SwaSan! I Love You!! {Episode-37}


{Arey udi udi udi… udi jaye..
Keeps flying flying}

Laksh and shlok comes there shaking there body according to the song …. Swasan’s eyelock breaks ….they looks at shalak and again looks at each other with a smile …. While everyone watch Shalak dance with a smile

{Udi udi jaye
Udi udi jaye
Dil ki patang dekho
Udi udi jaye (x2)

Keeps flying flying
Keeps flying flying
Look, kite of my heart
Keeps flying flying}

Laksh goes towards Ragini .. Pulls Ragini by her waist and smiles naughtily …. She widens her eyes in shock?.. While Sanskar winks at swara keeping his hand on the side of his heart .. She blushes☺

{Kehne ko toh khel hai
Ye tera mera sanjha
Par mera dil hai patang
Aur teri nazar manjha

For the sake of saying
This is only play of yours and mine
But my heart is kite
And your eyes are thread}

Ragini hits laksh elbow giving him death glare …he smiles .. Both does steps with a smile …while swara looks at Sanskar and gestures him my heart is kite ur eyes are thread

{Manjhe se lipti ye patang
Judi judi jaaye
Udi udi jaye
Udi udi jaye
Dil ki patang dekho
Udi udi jaye

This kite, nestling to me
Keeps joining joining
Keeps flying flying
Keeps flying flying
Look, kite of heart keeps flying}

Shlok goes towards kavya … Takes her palms his hand and twrils her singing the above Lines while all others looks on shock and so kavya ? …. He looks at everyone and blushes freeing kavya from his hold …. They laughs

{Do dil ude, do dil ude
Unche aasmaano mein jude (x2)

Two heart are flying
Meeting in the sky above}

Sanskar looks at swara and stares her lovingly singing the above lines …he walks towards her

{Mujhe kab tha pata iska
Tere prem ka iktaara
Mann mein yun pal pal baajega}

He say’s his heart out tat “I didn’t know about it
Iktaara of your love
Will play in my heart like this”

*Iktaara is a musical instrument which has just one string*

He pulls her closer to him by waist and caresses her cheeks lovingly ..downz her head …she blushes … He lifts her chin making her look at him

{Mujhe kab thi khabar iski
Mere mann ke singhasan par tu
Sada ko yun tu birajega}

She looks at him and smiles pushing him a lil freeing herself from his hold… Saying her out
” I didn’t know about it
You will sit on the throne
Of my heart for good”

She points her hearting gesturing him tat he is in her heart …he smiles lovingly

{Koi bhi kathinayi ho ya koi ho majburi
Teri meri ek bhi pal
Hove nahi doori}

He reminces her leaving him alone only coz of her deceases … He gives a serious pain full look and say’s his heart out tat
“If there is any difficulty or helplessness
There will be no distance
Between you and me for a moment”

He cups her face gesturing her not to leave him again …. She smiles keeping her hand on his hand and nodes with moist eyes seeing his pain in his eyes

{Manjhe se lipti ye patang
Judi judi jaye
Udi udi jaye
Udi udi jaye
Dil ki patang dekho
Udi udi jaye (x2)}

Raglak & kavsha looks at them with a smile and goes towards them …doing the steps … Swasan looks at them and smiles … Raglak holds both their hands and asks them to dance …. Sanskar does the steps looking at swara smiling …. Swara also does the same …. Everyone joins them happily ……

After sometime Swara feels pain in her head …she holds her head and looks at everyone who were dancing … Her head starts spinning … She thought not to disturb anyone …. So silently leaves from there …. While Sanskar who was dancing …looks here and there for swara…Bt doesn’t finds her so he stops dancing and gets worried..

Sanskar:(worried) where is swara

Just then his eyes falls on swara who was stepping out of the gate …

“Is she leaving me again” he thought instantly … Bt soon he brushes of his thoughts and runs out


He comes outside and looks at swara who was holding her head in pain and hardly walking towards GM …. He gets worried and goes towards her …. While swara stumbles while walking …he get shock & holds Swara

Sanskar: Swara …

He whispers worriedly … Swara looks at him with her half closed eyes …. He looks at swara and makes her stand properly ….

Sanskar; Shona …u okay

He asked worriedly cupping her face b/w his palms …. While swara opens her mouth to rply him ….Bt instead vomits on him
He looks on shock not coz she vomited on him .. Bt instead coz of blood in it … He worriedly wipes her mouth with his hand while swara holds her head in pain ….

” sa…ns..kar… Tak…e ..m..e.. T..o .. T..h..e …ro.o.m” she say’s in weakness

Sanskar worriedly nodes his head and lifts her in his arms and makes a way obeying her


Swara’s room

Sanskar walks towards the bed lifting Swara in his arms and gently places her on the bed
He looks at her sitting beside her … Her face which was glowing still now has turned pale … Her eyes were showing pain as she was holding her head in pain ….. He gets teary eyes seeing his love’s condition

“Ahhhhhh” swara screams in pain as she felt the more & more …… Sanskar gets worried and cups her face immediately

Sanskar:(worried)?Swara … Look at me … Look at me swara ….. Did Dr raj prescribed any medicine for thz pain ….tell me Shona

He asked worriedly with his moist eyes … While swara wasn’t in the state of replying him … She was holding her head and was screaming in pain badly….. She starts shivering and sweating …. He rubs his temples worriedly ….. Tears rolled down from his eyes …his body starts shivering in fear to see his love’s condition ….. He hears her screaming in pain more & more

He gets worried like hell ….he doesn’t know wat to do Bt immediately cups her face and smashes his lips on her soft lips
He start sucking her lips softly…. Rubbing her back to make her calm distracting her mind

After sometime she calms … She travels her hand to his hairs and caresses her hairs pulling him closer to him deepening the kiss …. He slowly sucks her lips hardly showing his love and worried …. She too reciprocates the kiss holding him closer to her
Soon they break the kiss not coz they wanted to do so Bt they needed to do so

Both looks at each other. ..

Sanskar:(worriedly) Shona , you okay?

His eyes were moist while she was looking at him lovingly seeing his care for her and nodes her head….. He gets lil relief and kisses on her forehead with love
She smiles closing her eyes feeling his soft touch

Sanskar: (softly) swara…

Swara opens her eyes and looks at him questionly… He holds her closer to him

Sanskar: I LOVE YOU …

He confess her …though he need not to say those 3magical words again & again as she already knows tat how much he loves her Bt then he loves to say those magical words 100times more

She smiles and cups his face

Swara:I LOVE YOU … Bt less than u do …I think

Sanskar: u love me more

He smiles and kisses her hand lovingly … She smiles back … Bt soon she gets sad seeing his kurta covered with her vomit

Swara:I’m sorry (pouts)
Sanskar: (frowns) y??

Swara points his kurta with her pout … Sanskar understood and smiles seeing her pout … He thinks something and smiles naughtily …. He goes closer to her looking at her pout … And bites it

Swara:?aouch …idiot wat is thz

She hits on his chest in anger .. He chuckles

Sanskar:u askd Sry na tho I rplyed darling

He pulls her cheeks teasingly … She stares him angrily …Bt then bursts into laugh

Swara: hahaha haha …my cutie pie amul baby haha

She pulls his cheeks laughing loudly …. He looks on shock

Sanskar:? cutie pie amul baby seriously … Swara can’t u compliment me as hot and handsome like other girls do there bf huh!

Swara: I can’t lie na … Hahaha lolzzzz ???
Sanskar: (fake anger) okay don’t do it …Bt dare u call me by those kiddish girly girly names
Swara:hahaha …?? so u r accepting those names I kept to u is girly .. Ahem ahem? ….(winks at him)

Sanskar:? swara u r teasing me …. If I start teasing u ..u can’t bear it u knw tat so stop it ?

She get scared as she know very well abt his teasingness and diverts the topic

Swara:? leave from here … Go change ur clothes & sleep

She pushes him …he lays on the bed

Sanskar: I’m sleeping here only .. Coz my wife is sleeping here na ?
Swara: ? oh stop it idiot… And u will sleep in thz clothes kya??

Sanskar looks at his dirty clothes and then her …he thinks something and smiles

Sanskar: no prblm I can sleep without clothes ?
Swara:? u r gone mad .. Get lost from here ….don’t u hv shame to remove all ur clothes and sleep ??? tat too here in my room in front of me
Sanskar: hey dirty mind … I was just talking abt to remove my kurta ?
Swara: (relief) ohh accha .. (Mind ) stupid me
Sanskar: (teases) waise wat u thought .. Tat can happen Bt after marriage so keep patience my wild cat ?

Swara:? Sanskar .. Don’t tease me

She throws cushion on him … He holds it & laughs

Sanskar :hahaha lol ??? … It’s pay back my wild cat …

Swara:idiot leave from here
Sanskar: I said rgt ..I will sleep here only
Swara: accha.. Wat will u tell ma , papa , uncle , aunty ..and all .. They would be searching for us rgt

Sanskar: arrey no prblm my wild cat … Lucky is there na … He will take care of it?
Swara: ? u r impossible …
Sanskar: I am wild cat ?
Swara:okay good very good .. Now leave from here
Sanskar: (irritated) swara wat is thz ..I’m saying na I will sleep here …then y r u being repeating machine (mocks) leave from here ..leave from here …had hai yar

Swara:? idiot if u don’t leave ..how Shld I change my dress … And wat did u say repeating machine huh! … Did I said u not to sleep here … Have some common sense … Don’t be kiddo u r repeating machine (mocks) I will sleep here …I will sleep here …had Hai u. …

Sanskar: Ahem ahem …arrey y so angry and correction plzz .. I’m not kiddo ..u r kiddo … Kiddo height , kiddo mind … 4fut 2inch wild cat ?

Swara:? leave from here … Cutie pie amul baby
Sanskar: arey ..okay okay don’t be angry u want to Change dress na ..change
Swara: ? if u leave …then only I can change rgt …
Sanskar: y can’t u change in front of ur hubby ?
Swara: (fake anger) would be hubby ho …hubby nahi … So get lost from here
Sanskar:(teases) no prblm let me become ur hubby from would be hubby now itself ?
Swara:? Sanskarrrrr……don’t irritate me
Sanskar: okay okay calm down .. I’m leaving

He gets up from the bed and kisses her cheeks winking at her before leaving from there

She blushes and shakes her hand

Swara:my cute pagal (smiles)


Hi guys tanu ..here …hope u liked thz epi …

Thank u all
Love u all????

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