swara- i love someone very much but i feel shy to tell him will you guyzs help me?
every one – yes
swara- there are chits and flower in this bowl and plate. each chit will indicate something or other about that guy and if you find him please give him that flower and say she love you.
[ everyone agrees andcontinue their work]

precap- no idea

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