SwaSan! I Love You!! {Episode-5}


Swara’s room

She was looking at sanskar’s room ..waiting to see him from her window …

Swara:(smiles evily) now u will come to know sanskar …swara’s se paanga lenai ka nathija …hahahaha ???? lol ..I’m already laughing thinking abt ur condition ??


Maheswari mansion …

Shlok’s room

Sanskar:arrey shlok enough dude …

Shlok comes holding his stomach

Shlok:? wat can I do sanky …my..

Before he could complete there was strange sound from his stomach ..he immediately runs to washroom …

After sometime he comes out ..

Sanky: see I used to say ..don’t eat much but u never listen my words …it’s coz of u only ur karma is coming out in thz way
Shlok:? true dude …but today I eat less …so I think my stomach is upset for tat from onwards I will eat more

Again strange sound comes from his stomach ..yet again he runs to washroom

Sanskar:??? hahahaha lol …eat more wakeup at night ..policy u follow …I’m tho going …bye good night ..oops sorry …good washroom night ..hahaha??

Shlok:? sanky u r laughing at me …don’t worry my time also will come to laugh on u
One day u also will be in thz condition
Sanskar: hahaha lol?? it was mine only ..but I gifted u …

He leaves from there

Shlok:wat ?

Sanskar comes to his room …slowly peeps in and looks at swara’s room from the window ..she was laughing …

Sanskar: (smiles) (mind) laugh Swara laugh … Not bad huh! Mixing loos motion powder and all in my juice ..giving it to me ..to drink …that’s y I was thinking how can a wild cat became a sweet cat ….but don’t worry …today u sleep peacefully …coz tomorrow
u r not gonna sleep ??

Swara who was laughing….looks at sanskar’s room and finds him ….but he acts as he dnt saw her …..and removes his shirt
Swara immediately closes her eyes …Sanskar throws his shirt …she slightly opens her eyes ..see’s tat his one hand was on his pant….she thinks tat he would remove tat also ….so closes the window immediately

Swara:? shameless creature ..chi …

Here in Sanskar’s room …

Sanskar was laughing ..holding his stomach …

Sanskar:???? hahahaha lol …she got scared ..???

Soon both sleeps …


Next day

Laksh goes to maheswari mansion ….
Sanskar see’s laksh …and hugs him

Sanskar: (smiles) hi lucky ..waise how was ur long drive with my sis (sipping coffee)
Laksh: it was good dude …where is shlok dude….he is not looking
Sanskar: hahahaha ..?? yesterday night he was wake so …still sleeping dude
Lucky:(confused) y was it ..jaagrathri ..
Sanskar: no dude I was a dasthrathri ..hahaha?? lol ..(he tells everything )
Lucky: hahaha ..lol???? sanky ..poor shlok…
Sanskar: poor me dude …coz who can handle ur sis better than me?
Lucky:ha right …now come let’s see shlok

Both goes to shlok’s room

Lucky: shlok where u ..dude…

Shlok :I’m here Lucky ..

Sanky and lucky looks at shlok who came out of the washroom …with a red underwear in his hand…? ….sanky and lucky ewwww expression …

Shlok: wat happen ..y r u both looking at me with thoz expression
Sanky: haa nothing ..dude ..but wat is thz (points to underwear)
Shlok:(smiles) don’t u remember ..it’s my love …I just now washed it ..coz after getting fresh I should wear thz only na
Lucky:chi …is thz same underwear … Which is with u …from our 10th
Shlok: yes lucky u r right it is same …how can i through it ..it’s my love?(kiss it)
Sanky:chi stop it ..or else my sweet essence will be on ur face soon …
Sanky:nothing ..u go fresh up ..and haan make ur love sleep on the bed ..let it feel some relax ?
Lucky:sanky u also …?
Sanky:haan lucky (signals something .& winks)???
Lucky: (chuckles) haan he is right ..u go..

Shlok leaves to washroom …

Lucky and sanky winks at each other
Does something ..they hears a door knob sound ..and immediately rans out and hide themselves …

Shlok comes out of the washroom….looks at the bed for his underwear …he gets shock seeing his underwear fully burned

Shlok:(shouts in anger)? sankyyyyyyyyyyyyy luckyyyyyyyyyyy

He looks at sanlak …who were laughing …goes toward them in anger …both looks at him

Sanky:?bhag lucky

Both runs …shlok runs behind them
Lucky hides somewhere …shlok runs behind sanky …while sanky collides with swara …he holds her in hugging position

Swara;?? oh god subha subha …whoz face I saw chi ….
Sanskar: (smiles) mine…Darling ..??
Swara:darling ? ….? I wil kill u …
Sanskar: yeah u can kiss me now ..coz no one r here na ..??(still in same hugging position)
Swara:oh Amul baby ko kissy chahiye (pulls his cheeks) kyun mumma nai nahi diya kya ?
Sanskar:? swara …stop calling me tat I’m grownup now ….
Swara:huh! I don’t think so ? ..now leave me …

Sanskar was abt to say …but he hears a shlok’s voice from back …


He goes towards him …sanky hides behind swara ….

Shlok:? swara moveeeeeeeeeeee
Sanky:(holding swara by waist) swara don’t …moveee
Shlok:swara …don’t wake sleeping Lion on me …move I said ….

Swara was looking at both …in suprised….here sanky was holding her from back moving here there as shlok moves ..
She gets irritated ..and jerks

Shlok:swara sleeping lion….
Swara:?? arggg shut up .. U r gorilla
(Turns to sanky) and u stupid …how can u hold me so tightly ….
Sanky:oh sorry wild cat …let me see is it hurting u more (he tries to lift her top ..she hits him on the hand …gives death glare)

Swasan turns hearing sobbing voice …
And finds shlok is sobbing

Swara:hey wat happen …y r u crying
Shlok: aaaaaa swara …he killed my love (points to Sanskar)
Shlok:yes swara …my love whom I loved soo much …he killed it …

Swara looks at sanskar angrily ..

Sanskar: hey swara listen. ..

But she holds his collar and shakes him

Swara:? how can u kill u ..his love …I never thought u will fall so low tat u will kill ones love ….chi …u r carminal
Sanky: arrey Swara listen …
Shlok:(cuts off) not only he …even lucky is his crime partner

Raglak comes there …swara looks at lucky

Swara:bhai..even u killed his love …
Lucky: Swara…
Swara:(cuts off) chi bhai..u r not wroth of calling a brother …apne ek innocent ki jaan …li …I will put u both behind bars …
Ragini: arrey swara…
Swara:(cuts off) no rags I know u will support them …but I can’t support a criminals ….(she looks at the inspector.. Who is their neighbor and calls) inspector uncle …inspector uncle

Inspector looks…she signals him to come ..he do so

Sanky: (to lucky) dude ..plz admit ur sis in some mental asylum ….
Lucky:yeah u r right sanky. ..

Inspector comes ….

Inspector: wat happen swara …
Swara: …? inspector uncle …arrest them (points to sanlak)
Inspector:?y wat happen …u r making ur bhai and his friend arrest
Swara:?uncle they r criminals …they killed a his love (points to shlok) ..I don’t care if thz criminals relates me ..or not ..but I can bear a criminal in front my eyes …I want to clean them…so arrest them
Sanky: hey we aren’t garbage ..and inspector uncle is not a garbage picker ..tat u r asking him to take us ….and if u r soo interest in cleaning then y don’t clean roads ..better u clean the roads from Tomorrow …??
Lucky;hahahaha lol???.

Swara gives death glare …

Swara:?uncle arrest them ..
Inspector: haan OK …swara …
Sanky: haan uncle u can arrest us but before tat ..ek baar see his loves body (points to shlok)
Swara:shameless fellow ..(murmur)
Lucky:shlok show them ur love dude …

Shlok’s nodes and shows his underwear …
Inspector burst into laugh …

Inspector:??? hahahaha nice joke …Swara but don’t repeat thz again…as I’m a busy man

He leaves from there

Swara mouth ?????

Sanky and lucky was laughing ..like hell
Swara looks at them ..with a angry glare …looks at shlok …and throws a purse on him …

Swara:????arggggggg gorilla …
Shlok:wat did I do??????

Swara:rags comes let’s go…all r useless fellows chi ….
Sanky:hahahaha bye ..wild cat ..(comes toward her …pulls her top lil down covering her belly …whisphers in her ears) cover thz ?
Sanky smiles and leaves …
Swaragini also leaves from there


Yet again both swaragini ..along with kavya was standing in front of a gate ….there WS a yet again a letter in swara’s hand …she was blushing

Kavya: yaar …swara stop blushing and open if ….dekho tho sahi aaj wat did ur Romeo wrote

Swara blushes and opens it.

# letter #

Gardish main doobe sitare the hum?
(I was star covered )
Tune chand banadiya ?
(U made me moon)
Pyaar had se jayada karthe hum,tujhse?
(I love u more than anything )
Armaan hai tujhe ..mujse Milne ki ?
(U want to meet me )
Lekin mai tere samne hi hoon …tuhi pehchan na saki mujhe ?
(But I’m in front u only. ..but u dnt recognized me)
Thoda intezar karle meri jaan?

(Wait for sometime my love)
Jhuk kar tere agge yeh iqrar
Karoonga ki?
(Sitting in my knees in front of u I will confess tat)
Main tumse meri jaan ..bohut
….. Pyaar kartha hoon?
(My love …I love u infinity)

Swara was asuall blushing ..reading it…


So guys how was epi. .hope u all liked It …and wat do u think abt swara’s sceret admire ????????? can any one answer

Bye ..tc…love u all?????

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    Awesome yr …..wah! Kya baat hai…post next part soon plzzzz

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    Tanuuu!!!!! i love it.. i love it.. i love it… love u too..

  3. Its hilarious dear
    Shlok is crack stupid fellow
    I think sanskar is the secret admirer lets see what happens next

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  6. Dharani

    awesome i was laughing like hell

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    Awesome dude ..loved it to the core..shlokh was hilarious..his love is dead..hehe..swara’s pranked sanky n the victim turned to be poor shlokh..hehe..i am loving ur this ff so much as ur other ff’s..its been a long time since i comment in any of ur ff ..couldnt comment as i was busy..but never missed any ff…love them as always..keep on doing this amazing work…sanky may be her secret admirer..who else can it be when our sanky is there..i thnk ragini also knw abt it..anyway update next chappy asap..also other ff’s too especially my ever time favourite “swasan!! you r my life”

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  13. hi again di wow it was so hilarious i was going lol and i think sanky is swara’s secret admirer and maybe ragini knows about it and do reveal the love story of shlok i was going lol reading it

    how is ur leg now di?
    take care and love u

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    poor shlok. sanlak r criminals. he murderd his lv. they hv 2 pay 4 their deeds.
    😉 😛

    swasans part is awsome.
    and that letter. awwww im dyiny nw. it ws so amezing.
    thank u sooo much 4 ur eng translation. nw i cn understand it.

    keep writing dr
    be happy always
    lv ya

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  19. secret admire is my sanskar….btw nice episode…

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