swasan- is this love (episode 5)

Hi guyz shanaya here. Guyz sorry for short updates . Guyz i want to ask you one whether you want entry of ragini or not.
( swasan on phone call)
sanskar- swara i think you are not happy.
swara- no its not like that but.
sanskar- but what??
swara-what if she doesn’t like our relationship.
sanskar- no swara she is not like that and by the way i have asked you to meet her.if you will not like her i will not propose her.
swara- ok bye
sanskar- ha bye good night.

@2 am
( swara’s phone rang and it was sanskar.)
swara – hello sanskar……….
sanskar- what are you doing shona.
swara- playing kho kho
sanskar- haaaaa so funny
swara – funny???
sanskar- what were you saying @ evening??
swara- sanskar …. What stupid questions you are asking.
sanskar- you don’t have anything to wear tommorow na.
swara – haa.
sanskar- then buy new one.
swara- what???
swara- which shop would be open now.
sanskar- ammmmmm the great sanskar’s shop.
swara- are you kidding me??
sanskar- shona …. Open your window na
swara- haaaaa ok( actually she is feeling sleepy.)
sanskar- hi??
swara- sanskar you at this time ( pointing towards clock)
sanskar- this one’s for you.
swara- for mee??
sanskar- no for my jungly billi.????
swara – it is very expensive naa.
sanskar- you will pay me??
swara- yaaa
sanskar- then i will tell you.ok bye.
swara- bye . Be carefull

( next day@ party.)( swara came with her friend and sanskar was already there.)
swara- where is he??
tanya- who ??
swara- uff sanky
tanya- ummmmm there he is.
swara – ok
( swara goes near him and he signals her to follow him.)
sanskar- swara come fast.
swara- where are we going sanskar??
sanskar- swara you forgot i asked you to meet that girl na.
swara- okk.
sanskar- see we reached.
swara- wow ( she was lost in the decorations done by sanskar and a voice interepted her thoughts.)
sanskar- swarayou want to meet her or not ??
swara- ofcorse sanky but where is she.i cant see her.

( swara was searching for girl meanwhile some one hugged herfrom back.)
person- hello princess
swara- sanskar what happened to you and where is that girl.
sanskar- she is here only see my princess ( pointing towards the mirror )see iam hugging her?
swara- what?? ( happily and was about to cry) am i ?
sanskar- shona you are the lost part of my heart and life will fullfill it?? .
swara- ( she was spell bound seeing sanskar like this and proposing her she just said ) yes
( sanskar got up and hugged swara).

precap- confessions and party.

Credit to: shanaya


  1. swara

    I love this ff the most . I never commented but still i love it more that any other ff . Please update the next part soon

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