SwaSan! I Love You!! {Episode-6}


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Ram was waiting for Sanskar to come ….as it was late and he still didn’t came to office

Just then Sanskar and shlok comes there

Shlok:sanskar ….ur Hitler dad see there (points to ram who is standing outside Sanskar’s cabin )
Sanskar:(looks at him and checks the time) oh shit …man we r late
Shlok:wat ..oh god I’m gone today by ur dad’s lecture (looks at Sanskar angrily?) it’s all coz of u …
Sanskar,: wat me…huh! U r the one wanted to go n enjoy party …in thz (chuckles) night ….
Shlok:? don’t remind me night incident …? I better know how I went through tat
Sanskar: hahaha???? lol
Sanskar: k k clam down …I will do something ..to escape from Hitler I mean dad’s lecture

(He thinks something and smiles)

Sanskar: come let’s go ..( looks at shlok who was eating pizza & hits his head) stop it u bhukkad …and come


Both shlok and Sanskar goes towards ram …..

Sanskar: good morning dad
Ram:(looks at them) Sanskar what’s the timing now …I guess u r late
Sanskar:(innocence face) wo dad while coming to office on the way we saw a temple & u know ur son right ….actually we …I mean me and shlok went to temple so we r late …I’m sorr..
Ram:no no my son need to be sorry (proudly) actually I’m proud of u (taps his back)

Sanskar winks at shlok …

Shlok;? such a dramebaaz (murmurs)

Ram:waise u both went to temple ..so u would have brought prasad ???
Sanskar: haan..haan ..dad we brought
Ram:oh nice …then give to me …I don’t have time to go temple nowadays ..at least will have a prasad
Sanskar: ? parasad ..!!!
Ram: haan
Sanskar: (mind ) abb prasad khana sai laaoon

Shlok chuckles ….Sanskar looks at shlok who was having pizza box in his hand ….he thinks something and smiles

Sanskar:haan dad take it (takes pizza box from shlok and gives it to ram)
Ram:son I asked prasad (looks ?ly )
Sanskar: haan tho prasad hi hai yeh dad ….u know thz is new generation so instead of ladoo they r giving pizza has prasad

Ram:huh! Is it so
Sanskar: haan dad
Ram:hmm k (takes the box and leaves from there)

Sanskar: hahahaha lol…dude …
Did u saw …dad ..

He looks at shlok who was staring him angrily …??

Sanskar: hey wat happen
Shlok:? it was my pizza sanky
Sanskar: oh …enough of ur eating ..due to ur excessive eating only ….last night…..
Shlok:sanky …don’t remind me?
Sanskar: hahahaha k …lol haa???


Xyz college

Swaragini and kavya were in cateen …sahil comes there …goes towards them

Sahil:(smiles) hi swara…hi guys
Ragini & kavya(not interested look ) hi
Swara:(smiles ) hi sahil … Come sit

Sahil nodes and sits beside swara

Sahil: swara did u enjoyed yesterday’s party

Swara reminces ..her mixing loose motion powder in Sanskar’s drink …and she brust into laugh

Swara:??? hahahaha .. Hahahaha.

Sahil,kavya,ragini looks at her confusedly

Ragini: arrey swara ..wat happen y r laughing (confused)
Swara:hahaha??? rags ..I frgt to tell u all one thing ..hahaha ??? …u know I ….hahaha
Kavya:(irritated) swara stop ur laugh ..and tell ..
Swara:hahahaha?? k …wo kavi actually ..yesterday at pub ..I mixed loose motion powder in tat sanskar’s drink hahaha??
Ragini: swara ..hahahaha lol?? kavya: awwww poor sanky

Swara gets irritated by hearing sanky from her mouth

Swara:? kavi stop calling him tat …
Ragini: hey swara wat happen …
Still now u where laughing and now…

Swara herself don’t y she is behaving soo …when kavya call him sanky

Swara:(fumbles) wo…n..o…th..Ing
Wo ..I said just like tat

All thz while sahil was just staring Swara …with a smile on his face …he was just lost in her when she was laughing

Swara:guys …let’s go class might start

Avoiding the questions …which was clearly written on ragini and kavya’s face

Swara leave’s from there …


The day passed ….now it was night

Sanskar’s room

Sanskar comes to the room and looks at swara’s room via window she was closing the window …he looks at her….thinks something & smiles teasingly

Sanskar: oh wild cat yesterday u wanted me to drink tat drink in which u mixed loose motion powder right to keep me wake whole night
Hmm now get ready wild cat …today I won’t let u sleep ??
He leaves from there

Swara’s room

She closes the window ….and lays on the bed covering herself with blanket …just then she hears a sound

Sound:ooooo wwww ooooo

She gets scared hearing the voice

Swara:(scared) wat sound is thz

It comes again…oooooo wwww oooooo

Swara:(scared) wat is thz ..is anyone in the room

Scared but slowly turns her face and was shocked yet more n more scared

Swara:(shouts) ghostttttttttt!!!!!!!!???

Yes it is ghost??? ? or u can say Sanskar In the getup of ghost …actually our hero Sanskar made a plan to scare our Swara
So tat she couldn’t sleep

He keeps his hand on her mouth
….she widens her eyes …

Sanskar:? (ghost laugh?) hahahaha lil girl…u r right I’m ghost …yes I’m …and u know y did I came here (takes off his hand from her mouth)
Swara: (scared) ? I don’t know …
Bhu…bhu…bhuth ji
Sanskar: I came to suck and drink ur tasty …tasty blood hahaha?
Swara:? wat my blood ….no no no plzzz don’t drink my blood
Sanskar:?y should I do so
Swara:(scared)? coz….coz… If u dr…ink… My …blood …then I will die ..if I die ..wat abt my would be hubby
Where will he go …wat abt my marriage …kids and all
Sanskar: (mind) crack girl (thinks something & smiles teasingl) oh is tat so then marry me …abt kids it will happen once u marry me ….tum khush and mai bi kush coz after tat I can drink ur tasty blood (??)

Swara:(shock) wat …never ..chi
Sanskar:?ooooooo www ooo
Wat did u say ( scary tone)
Swara:(scared) woo ..wo I ..mean
Ki …my blood isn’t tasty …but haan 1persons blood will be very tasty …
Sanskar: (confused) whoz
Swara: tat stupid Sanskar’s …idiot buffalo …u drink his blood …
Waise bhi if I ever get any chance ..na i will punch him …kick him ….stamp him (while saying thz she does the same with pillow) and throwwwwwwww him like thz (throws the pillow)

Sanskar’s see’s with ??????? expression
She looks at him

Swara:bhoot ji trust me u will surely like his blood

Sanskar: (mind) look like she tasted huh!?(to swara) ?
Stop it u lil girl …u want to do hathyachar on a innocent
Swara:(confused) innocent …who is innocent …
Sanskar:? Sanskar …
Swara:?wat he is innocent for u …he is …

Sanskar:? hey stop …(scary tone)

She gupls in fear and looks at him …while he was coming closer to her with scary face and sound

Sound:?? ooooo wwww oooo

He was abt to caught her …but she bends and runs from there

Swara:swara bhag …nahi tho wo (scared) bhoth will eat u alive

She gets tried running the whole mansion …

Swara:haa….aahhhhh (panting)

She again hears the same sound and gets scared …

Swara: oh god (scared)

She looks at laksh’s room and run’s inside the room …looks at laksh who was sleeping peacefully ….she jumps on the bed and sleeps hugging laksh tightly ….laksh gets disturb by thz and opens her eyes … Looks at swara who was hugging him tightly or u can say squeezing his neck ….he gets angry and takes off her hand

Laksh:? swara r u trying to kill me ….
Swara:(scared) bhai …wo ..bhooth
Bhai ..in my room
Laksh: hahahaha nice joke?? now go and sleep
Swara:no bhai there is ghost …he will drink my blood?
(Hugs him)
Laksh:? swara stop irritating me …I know u r doing thz to irritate me

He gets up and holds her hand ….drags her out to her room

Swara :bhai ..I’m not lieing bhai ….tat ghost will drink my blood

Laksh doesn’t listen her ….takes to her room

Laksh:dare u irritate me again

He closes the door

Swara;go to hell ?

She hears the sound again and gets scared

Sanskar: ooooo.. Www ooo I’m from hell only ….

She scaredly turns …and gets shock to see Sanskar …as he removed the ghost getup

Sanskar: haan Sanskar. ..hahaha
Lol …wild cat u got sacred hahahaha ???

Swara: (gets to know tat it wasn’t any ghost ..it was he & gets angry)??? u stupid idiot I will not leave u today

She goes towards him and beats him ….

Sanskar: hahaha?? I will drink blood ..(mimics) no no bhoot ji my blood isn’t tasty. ….hahahaha ???
Swara:I will not leave u

Takes the cushion throws on him ….while he catches it ..now the cushion were no more it was all with him

Sanskar: now wat will u do wild cat??

She gets angry ..goes towards him …was abt to beat …but she stumbles …slips and falls on him ….as a consequences both falls on the couch ….such tat swara was on the top of sanskar
Still beating him with her tiny hand ….she was beating continuously ….he gets irritated and rolls …pins her beneath him and holds her both hands above her head ….soon his irritated face turned to a teasingly one ??

Swara:? leave me …and get up from me …u r soo heavy
Sanskar: (raises her eyebrows) oh is tat so …then wat abt u r u slim …huh! Tat u were on me
(Dramatically) god knows how I beared ur weight
Swara:? shut up and get off ..idiot or else my body would pain
Sanskar: hey make it as ur habit ..coz it will be useful in future?
Swara:(confused) wat!!!!!
Sanskar:nothing darling?

He Kisses her cheeks..getsup and immediately runs from there
While she widens her eyes ….?
As ..she felt butterflies in her stomach when he kissed her cheeks ….soon she comes to sense and touches her cheeks

Swara:?did he kissed me just now (she gets angry realising tat he kissed her)?? idiot argggggggg leave it …swara

She gets up and goes towards bed …..and sleeps


Precap:raglak engagement


Hi guys tanu here …hope u all liked thz episode ..plzz do comment guys and don’t worry you r my life …I will update it soon inshallah …

Thank u bye …love all ????

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