SwaSan! I Love You!! {Episode-41}


::::::::::: Two weeks later :::::::::::

A room is shown …which is so simple and elegant tats has a king size bed …there was a girl sleeping on the bed coverd with blanket till her eyes …the sun rays from the window falls on her beautiful big doe eyes .. She rubs her eyes irritatingly and immediately sits up removing blanket from her…..she is non other than our beautiful SWARA???

“agrhhhh!!!” She throws cushion to the other side of bed discovering it as empty

“Shona”just then she hears

“Sanskar”she mumbled ..her face flushed in happiness … She looks hear and there just then her eyes falls on her mobile the voice coming from

“Shona.. Come on fresh up and have ur breakfast… and don’t frgt to take ur medicine ” she hears ..

“Voice msg ” she irritatingly rolls her eyes and leaves to washroom

After sometime she comes out .. Dressed in a hot pink top and a jeans …. Looking so beautiful ?? my princess ???…. Just then her eyes falls on sujata who stepped in …. Holding a try in her hand

“Aaja shona .. Have ur breakfast ” said sujata keeping the try on the table

“Aunty (sujata rolls her eyes) I .. I mean mom I’m fit and fine now .. Wats the need to bring my breakfast to the room …I would’ve come down na” swara replied irritatingly

“Arrey shona ..u know. Abt sanskar na…..” Sujata’s words left incomplete
“Arghh!! Mom y can’t he understand tat I’m alright now ” swara interrupted irritatingly yet angrily

“Arrey show .. Now leave it … Come have ur breakfast ” said sujata smiling at her and arranging the plates

“Nooo…mom ..not today .. He is too much I don’t want to have my breakfast until and unless he comes here”replied swara angerily and sits on the bed …

“BT…..” Sujata’s words left incomplete as they hears a voice

“Kya hua” they hears sanskar’s voice and gets surprised

“Sanskar wat r u doing here” sujata asked confusedly yet surprisingly

“Ooo.. Actually mom I frgt a imp file here itself ..so came to take it” replied Sanskar smiling at sujata whereas swara looks away in anger as she feels his gaze on her .. Sanskar looks on confused

“Wat happen mom” sanskar said walking towards the wardrobe

“Shona is angry on u”replied sujata

Sanskar turns and looks at swara

“Wats new in tat “he said chuckling
swara looks at him angrily

“Ab yeh tho tum dono hi jano ..I’m leaving “replied sujata with a chuckle and leaves from there

Sanskar shakes his head and smiles looking at swara …he walks towards her and sits beside her

“ahem…” He pushed her shoulder with his …she immediately looks at him angrily and moves away

“Arrey …now wat did I do”he asked looking at her

“Tats wat ur prlm ..u doesn’t do anything ” she replied looking at her
“Arrrey …”sanskar’s words left incomplete as swara looks away in anger.. He shakes his head and looks at the breakfast which was served in a plate

“Okay u r mad on me its k bt at least have ur breakfast ” sanskar said keeping the meal near her mouth
“Swara I have a imp meeting plzz have it ..plzz” he continued cause she doesn’t open her mouth

Swara squinted her eyes instantly and turns to look at him …

“I’m okay sanskar ..I will have the breakfast .. U can leave”replied swara with a smile

“R u sure” sanskar asks palming her cheeks .. Swara nodes in positive with a smile

“Okay ..then bye” Sanskar waved smiling at her …she smiles back nodding

After sometimes ..swara finishes with her breakfast and lays down on the bed closing her …she losts in a deep thoughts


“R u mad sanskar how can u marry me just like tat ” asked swara with anger?

“Wats wrong in tat swara u love me .. I love u.. Tho wats the prblm if I filled this vermillion for u ..don’t u want this??” sanskar questioned

“Sanskar its not like tat I don’t want to marry u or I don’t love u ..I do love u and want to marry u too.. Bt if in case anything would’ve happened to me ..then…..”swara’s words left incomplete as he shushed her

“Sshhh…. Dekho u r fine rgt.. U r fine how can anything would happen to u…when I’m there “sanskar hugged her with teary eyes… Swara gets overwhelmed seeing his love for her and hugs him back

**Mere bina rehne laga hoo
Teri hawaon me behne laga hoo

Jaane main kaise tera hua hoo Mujhe to lagta hai main shayad
tere dil ki dua hoo

Tujhko jo paaya ahan to jeena aaya Ab ye lamha theher jaye tham jaye Bas jaye hum dono ke darmiyaaaaan Tujhko jo paaya ahan to jeena aaya**

Days passed sanskar used to take a care of swara … He also shifted her things to MM she used to live in his room which is now their room .. He took a good care of her .. Bt he also got to much involved in his work tat though he used to take care of swara they got very lil time to talk with each other … Swara felt ignored by this … Bt always she makes herself understand tats its coz he is busy with his work and Still he loves her the same way he used to do … And now its been 2weeks for the incident….



“Swara”said ragini as she entered the room ..swara comes out of her thoughts and opens her eyes before looking at her

“Wat happen rags” asked swara lazily

“Swaru y r u sad “asked ragini ignoring her question …sitting beside her

“Nothing rags ..I’m okay u tell wat happen..u want to say me something rgt”said swara laying her head on the headboard

“Swaru 2mro is holi yar”ragini said excitedly
“I know ..so wat shld I do” replied swara uninterestingly
?”swara r u sure ..u okay na”asked ragini surprisingly
“Haa yar ..”swara’s words left incomplete

“Hey hi swara” ??shlok and laksh marched into the room

“Bye shlok u can leave”replied swara pulling the blanket on her face

?”hain! ..lucky u didn’t told me tat ur sis is also a deaf “asked shlok .. Raglak chuckles

“Hogaya ap sabka if its over ..u can leave from here”said swara pulling back her blanket

“No..there is a news for u” said laksh chuckling
“Wat????”swara questioned him
“O sanskar asked me to in from u tat tonight he has a very imp meeting so he couldn’t come to home ..he asked u to have ur dinner take ur medicine and sleep” replied laksh

“Wats new in tat ” ???swara said looking at them “okay ..bye ” she waved them before covering herself in the blanket

“Okay ..ragini …shlok let’s leave .. Let her take some rest” said laksh .. Raglok nodes before leaving from there

Hi guys Tanu here ..hope u all liked this epi …thank u all

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