SwaSan! I Love You!! {Episode-36}


Sanskar’s sleep gets disturb … He rubs his eyes and opens …. Only to not find swara upon him

Sanskar: Swara ..

He looks beside him ..thinking tat she might be sleeping there but doesn’t find her..there as well …he gets worried

Sanskar: (worried) Swara … Swara

He immediately gets up from the bed and goes towards balcony but she wasn’t there as well …

Sanskar: its mid night and swara .. Swara where is she ..

He gets more worried …just then his eyes falls on the washroom which is open …

Sanskar: is she in washroom

He said walking towards the washroom and knocks the door

Sanskar: swara …swara …r u there …

He doesn’t get any response …so he shakes his head and enters the washroom ….

Sanskar: swara …SWA…

He stopped as his eyes falls on swara laying on the floor full pale and tiered ….he gets shock and immediately rushes towards her and takes her in his lap

Sanskar: (worried) Swara ..swara ..darling ..

He said patting her cheeks softly .. She doesn’t response .. He gets more and more worried … Taking her in his arms ….he makes a way to the bed and gently places on the bed

Sanskar: (worried) swara ..open ur eyes baby…open ur eyes

He said worriedly rubbing her palms and cheeks …his eyes filled with tears seeing his loves condition … After some time
Her eyes slightly opens … He gets happy and immediately wipes his tears

Sanskar: (happy) Swara …u okay?
Swara:..s..an..s..kar.. Pa..ni… W..a…t..er

She said in weak tone ..he nodes .. Fills water in a glass and makes her drink slowly …

Sanskar:(worried) swara wat happen baby..
Swara:sa..nskar ..I frgt to have my medicines

She said still in lil weak tone … He gets angry as he registers her words in his mind and gives a death glare to her …she pouts innocently ..he melts and cups her face

Sanskar: where is the medicine .. Darling
Swara: there

She said pointing towards the table …he shakes his head .. Takes the medicine and makes her drink

Sanskar: nxt time don’t frgt to have ….(tears) u don’t know how I was feeling seeing u on the floor .. Ur face full pale and tiered….u know

Swara interrupts hugging him tightly ..

Swara: accha baba …now I’m feeling sleepy can I sleep

She said hugging him tightly

Sanskar: hmm okay sleep

He said hugging her back … Soon both dozes off



Swara was still sleeping on the bed with her angelic beautiful smile playing on her lips .. . the sun rays falls on her ..disturbing her sleep ..she opens her eyes … … smiles and looks at the other side of the bed to see Sanskar but doesn’t finds him there


She gets up immediately from the bed …

Swara:where is thz Sanskar … Hmmm (thinks something) .. Did he left to MM

She pouts ….just then ragini and kavya comes there running

Rag/kav: swaraaaaaaaaaa

They shouts in happiness … Swara looks back and gets happy to see them

Swara:? rags..kavi
Ragini: we missed u sooo much swaru ..
Kavya:haan Swara

The said hugging her. .. Swara smiles and hugs back

Swara:I missed u too
Ragini: haan…haan we know … Now let’s leave thz senti talks and let’s make u ready …?
Swara:? ..me …ready ..
Kavya:haan for u only ?
Swara:? but y ..I mean is anything special
Ragini: hahaha ..u will get to know …don’t worry …now go ..fresh up soon and wear the lehenga which is kept on the couch …

She said pushing her inside the washroom ….while swara gets confused but still keeps quite

Soon swara gets ready …dressed in a peach and golden combo lehenga ….

Swara:lo hogaya

She said coming outside the washroom …ragini and kavya looks at her and smiles …

Ragini:chal kavi ..let’s start
Kavya:Haan okay

Both winks at each other … They Goes towards swara …drags her and makes her sit on the chair in front on the mirror

Swara:(confused) arrey ..1st tell me na wats going on …y r u both so excited for making me ready
Ragini: sshh swara keep quiet don’t disturb us

Swara pouts …ragini and kavya smiles … They keeps a beautiful diamond necklace around her neck and then keeps the matching diamond earrings and bangles in ears and hands respectively ….then applies a light makeup which suits her the most …..soon swara was ready

Kavya:wow swara u r looking stunning …sanky ..
Ragini:(interrupts) Ahem Ahem kavyaaaaaa ..

Ragini glares at kavya …kavya bites her tounge as she was spitting out something …while swara looks on confused

Swara:(confused) wat happen
Ragini: Ahem..nothing swara.. Leave all thz and come with us
Kavya:haan swara come….

Both drags her from there not letting swara to speak anything


Soon they comes outside and walks towards Maheswari mansion

Swara:(confused) y r we going to MM
Kavya:arrey swara keep quiet na … U will come to know soon

Swara gets angry and keeps quite … Ragini and kavya giggles … Soon they were standing in front of MM main door ….swara gets shock…. Her eyes goes widen and widens as she scans the whole MM … Decorated with red and white flowers and rose looking ravishing …and many guests standing around enjoying …
Swara gets confused …while sujatha and sumi comes there happily

Sujatha: awww my daughter is looking so beautiful … Kisi ki nazar na lage …come inside

She said caressing swara’s face lovingly and holding her hand she makes a way to hall … All guests looks at swara with a smile….swara smiles back confusedly

Sumi:suju enough huh! Even my Sanskar beta is looking handsome ..look at there

She said pointing the stairs … Where Sanskar is descending the stairs along with shlok and laksh …trio where looking happy with a happy smiles on their faces ….while swara’s mouth widens as her eyes falls on Sanskar … He was looking Greek god …..so handsome so cute dressed in a peach & golden colour kurta ??

He also gets awestruck to see his love …who is looking beautiful , stunning and cute to him ??

He winks at her as he finds her staring him with her open mouth …she immediately closes her mouth and looks down in shy….he smiles and goes towards her

Sanskar: looking hot ?

He whispers standing beside her … She blushes … He looks at her blushing and smiles teasingly

Sanskar: arrey y r u blushing .. I was talking about kav .. See she is looking hot rgt

Swara immediately looks at him angrily she was abt to say something …but sujatha interrupts

Sujatha : arrey ragu and kavya dance shuru karo ….
Ragini:haha okay mom
Sanskar: (interrupt) huh! Wat okay. ..mom stop it do ur stupid dances afterwards …1st let’s begin the ENGAGEMENT
Swara:? engagement … Who’s engagement ..suju aunt is thz ur engagement

Ram:hahahah very funny who will marry sujatha …
Sujatha:? hein…then who r u .. I think u married me rgt
Ram:? it was my bad luck
Sujatha: sumi….

Sanskar: oh god mom stop it ..

Sujatha pouts … Sumi and Shekar smiles while raglak and kavlok giggles

Swara:arrey wats going on … Can anyone tell me plzz

She asked irritatingly .. Sumi and shekar smiles and goes towards her …

Sumi:it’s ur engagement Shona
Swara:? My engagement
Sehkar:(smiles) yes ur engagement with Sanskar
Swara;? wat …when was it decided and who decided and so soon engagement and all..and …
Sanskar: (interrupts) it is decided by me …today morning itself .and abt soon … If it was possible I would’ve married to u now itself Huh! Got ur answers madam ?

Everyone giggles while swara looks on shock …. She was abt to say something but stops as she remembers him addressing kavya as hot ….she gets angry and looks at him in blood shot eyes …he raises his eyebrows questionly

Swara:? no ..I’m not gonna get engaged to him

All looks on shock and so Sanskar

Sanskar:? wat?? …y??
Swara: ? haan …u heard it rgt
Sanskar : but I will get engage to u only ?
Swara:? y me …y do u want to get engage to me ..I’m not hot rgt ..go and get engage to any hot girl

Sanskar understand her jealousy and chuckles …while others smiles seeing their cute fights
Swara gets more seeing his chuckle …she stamps her foot angrily

Swara:? go to hell

She said angrily and was abt to go …but Sanskar holds her wrist not letting her to do so

Sanskar: arrey mom give me the rings na ..before thz 4fut 2inch wild cat turns more wild ?

He said pulling swara closer to him …sujatha giggles and gives him the rings … Swara tries to free herself but Sanskar holds her hand tightly and slides the ring into her finger which is connect to her heart

Sanskar: u r beautiful than any girl for me …Darling I LOVE YOU ?

He confessed kissing the ring in her finger ….she stops struggling and blushes hard

Ragini:swara stop blushing …look My bro is waiting for u to keep the ring in his finger …same as he did to u ?

She said giving the ring to swara
Swara nodes with the blush … Takes the ring and looks at Sanskar …he winks at her … She smiles holding his hand in her palms and slides the ring in his finger as well

All claps happily …while swasan stares each other sharing a cute lovely eyelock


Hi guys tanu here…hope u all liked the epi

Thank u all
Love u all

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