SwaSan! I Love You!! {Episode-38}


Sanskar was sitting on a couch outside swara’s room … he was lost in a deep thoughts reminiscing the condition of swara after the engagement … he looks at his shirt where there a some strains of blood along with the vomit … which was done by swara …. he holds his head worriedly and keeps on thinking something after sometime he immediately got up from the couch

he looks at swara’s room … was abt to knock the door BT stops and takes his phone …. he types something with a smile on his face and leaves from there


swara’s room

swara will be changing her dress .. just then a msg pops up on her mobile screen … she looks on

“Sanskar ka msg”swara murmurs in confusion

she takes the mobile

“but wat’s the need to msg … he is sitting out only na” she murmurs before opening the msg

*Swara…. Sry darling I got some imp work so had leave! u sleep well!! good night ! sanskar’s dreams! Love u*???

swara reads the msg … her lips curved into a cute smile …. she shakes her head and jumps on her bed … the lights goes off



swara will be peacefully sleeping on the bed with a cute smile on her face .. the sun rays falls on her disturbing her sleep …she opens her eyes and rubs her eyes with a smile …

she gets up from the bed and walks towards washroom …. soon she comes out dressed in a white crop top and jeans … was looking gorgeous and stunning ???

she looks in mirror and smiles remembering sanskar lost in a deep thoughts BT soon comes to sense hearing some voices … she confusedly walks outside the room and finds gadodia’s and Maheswari’s were seated in hall chit chatting with each other … she smiles and looks around for sanskar but doesn’t finds him any where … she gets sad bt soon her sad face turned into happiness as her eyes falls on sanskar …. who was coming towards GM …. she smiles brightly in happiness …


she whispers in happiness … sanskar looks at her and smiles …she smiles back and runs towards the stairs …
she steps on the stair .. her leg got twisted … and she slips from the stairs ……to down …. Sanskar looks on shock

“Swaraaaaaaaaaa!!!!!”shouts sanskar in shock … everyone gets startled and looks at sanskar … who was standing in terrified expression … they looks on confused and follows his gaze only to see swara rolling down from the stairs
swaraaaaa!!!! shouts sumi while sanskar comes to sense and rushes towards swara … she rolls and falls on the floor … sanskar immediately takes her in his lap …. her head was bleeding ….her eyes was closed…. she was unconscious

Sanskar : (tears) swara…. swara .. open …u r eyes swara… plzz open ur eyes…

he cries patting her cheeks … while sumi , shekar, ram, sujata, raglak and shlok rushes towards them

“shona…. Shona open ur eyes “said sumi caressing swara’s hairs with teary eyes ….. all gets teary eyes seeing swara’s condition

Sanskar:(tears) swara look everyone r crying …plzz open ur eyes .. plzzz swara

he cries hugging her .. laksh gets teary eyes and keeps his hand on sanskar’s shoulder

laksh:sanky …let’s take her to the hospital

he said controlling his tears … sanskar nodes and takes swara in his arms … and leaves from there … while others goes behind him



“doctor she is suffering from brain tumour ….plzz save her nothing shld happen to my sis ” said laksh with teary eyes looking at swara who unconsciously laying on the bed

“we will try our best Mr Laksh” replied doctor and was abt to take swara inside the OT … but stops hearing a voice

“1min doctor ”

everyone turns and finds sanskar standing there … they looks on confused while sanskar walks towards swara

“I LOVE YOU swara” said sanskar caressing her hairs .. all looks on sad seeing his condition how pale he was looking seeing his love laying on the bed in unconscious state ..

a tear drop from his eyes falls on her cheeks .. he takes a mangalsutar and a vermilion box from his pocket … all looks on shock … while sanskar takes a pinch of vermilion and fills swara’s hairline and ties a mangalsutar around her neck ….. he smiles sadly and looks at doctor

sanskar : MY WIFE will surely be fine .. she should be fine for me for her HUSBAND

doctor smiles and nodes before taking swara inside the OT .. they closes the door ….. sanskar wipes his tears … while others were still standing in shock …


hi guys Tanu here …hope u liked thz epi …thz ff would end soon ?
thank u all guys???

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  1. Yar this much delay and that too sad wala incident.but liked it how sad to be parted from love.

  2. Kiruthi

    Nice epi . When will you Post swasan lust obsession love. U r studying 12th right . Exam over or not

  3. crazy princess

    aww so sweet loved sanky llz update nxt soon nd give nxt update of LOL soon

  4. Gayathri.visu

    Tanu, I am happy to see your ff…. WOW!! Sudden twist…! Feeling bad for Swasan…. BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR STUDIES..

  5. Simi

    Swasan married ?
    But feeling sad for them ??

  6. Awesm…..too cute

  7. Shibil

    Finally u came after a long time ….so good epi ….swasan married which prove sanskar true love ….i hope swara will get cure in this surgery …

  8. AnuAnn

    Awesome episode .. Feeling sad for swasan and don’t end it soon yaàr

  9. Tamil


  10. Awesome dear…….please don’t make us wait this much dear…….

  11. Kakali

    Nice episode.loved it.. !! Thnk u.. 🙂

  12. Mica

    huhuhuhu, what happen to my swara ? tumor and accident, uughhh

  13. Awesome ?

  14. Ifza

    Loved it

  15. The_Bandits_Girl

    Gosh!!! Sanky is such a cutie.. Awesome epi.. loved it

  16. Praju


  17. Arshaanya

    Hope she gets fine..
    Bt how u’l make her fine??first it was tumor bt nw dis acc ???

  18. Nice..tc..

  19. Rabia0032

    Woooow yaar awesome epi now she is his wife n she has to be fine no matter what amazing epi…

  20. Sweeta

    Awesome part…….swasan get married its like ???????
    Bt feeling sad 4r swara s condition ????hope nothing ll happen to her…..
    Plzzzz come back soon

  21. Swarna01

    So sad, cute n nyc epi

  22. Soujanya


  23. G.Chandu

    Awesome..!! loved it…!!

  24. Seebu_s

    awesome dear…

  25. Swara?????swara ko kuch nai hona chahiye ?????swasan marriage was unexpected but epi was emotional n awesome ?????

  26. Shifa96

    Awesome.. Waiting for the next.

  27. Niku

    He loves her soo much….I hope she is alright….

  28. Vyshu10

    nice….hope she gets well. Swara doesn’t evn she is married??? Now give proper 2nd mrg with all celebrations

  29. Simin

    Unexpected turn
    Save her

  30. well now i’m wiping my tears
    this was the saddest marriage i ever read
    end this with an amazing part

    take care di

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