SwaSan! I Love You!! {Episode-34}


Sanskar: I want to marry swara

All looks on shock ….sujatha and ram gets happy

Sujatha:? Sanskar excellent decision ….
Ram:(smiles) haan rgt sujatha ..
Sujatha:? hyyyy god thank u … I’m soo happy finally Shona will become my permanent daughter …

Sanskar ,ram and shlok smiles

Ram:(smiles)son if u have decided to get marry ..then u would’ve decided when as well rgt ….
Sanskar: (smiles) dad o …I…
Sumi:(interrupts) no no no thz marriage can’t happen

Said sumi who was viewing the scenario thinking something deeply ….while other gets shock by her rply

Sujatha; wat do u mean sumi ? don’t u know I always wished to be swara …Sanskar’s wife and so u
Sumi:(tears) tat was 1st suju … Now everything is changed … Shona …shona is suffering from brain tumor now ….I don’t want their marriage to be fix… Coz I don’t want to spoil Sanskar’s life by marrying him to Shona

All gets shock

Sanskar: aunty how can u say tat ….I love Swara …I….
Sumi:(tears) frgt abt her sanskar beta and move on in ur life … I don’t want to u spoil ur life and It would happen if u marry shona so….
Sujatha:? shut up …sumi thz is too much okay…. We aren’t asking ur permission or opinion so stay away from thz matter … Coz Shona is my daughter and I will make her marry my son ..

Sumi:? but suju ….
Sujatha:(interrupts) I’m not gonna listen to u .. Thz marriage will happen got it
Shekar?:but I think sumi is rgt … Shona…
Ram:(interrupt) Shekar didn’t u hear wat sujatha told just now….. In her life time …thz is the 1st time she is doing something using her brain and tum ho ki…
Sujatha:?hehehe enough very funny …and now anyone aren’t gonna speak on thz matter … The marriage will happen and that’s final

Sanskar smiles

Sanskar: yes aunty mom is absolutely rgt …and aunty how can I live my life happily when swara is only happiness of my life

Sumi and Shekar gets overwhelmed seeing his so true love for swara ….they gets teary eyes and hugs ram & sujatha respectively ….Sanskar smiles

Sumi:(tears) thank u suju …thank u soo much
Sujatha: arrey sumi enough of crying …now keep quiet and get ready coz I’m gonna do my son”s bedai to ur house …by getting shock in thz house na ??

All laughs …while Sanskar smiles

Sanskar: hmm then guys see u later
Sujatha: haa haa pata hai u want to spend time with Swara na …go ?

All laughs while Sanskar runs his finger in his hairs… Shaking his head with a smile …he leaves from there


Swara’s Room

Swara will be laying on the bed …with closed eyes reminiscing the recent incident …Sanskar’s love her lips curved into a cute smile thinking abt sanskar’s love ..she feels so happy

Sanskar comes there and looks at her who was smiling with closed eyes … He shakes his head with smile and goes towards … Sits beside her and bends a lil

“Swara” he whispers in swara’s ears

Swara smiles opening her eyes only to see the love of her life looking at her lovingly …

Swara: (smiles) Sanskar
Sanskar: (smiles) yes darling

Swara:(smiles) come here lay down beside me na
Sanskar: Swara before marriage I don’t do any ..ahem ahem u know ??
Swara:(fake anger) shut up …

She hits his chest …he laughs while she pulls him on the bed … Making him to fall on the bed beside her

They were laying close to each other and were lost in each others eyes …staring each other lovingly

Sanskar cups her face and looks at her lovingly …she smiles … He smiles back and nuzzles his nose with her nose …. She smiles closing her eyes feeling his lovely touch…. Swara feels his unshaven light beard touching her soft skin while he was nuzzling his nose with hers … She feels nice …Thus, she immediately cups his face with her both the palms ….he looks at her confusedly who was closing her eyes cupping his face

Sanskar: (confusedly) Shona

He whispers and she shushes him keeping her finger on his lips


Her eyes were still close… She takes off her finger from his lips and goes closer to his face … places her soft cheeks on his rough unshaven cheeks …. She rubs her soft cheeks with his rough cheeks and giggles

Swara:hehehehe …hehehe

He looks confusedly …but smiles seeing & hearing her melodious giggle

Sanskar: wat r u doing baby … My darling …

He said sneaking his hand around her waist …pulling her closer to him ….while she was still busy in rubbing her cheeks with his ….and giggling

Swara:hehehehe …Sanskar .. It’s feeling so ticklish ..hehehe
Sanskar:(confused) wat darling
Swara:ur beard …hehehehe it’s so ticklish hehehe

He smiles at her antiques … And cups her face making her to look at him

Sanskar; I missed u soo much my baby ….all thz days was like hell for me without u
Swara:(sad smiles) I missed u too Sanskar
Sanskar: (smiles) haan I know darling …..

He looks at her lovingly …she looks at him matching his gaze … Their eyes met ….both were lost in each other …he gazes on her lips and moves closer to her lips while she closes her automatically knowing the nxt step…. He smiles
And kisses at her closed eyes and then kisses her soft cheeks lovingly …. licking the edges of her lips,…. linger there awhile, nibbling and playing, while her started beating heavily ……he smiles feeling her beat & places his rough lips on her soft rosy lips …kissing her lips in passion and love while she too reciprocates the kiss matching him… his hands were busy in caressing her bare belly sensuously yet passionately under her top ….she smiles b/w the kiss ….. stroking his hairs pulling him more closer to her …she opens her mouth …and touch each others tongue they delve into each other, twisting it together and tasting each other with all the passion their care to share, as they nibble again on the lips sucking them into ones mouth with the heat of the moment, entering back into that cave of darkness to feel the pressures from within, their tongue intermingling, deeper more passionately, than ever before, the tongue is gliding along the gums, along the roof of her mouth,
Soon they breaks the kiss not coz they wanted to but coz they needed to

They looks at each other with passion and growing heat of desire eyes ….both were completely lost in each other .. Staring each other lovingly …. Sanskar slowly comes top of her still staring into her eyes while she too stares him with equal love

He moves closer to her neck … Bends a lil …while she closes her eyes he places his rough lips on her soft skin ……kissing her collarbone …he places open mouth soft kisses all over her neck ….she clutches his shirt tightly as he bites her soft skin on her neck and moans in pleasure

Swara: umm… Sanskarrrr…

Hearing his name from her husky voice …he gets more crazy and began to bite all over her neck leaving his love marks over there …while she moans in pleasure as her hands works in unbuttoning top two buttons of his shirt … She slips her palms inside his shirt and starts caressing his bare muscular chest sensuously making him more carzy for her…
While his hands travels from her bare milky waist to her back and slides the zip slightly ..starts caressing her bare back sensuously and passionatly still kissing and biting all over her neck …both were lost in each other so deeply and passionatly

Kissing biting nibling skin all over her neck ….his hands travels to her shoulder …he was abt to slide her sleeves from her shoulder but just then there was a knock on the door by sujatha making them to come back to their sense …they looks at each other in shock remicing wat were they abt to do …and seeing their position …as her hands were still on his chest whereas his hand was placed on her bare shoulders…..they immediately takes off their hands respectively

Sujatha : arrey Sanskar ..r u there

Shouts sujatha knocking the door…. Sanskar looks at the door and immediately gets up from swara ….whereas swara wraps herself in the bedsheets in one go ..and sits covering her face blw her knees

Sanskar: ..haan…yes…mom
Sujatha: Sanskar …it’s late night .. Come to home
Sanskar: haan okay mom I ..will come in a min …u go
Sujatha:hmm okay ..how is Shona now…open the door I wanna talk to her

He looks at swara who is sitting in the same position … Then he thinks something and transfers his gaze on door

Sanskar: mom she slept alreay and I have some work here so busy doing da work …u don’t worry …and u go …I will come there soon …and no more questions mom …plz leave
Sujatha:hmm okay …but come soon

Sujatha leaves from there … Sanskar takes a sigh and looks at swara still sitting in the same postion ….he remicing wat had happen a moment before

Sanskar: (mind) oh god wat did u do Sanskar …how can u ……AAA
(Guilty) she might be feeling bad now

He keeps on cursing himself …feeling more guilty though he shldnt be …but still he feels guilty as swara wasn’t looking up at all …he thinks she is sad …and gets sad as well

After sometime ..he gains some courage and sits beside her on the bed

Sanskar ;(mind) talk to her …sanskar

He keeps his hands on her hairs

Sanskar:? swara I’m so…

His words left incomplete …as she looks up and immediately hugs him …hiding her face in his chest

Swara:I LOVE YOU Sanskar ?

She said in soft tone rubbing her nose on his shirt …


Hey guys tanu hope u like the epi

Thank u all
Love u all??

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