SwaSan! I Love You!! {Episode-42}

:::::::::::::::::::: Episode – 42 ::::::::::::::::::::

•°•°• HOLI •°•°•

Maheswari mansion was beautifully decorated with colourful roses and flowers …. All types of colours were beautifully kept …

Maheswari and gadodia were celebrating the festival togther

Ragini was making ladoos…. Just then laksh comes there…

Laksh : Rags!!! where is swara!!
Ragini : (making ladoos) she is in her room!!
Laksh: didn’t she got ready… She have to perform puja na !
Ragini: I don’t know laksh ..
Laksh : uff ..okay lemme check …
Ragini: hmm

Laksh smiles and pecks her cheeks …

Ragini : ? lucky…

Laksh winks at her and leaves from there … She blushes ..


SwaSan Room

Swara : I will not go out of this from until this Sanskar comes ? ….. Always busy in his stupid work … Yesterday night he didn’t came coz he was having a urgent work bt now … It’s already morning and he didn’t came still… Always work work work huh! It’s irritating me

Swara was blabbering continuously … While laksh comes there and burst into laugh

Laksh: ?haha lol!!

Swara looks at him who was laughing continuously …

Swara:(pouts) just shut up bro !!

Laksh:? haha
Swara: ? bhaiiiii
Laksh : okay okay I’m not laughing!! Bt I’m taking u with me
Swara:? I will not come…. U go!
Laksh: I will go …bt u r also coming along me

He holds her hand

Swara: Bhai leave me …

He ignores her and drags her from there … While she tries to free herself bt his was Strong enough ….

Swara: leave me … Bhai..u. …

Her words left incomplete ….as sujata comes there

Sujata: arrey Shona come soon u have to do puja… it’s ur first Holi at ur hubby’s house na

Swara: bt mom…

Sujata: jaldi aao ..

She drags her from there … While swara turns and looks at laksh angrily ….. He chuckles

Sujatha: pandit ji my daughter came….
Pandit ji: arrey sujata ji …. This puja shld be perform by ur DIL not daughter
Sujata: pandit ji…. She is my son’s wife bt for me she is my daughter
Pandit : ohk I got it ..!( To swara) accha beta come take this puja ki thali….and…

Pandit ji explains all abt puja .. swara nodes …

Pandit : beta do the arthi

Swara nodes and does the arthi and completes her puja soon

Pandit : now distribute this Prasad to everyone beta

Swara nodes and does so

Laksh : swara come let’s celebrate Holi ?

He holds her hand

Swara: Bhai leave me ?

She jerks his hand and runs towards her room ….she was abt to open the door…. Bt a strong arms pulls her inside and pins her to the wall

“Ouch”she yelled by her eyes closed

Just then she feels rough touch on her lips… She doesn’t understand anything pushing away she was abt give a tight slap…. Bt her hand caught by the same strong arm

She immediately opens her eyes ..

“Sanskar u ” her eyes got widen in shock ?

“Yes it’s me swara” he replies indicating her hand which was still up for slapping him …

She looks at her hand … And burst into laugh at wat just happened

Swara: hahaha ???

Sanskar admires her laugh … And kisses her cheeks

” I love you ” he confessed pulling her closer to him by her waist

She opens her mouth to reply him bt she remembers how he ignored her and he was not at home yesterday night and all….. Which made her angry … She pushes him and turns away

Sanskar : ( confused ) wat happen ?
Swara : wat will happen! Waise wat r u doing here… Office mai holi celebrate karna mana hai kya?

Sanskar understood and smiles hugging her from back

Sanskar: I’m sorry baby

Swara jerks him angrily

Swara: ? get lost
Sanskar: oh my god looks like my wife isn’t in good mood

He hugs her again from back … She tries to jerk him again bt this time he was his strong arms didn’t let her to do so….

He smiles keeping his chin on her shoulder…… Her heart beat started raising feeling his soft breath near her neck …. While Sanskar chuckles

Sanskar : I’m sorry ! Really sorry swara … I’m bad actually very bad how can I give more attention to my stupid work when my wife is so beautiful… Stupid me huh! Rgt

Swara:? stop buttering me

Sanskar :(thinks) butter suits only bread … We can’t apply it on peoples
Especially wifes

As he was busy in his stupid thoughts…. She pushes him away and turns towards him …. He comes to sense and looks at her.

Sanskar: arrey swara .. .

He was abt to hug her again….

Swara:? stop…
Sanskar: suno tho sahi…
Swara:? don’t talk to me and get lost
Sanskar: ohhk! I will not talk bt I’m not going anywhere ?
Swara:then close ur eyes ?
Sanskar:(confused) wat? I shld…
Swara:(interrupts) close ur EYES ?

He looks at her angry face… And nodes closing his eyes….

“Happiee Holi ” Sanskar hears a soft voice near his ears and a soft touch on his cheeks….. It took a min for him to understand who it is!!

“Swara”his lips curved into a cute smile …. He opens his eyes and finds his wife who was looking at him lovingly ..

Sanskar:? aren’t u angry on me?
Swara: I was angry… Bt how long can I be angry on u

Swara hugs him tightly … Sanskar smiles and was abt to hug her back….. Bt she pushes him away and takes a handful of colours from the plate on nearby table….

Sanskar widens his eyes as swara throws all the colors on him ….

Sanskar: ? Swara !!
Swara: haha lol….look at u looking like a joker ???
Sanskar: oh joker huh! Wait I will show u …

He looks here and there for colors bt unfortunately there was only one plate of color in their room which swara already applied on him…. Swara laughs more seeing his condition

Bt just then sanskar’s eyes falls on the acrylic paints kept near the window. … He smiles naughtily thinking something

He slowly walks towards window while swara was busy laughing…. He takes the paints and looks at swara naughtily

Sanskar: ( lovingly ) Swara

She stops laughing and doesn’t finds sanskar in front of her

Sanskar: I’m here….. rgt Behind u! ?

Swara smiles and turns …. As soon as she turns sanskar throws paints on him… Swara widens her eyes in shock …. While it was sanskar’s time to enjoy ….He burst into laugh

Sanskar : ??? hahaha lol .. now tell me how r u looking …

He turns her towards the mirror….. Her head …Face .. and some places of her body was covered with paint … She looks at sanskar angrily

Swara: ? Sanskar… Now u r gone…

Sanskar runs towards the bed with swara running behind him …. He climbs on the bed

Sanskar: u r still baby a 4fut2inch u can’t catch me ??

Swara gets angry she was abt to shout on him ….. Bt just then her eyes fall on the bed sheet on which he was standing laughing at her … She smiles naughtily and pulls the bedsheet .. as the result sanskar slips and falls on the bed…..His hand hits to the sharp object on the bed as the result his hand gets hurt and started bleeding…. He closes his eyes and sealed his mouth in pain not wanting to wince in pain …. Coz swara was happy…. She was laughing loudly …. And he doesn’t want her to make sad by telling her abt his wound

Swara : u r still a chotu sa amul baby ?? haha …
Sanskar: ( fake anger) swara!!

He gets up form the bed … Swara runs towards the washroom and was abt to close the door …. Bt sanskar stops her by marching inside the washroom … He closes the door …
Swara gupls in fear …

Swara:(fear) it’s not my fault
Sanskar:(fake anger) bt it was started only by u ….by throwing those colors on me
Swara: so wat u also did the same… Infant more than I did coz u used paints at least Mene normal holi colors use Kia

Sanskar chuckles seeing her tensed Face… As he walks towards closer to her

Sanskar: oh tats very bad… I shldnt have done tat …hmm Okay fine I will rectify my mistake ?

He opens the shower tap…. Swara widens her eyes …. while sanskar winks at her … By pinning her against the wall ….

The drops of water falling from her hairs to her lips covering her whole body… Her white saree and the water washing away the paint from her saree …making her so hot and s*xy …. He looks at her lovingly while she feels his gaze on her and gets shy … as She wasn’t able to handle his gaze on her… She pulls him and hides her face on his chest he smiles…..


To be continued


So finally back with ILU on ur request …. Hope u guys liked it … Will continue it depending on ur comments ?

Bubye ??

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