SwaSan! I Love You!! {Episode-35}


Swara: I Love u Sanskar

She whispers rubbing her nose against his shirt … He doesn’t hugs her back …as he was still feeling guilty

Sanskar : (soft tone) swara ..
Sanskar: I’m sorry …
Swara: sorry? But for wat??

She asked confusedly still hiding in his chest

Sanskar: swara ..o ..hmm…for the thing I was going to do with u …. U know….

His voice struks in his throat he wasn’t able to speak … Swara understands and looks at him .. He looks at her face which was turned crimson red …. His gaze makes her shy …she downs her eyes fixing it to the floor

Swara: Sanskar …. It …it … Was it

She said tucking back her fringes with a blush ..he interrupts

Sanskar :(confused) wat ??
Swara:hmm ..o …u and….
Sanskar:(tensed) me and …wat??
Swara:(blushes) hmmm Sanskar understand na …how can I say!!
Sanskar:(confused) y can’t u swara (thinks something & gets sad) ? oh hmm..I can understand swara u were feeling uncomfortable rgt ..I’m sorry swara….I’m really sorry

He was abt to move back … But she holds his hand and looks at him in unbelievable

Swara:? alley melle bhudhu .. Idiot Amul baby ….I never thought u r soo Stupid … If I would’ve felt uncomfortable .. Then i might have not allowed u to touch me itself

She said pulling him closer to her and running her fingers in his hairs messing it … While he raises his eyebrows looking ?ly

Sanskar:? swara tat means u didn’t felt uncomfortable
Swara:(blushes)? no …Sanskar I love u …so I’m all yours then y would I feel uncomfortable tell me

He feels so happy hearing thz from her….he immediately hugs her tightly

Sanskar: I Love u more swara
Swara:? I know

He smiles and As keeps his hand on her back he realises that her top zip is still open … His hands touches her bare back and she closes her eyes feeling his touch .. While Sanskar controls himself and was abt to realise the hug …but Swara tightens the hug more and more …pressing her lips on his bare chest

Sanskar:(whispers) swara …
Swara:sshh Sanskar don’t move stay like thz only closer to me … Until my death take me away from u

She said shushing his lips … His eyes turned red shot as he registered the word “death” in his mind ….he immediately releases the hug and holds her by the shoulder tightly

Sanskar:? Just shut up swara …are u gone mad how can u tell dat …that (choked voice) that. ..
Swara:(interrupts)? wat wrong I told Sanskar …it is true and u also know that I’m going …
Sanskar:(cuts off) ? no swara no remember one thing swara .. If no swara then no sanskar

Swara gets teary eyes while
He was abt to get up …but swara wipes her tears & holds his hand not letting him to do so

Swara:Sanskar …
Sanskar:? Swara leave me
Swara:? Sanskar if u go ..I will not talk to u
Sanskar:? okay ..ur wish

He jerks his hand angrily …and was abt to walk but swara hugs him wrapping her hands around his waist

Swara:? I’m sorry …plzz don’t be angry . .I’m sorry Sanskar

She said b/w her sobs …he melts and immediately cups her face sitting beside her

Sanskar:Sshh don’t cry …don’t cry

He wipes her tears …she looks at him lovingly and cups his face

Swara:Sanskar I’m sorry
Sanskar:u should be

He pulls her into his embrace and hugs her tightly ….

Swara:?sanskar …my back is….

She left her words incomplete with blush …Sanskar understand …. thinks something. … And smiles naughtily

Sanskar: if u aren’t feeling uncomfortable …y don’t we continue which we left in b/w ?

He said winking at her ..she blushes

Swara:? u r teasing me
Sanskar: no I’m serious darling
Swara:? Sanskarrrr plzzzz
Sanskar:my 4fut 2inch wild cat stop blushing …?
Swara:? Sanskar u again started

She lifts her hand to beat him but her sleeves fall from her shoulder exposing her milky shoulder ….She widens her looking at Sanskar. ..sanskar smiles naughtily and pulls her closer to him ..she falls on his chest

Swara:? Sanskar …
Sanskar: swara u liked it na … ?

Swara shys and hides her face in his shoulder …he smiles and makes her look towards him … Both looks into each other eyes where they can see only love for them

Sanskar: Swara let’s get marry … Now itself …I’m unable control myself now darling

He said rubbing his hand on her bare shoulder …she closes her eyes feeling his touch

Swara: Sanskar I Love you
Sanskar: I know baby …but I asked u something give me my answer ?

He said placing his lips on her shoulder …she shivers due to the contact of his lips to her bare skin …and moans

Swara : aahhh ..Sanskar .. Ummm Hmmmm …Sanskar I’m ready …

She moans as he licks her shoulder passionatly and lovingly

Sanskar: (teases) ready for wat ? Darling ?
Swara: Sanskarrr

She pouts …he smiles and pecks her pout

Sanskar: Accha okay my shona my baby my darling …u sleep now it’s already late …goood night and Sanskar’s dreams ?

He said cupping her face …he was abt take off his hand from her cheeks ..but she holds his both the hands still on her cheeks

Swara:arrey arrey where r u going ..1st put thz zip (pouts)
Sanskar:?. Swara don’t test my patience …put it by urself
Swara:? Sanskar how can my hand reach there …don’t u remember u removed it … U r acting too much wait let me tell suju aunt abt u
Sanskar:Ahem Ahem ..accha calm down baby ..I will keep …turn

He makes her turn …..looking at her bare back he immediately closes his eyes and zips her top with his shivery hands

Swara: hogaya ??
Sanskar: (relief) huh! Yes !!

He said back hugging her placing his chin on her shoulder …. She smiles

Swara: Sanskar I’m getting sleep
Sanskar: hmm accha u sleep .. I’m going
Swara:no don’t go …u also sleep here only na

She said turning towards him holding him tightly

Sanskar:? swara …
Swara:(interrupts) plzzz na (pouts)

He melts and smiles

Sanskar; okay darling

He said pecking her pout .. She gets happy and pushes him on the bed

Sanskar: arrey …swara …

She giggles and comes top of him …places her head on his chest and hugs him tightly

Swara:hehehehe …
Sanskar: wat is thz swara …
Swara: hehehe sshh keep quite .. Sleep

She said hugging him tightly … He smiles seeing her happy and hugs her back …soon both dozes off in each other embrace


Mid night

Swara starts sweating badly ..as the result She opens her eyes ….her head starts paining badly ….she holds her head with both her hands and gets up from Sanskar …sits on the bed


She winces as her head pains very badly …suddenly she nauseous in her stomach … She holds her head with one hand and keeps her other palm on her mouth ….she gets down from the bed and walks towards the washroom with the support of wall ….and vomits again and again still her face turned pale … She feels weak in her legs and falls down in the washroom

Swara:s…a..n..s..kar….sa..n…s .kar

She was trying to call Sanskar with all her strength but her voice wasn’t able to reach Sanskar ….tears makes a way from her beautiful hazel eyes … All goes blur…her head started paining like hell …she falls unconscious on the floor holding her head tightly 4


Guys I’m really sorry for irritating u all with my ff’s…really sorry I never thought my ff’s would irritate u all tat extend tat u will msg me personally abt thz …but don’t worry guys inshallah I will end my both the ff very soon in 3 or 4 epi’s …
Waise bhi my exams r near … It’s better if I end my ff’s …. Inshallah I will never write any ff further …
But swasan will always remain in my heart …thank u all

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  1. Shifa96

    Awesome..I have changed my username from afra..
    And sry I wasn’t able to comment on few of your previous parts..update soon and plz don’t end it abruptly..

  2. Tu asa kyu keh rahi hai ???? teri ff hume kabhi bore nai karta samji end mat kar ????????? BTW epi bohat acca tha

  3. Tanu don’t say like that u know I love to read ur ff yaar don’t stop it please u r a awesome romantic writer and those who trying to discourage you leave them dear they are jealous towards you we know that our hellu beared a lot of such issues she ignore them like her u also ignore them and continue ur work dear we are always with u

  4. the episode was amazing and the last part was sad

    what is this di
    u can’t stop writing just bz of 1 basher
    the last note made me so sad and angry
    just give me that person’s name and i will personally msg her
    nobody has the write to hurt anyone
    just give the person’s name di
    we will complain to TU

    i love ur stories very much di
    if ur exams are coming then i’m ready to wait till they end but pls don’t end this

    take care di and all the best

  5. SRSL

    Who the hell send you those messages..*beating him\her with a rod….dii you are thinking about that one idiotic basher and stopping it…think about us naa….you know how much suspence you left in Lust obsession and love…and this ff too….so no way I am not gonna allow you to stop this….you will continue writing for your regular readers…

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