SwaSan! I Love You!! {Episode-40}


“SORRY SHE IS NO MORE” said Nikhil covering swara’s face with a white cloth

{u guys r ready to beat me rgt ??}

hearing thz tears made a way from the eyes of sumi,shekar,ram and sujatha
while sanskar who just enters the room was shocked seeing swara’s face coverd with the white cloth

“Swara” he shouts …! all looks at him
while he immediately rushed towards swara and removes the cloth from her face

“Sanskar….”sujatha’s words left incomplete
“Mom …(chokes & fumbles ) w-h-y th-is cl-oth “is thing he was able to say

Nikhil looks on sad and goes towards sanskar

“Sanskar …. Swara is no more ” said nikhil keeping his hand on sanskar’s shoulders

Sanskar tears fell from his eyes! He turns and looks at Nikhil ! He started sweating and shivering
As nikhil words lingers in his mind

“No ..no …no … Nothing can happen to my swara no..no ” he cries pulling swara up and hugging her tightly ! He crushes her face against his chest near his heart ! Raglak comes there everyone gets teary eyes seeing thz !

He was cry bitterly tightening his grip on swara more and more indicating tat he will not let her go away from him ! His heart start beating fastly he crushes her face more against his chest

His heart beat reached to her ears ! The machines and equipments connected to her started making sounds ! Nikhil gets surprised to see thz and turns his gaze on swara ! He see’s som movements of her fingers ! Whereas Sanskar feels her soft breath against his chest ! He immediately brokes the hug and looks at swara ! Who all of a sudden started breathing heavily ! All looks on surprised

“Swara”whisphers Sanskar in surprise while she breathing starts more heavily

“Shona” whispers Sumi while all others were still standing in surprise

” Sanskar …. Leave her let me check ” said Nikhil ! Sanskar looks at him and nodes before placing swara on the bed … Nikhil ask them to stay out before closing the door


After sometime

Nikhil comes out …. Sanskar and all others looks at him ! And immediately rushes towards him

“Nikhil …Swara …o…” Sanskar’s words left incomplete

” she was almost dead Sanky but I must say it’s a magic ur loved saved ur Swara ” interrupts nikhil with a smile

{Arrey it’s coz of me na ??}

All gets happy they can’t believe wat they just heard ! While Sanskar was still standing in surprise ! No one knows (except me?) how happy he is after hearing wat nikhil said

“Shona .. She is fine .. Suju my Shona ” Sumi said looking at sujatha ! Sujatha nodes with a smile and tears

“Nikhil can we meet her ” asked laksh wiping his tears
“Haan u can … But take care of her .. She is fine but still she is week ” replied Nikhil with a gentel smile

“We will Take care of her Nikhil ” replied ragini with a smiles

Nikhil smiles

“Thank u nikhil” said Shekar hugging him
“It’s my pleasure uncle” nikhil smiles

Soon All leaves to meet swara while Sanskar was standing still! Nikhil smiles and goes towards

“Don’t u want to meet swara” asked nikhil placing his hands on sanskar’s shoulder ! Sanskar looks at him and immediately hugs him

Sanskar: (tears) thank u thank u soo much for saving my love my swara thank u

“arrey I didn’t do anything it’s all coz of u dude ..ur love towards her saved her and more over tune kabse thank u Bolna seekliya ” said nikhil pulling back from the hug with a chuckles ! Sanskar let out laugh !

“Now go ..go meet her ” continued Nikhil patting his shoulder ! Sanskar nodes and walks towards OT


Swara was laying on the bed her face was still pale and tired
All comes there and goes towards swara

“Shona” whispers Sumi caressing swara’s hairs ! Swara slowly opens her eyes ! She gets blur images she blinks her eyes and opens it fully ! Only to see all her members standing staring her ! While Sumi was caressing her hairs ! All had a smile on their faces ! She was confused 1st finding herself in an unfamiliar place but as all the incident lingers in her mind She looks at everyone

“W-at di-d doc-tor sa;y ” she asked in her week voice
“You r perfectly fine shona … U r fine ” replied with Sumi hugging swara
“Sach” asked swara with her shinning eyes
“Shona ..u don’t need to worry now u r fine ” said sujatha hugging her

She gets happy ! Everyone hugs her while she scans the whole room for Sanskar

“It’s all coz of Sanskar Shona we left our hope but Sanskar didn’t ..
His loves for u made u to flight with ur death ” said shomi with teary eyes …

Swara smiles just then her eyes falls on Sanskar who was standing leaning against wall staring her ! She gets happy to seeing him ! She looks at his pale face and tears marks all over his cheeks ! She gets sad seeing him like thz while All looks at Sanskar and smiles

“U both talk …we will stay out” said ragini with a chuckles ! Swara smiles they leaves from there

Sanskar was still standing just staring her with a smile !

“Will u be standing there itself like a devdas” asked swara looking at Sanskar ! Sanskar smiles shaking his head ! He gets happy to hear her voice ! Swara raises her eyebrows Sanskar nodes before walking towards her

“Swara” whispers Sanskar sitting beside her before cupping her face ! Swara looks at him .. His eyes welled up in tears his eyes was looking so red ! Swara slowly lifts her hand to touch his face ! His holds her hand and makes her to touch his face

Tu safar mera
Hai tu hi meri manzil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

She touches her face lovingly tears made a way from his eyes

“Sanskar” she whispers

he immediate hugs crushing her against his chest ! He cries hugging her tightly while she caresses his back making him calm

Tu mera khuda
Tu hi duaa main shaamil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

“Sanskar abb Bas bi karo kitna rooge” said swara pulling back and wipes his tears ! He smiles cupping her face ! He places a kiss on her forehead ( happy kiss day to my swasan??) ! She closes her eyes feeling his touch ! He keeps his forehead on her head leadinding to touch the vermilion in her in hairline to his forehead ! He closes her eyes

“I LOVE YOU swara” confessed Sanskar

Swara smiles and looks at him
He looks back with a smile she was abt to rply him
but her eyes caught the vermilion on his forehead !

“Vermilion” she asked touching his forehead in confusion ! He touches his forehead and looks at his hand then again looks at swara’s hairline he smiles as he reminces how he filled her hairline ! Swara looks on confused seeing his smile she tries to move back but the mangalsutar in her neck got strucked to his shirt button ! Her eyes widens in shock to see the mangalsutar in her neck

“? Sanskar wat is thz ….” Her words left incomplete as Sanskar touches his hairline and shows her his hand …she looks on shock to See vermilion in his hand

“? thz sindoor and mangalsutar … Wat is thz” she asked in confusion touching her hairline and mangalsutar respectively

“It’s a symbol of our MARRIAGE swara” said Sanskar staring her lovingly

She looks on shock


Hey guys tanu here ! Hope u liked thz epi ! Thank u all ???

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