SwaSan! I Love You!! {Episode-43}

:::::::::::::::::::: Episode – 43 ::::::::::::::::::::

The drops of water falling from her hairs to her lips covering her whole body… Her white saree and the water washing away the paint from her saree …making her so hot and s*xy …. He looks at her lovingly while she feels his gaze on her and gets shy … as She wasn’t able to handle his gaze on her… She pulls him and hides her face on his chest

“Shona” he whispers against her ears … Wrapping her in his arms

Swara: ( blushes) hmm

He smiles and breaks the hugs … He looks at her whose eyes r pinned on floor in shy … He cups her face and makes her look at him… Bt her eyes were still down

Sanskar : look at me ?

She nods her head in No ..
He places his hand on her milky bare waist and pulls her closer to him …

” LOOK AT ME ” he huskily whispers in her ears …

Which gave  goosebumps in her stomach and she immediately looks at him… He smiles winningly  and winks naughtily at her … She blushes …

He pulls her more closer and holds her face closer to his … Such tat his hot breath touching her soft lips making her heart beat race crazily… He looks at her watery juicy lips in desire while she closes her eyes and clutches his shirt tightly….

He slowly places his rough lips on her soft lips …
He kissed her and the world fell away. It was slow and soft at first then . His hand rested below her ear, his thumb caressing her cheek as their breaths mingled. She ran her fingers down his spine, pulling him closer until there was no space left between them and she could feel the beating of his heart against her chest.Which made him go crazy more and more

he pressed his tongue to the seam of her lips and, at her grant of access, delved inside her mouth. It was a very sloppy kiss with the strong scent of old wine being exchanged in the intermingling of their billowing breaths. Her arms reached up and tangled around his thick, strong neck. In an instant she had pulled away and arched up into his broad chest, moaning in the contact of body heat against her own, before she drew back into his lips. She could nearly feel the slight burn of the wine as it rolled off her tongue and seeped down her throat with every push of his tongue against Her…. Bt soon they pulled away not coz she wanted to do so bt coz they needed to do so !!

SwaSan looks at each other …. Their lips curved in a cute smile … Sanskar winks at her… Swara blushes ..

Sanskar : shona u r blushing too much …
Swara: ( blushes ) actually….I…
Sanskar : again ..
Swara : Sanskar
Sanskar : ( smiles) Swara
Swara : wo ..

Her words left incomplete … As there was a bang on their room’s door

Sanskar : arrey who is there ?

” Arrey chore … every one are celebrating holi  and look at u.. wat r u doing here huh! ” sujata shouts

Swara and Sanskar looks on shock

Swara: ? Mom .. ( tensed) Sanskar we r here …I mean .. there…Holi…. Arggh…. Wat will mom think… We …

Sanskar : ( interrupts) sshh relax baby … Relax …. (To sujata )  mom I will come after sometime

Sujata  : bt…
Sanskar : ( cuts off) mom pls..
Sujata : accha accha okay fine im leaving … Bt come soon…
Sanskar : ohk mom

Swara takes relief…

Sanskar : swara calm down… And change ur dress… We have to leave Na… Everyone would be waiting for us only …. And haa give my clothes o I will change here (,smiles)

Swara: ( smiles) okay …

Swara comes out of the washroom… And walks towards the wardrobe… Taking out Sanskar clothes.. she walks towards the washroom and gives the clothes to Sanskar… Then she takes her clothes as well…


Soon both was ready….
Swara dressed in a white silky saree was looking awesomely beautiful
‎while Sanskar was dressed in white shirt with black jeans he was looking so handsome


°•°•° Veranda °•°•°

Balam Pichkari Jo Tune Mujhe Maari
Toh Bole Re Zamana Kharabi Ho Gayi
Mere Ang Raja, Jo Tera Rang Laga
Toh Seedhi-Saadi Chhori Sharabi Ho Gayi

Itna Maza, Kyun Aa Raha Hai
Tune Hawa Mein Bhaang Milaya

Ragini shakes her head and goes towards laksh

Itna Maza, Kyun Aa Raha Hai
Tune Hawa Mein Bhaang Milaya
Dugna Nasha, Kyun Ho Raha Hai
Aankhon Se Meetha Tune Khilaya

She keeps hands on his shoulder lipsing the song …  Laksh smiles … She winks at him pushing him away …


Ho Teri Malmal Ki Kurti Gulabi Ho Gayi
Manchali Chaal Kaise Nawaabi Ho Gayi, Toh?

Laksh holds her hand twrils her lipsing the above lyrics …

Balam Pichkari Jo Tune Mujhe Maari
Toh Seedhi Saadi Chhori Sharaabi Ho Gayi

They shakes their legs on the above lyrics…

Haa Jeans Pahen Ke Jo Tune Maara Thumka
Toh Lattoo Padosan Ki Bhabhi Ho Gayi (X2)

SwaSan comes there … Raglak goes towards them and ask them Do dance …they refuses to do so bt later agrees and  spread their magic with their beautiful moves ?

Teri Kalaai Hai, Haathon Mein Aayi Hai
Maine Maroda Toh Lagti Malaai Hai

Sanskar holds swara’s hand .. turning her he pulls her closer to him such tat her back crushes his front

Mehenga Padega Ye Chaska Malaai Ka
Upvaas Karne Mein Teri Bhalaai Hai

Swara pushes him and shows her attitude to him moving her body … Sanskar raises his eyebrows while she holds his collar and warns him..

Ho Bindiya Teri Mehtaabi Ho Gayi
Dil Ke Armaanon Mein Behisaabi Ho Gayi

Sanskar removes her hand from his collar and twrils her … Placing his hand near his heart .. he winks at her…while she shakes her hand with a cute smile

Balam Pichkari Jo Tune Mujhe Maari
Toh Seedhi Saadi Chhori Sharaabi Ho Gayi
Haa Jeans Pahen Ke Jo Tune Maara Thumka
Toh Lattoo Padosan Ki Bhabhi Ho Gayi (X2)


Swara and raglak puts steps on the beats while Sanskar who feels tristly…looks at Shlok.. Who was sitting in a corner… Making bhang … Or u can say mixing something in bhang … Sanskar shakes his hand and walks towards him…. Here Shlok was pours the bang in a big glass and looks at it lovingly

Shlok : Ahh! I can’t wait to taste u ??

He was abt to drink it…bt Sanskar snatches the glass from him… While Shlok looks on ?

Sanskar : sorry dude …I want this

He drinks the bang in one go… While Shlok’s mouth open wide…


While Sanskar feels dizzy… he shakes his head … Just then his eyes falls on swara who was dancing happily…. He walks towards her


Kyun ‘No-Vacancy’ Ki, Hothon Pe Gaali Hai

Sanskar holds her hand.. she stops dancing and looks at him… While he sings the above lines and kisses her hand …

Jabki Tere Dil Ka Kamra Toh Khaali Hai
(Kamra Toh Khaali Hai…)

He points her heart smiling naughtily …

Mujhko Pata Hai Re
Kya Chahata Hai Tu
Boli Bhajan Teri
Neeyat Qawwali Hai

Swara pushes him by keeping her finger on his chest … And turns rolling her eyes

Zulmi Ye Haazir-Jawaabi Ho Gayi
Tu Toh Har Taale Ki Aaj Chaabi Ho Gayi, Toh?

Sanskar hugs swara from back and kisses near her neck… She widens her eyes and looks at everyone.. and slowly moves away …

Balam Pichkari Jo Tune Mujhe Maari
Toh Seedhi Saadi Chhori Sharaabi Ho Gayi
Haa, Jeans Pahen Ke Jo Tune Maara Thumka
Toh Lattoo Padosan Ki Bhabhi Ho Gayi (X2)

Everyone put steps on the beats

Haan, Bole Re Zamana Kharabi Ho Gayi
Haan, Bole Re Zamana Kharabi Ho Gayi…

Sanskar carries swara in his arms in bridal style

Swara:? Sanskar Kya Kar rahe ho leave me .. everyone r here and
Sanskar : ( full on talli) sshh!! Everyone r busy enjoying their Holi… So let us enjoy our Holi swara ? …

Swara : ? aahh!!

Sanskar smiles and leaves from there carrying her in his arms


°•°•° SwaSan Room °•°•°

Sanskar places swara on the bed … Swara looks on confused at his behaviors … where as Sanskar removes his shirt comes upon her
Her heart beat starts racing…. As he looks at her lovingly … He slowly moves towards her neck and bites her neck. .

” Ahhh San..skar.. ” she moans in pain and pleasure …

While Sanskar kisses all over her leaving his love bites … Swara who was moaning in pain and pleasure digging her nails on his bare back…. couldn’t take his lovely torcher  anymore…. She rolls on him…such tat now she was top of him…

Swara caresses his uper body in lovingly + desire …. She kisses on his bare chest ….. And bites him hard while he smiles enjoying her torcher and places his hand on her cheek…. Swara looks at him

Sanskar : Swara u know u r the most beautiful girl in this whole planet … And u know I love the most … More than anyone ….more than anything.. rgt … Hena swara ?

He caresses her cheeks romantically which turned red due to her blush… Bt still she wondering abt his behavior…

Swara : (think) wat Happen to him.. y is he behaving like he is drunken …. Did he really…oh no!

Sanskar : u didn’t replied me swara ?
Swara: ( low tone) Sanskar did u drunk alcohol or something ?

Sanskar gets up from her and sits ..

Swara : wat happen?
Sanskar : tuba tuba I didn’t touch any alcohol …. wo tho Shlok made a very delicious bhang and I drank tat only …?

Swara understands wat type of bhang was tat…

Swara : ? ( murmurs) this Shlok na….he was drunkard and me … Mene yeh kys kardia
Sanskar : y r u murmuring like a mental ..
Swara: ? did u just called me mental… ?
Sanskar : ( baby face ) yes ..

Swara stares his face lovingly and wraps her hand around his neck … Sanskar raises his eyebrows… She smiles and kisses his cheeks

Swara: hayee Sanskar I love u .. (pecks his lips) my cute baby come sleep…

Sanskar : bt…
Swara : sshh ( keeps finger on his lips) sleep ..

She makes him sleep on the bed and sleeps beside him hugging him tightly


Hey lovely peoples .. Tanu here hope u liked this epi !


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