SwaSan! I Love You!! {Episode-31}


Raj: swara …who swara

Asked raj confusedly

Laksh:? hey look don’t overreact we know swara is here …
Raj:? hello Mr no swara stays here u got tat and leave from here
Sanskar: ? we wil!! but 1st …tell us know where is my swara ….I want my swara

He said in anger holding his collar ..raj gets angry and pushes him

Raj:?be in ur limits Mr
Sanskar:? limits huh …limit I will show u the limits

He roared in anger and was abt to punch him …but Shlok holds his hand

Shlok: hey dude calm down y r u fighting

Raj gets surprised seeing Shlok

Raj:? u here
Shlok: haan me …now tell us where is swara or else u don’t know me
Raj:? u better know urself who r u …and just get hell out my house

He shouts in anger …Sanskar gets angry and punches him hardly …he falls on the floor

Sanskar:? don’t mess up with us and tells us where is my..swara (shouts) swara …swara …swara

He shouts in anger


Swara who was having breakfast with pihu …hears his voice and gets startled she literally jumps up from the chair

Pihu: Shona di who’s tat shouting??

Swara looks at her who was giving her questionly look !!

Swara:I don’t know pihu …wait let see

Pihu nodes swara goes towards the entrance


Sanskar: swara ….swara …swara

He keeps on shouting while raj tries to push him away from his house ….but Sanskar was also Sanskar he doesn’t let raj to do so …and keeps on shouting swara’s name just then swara comes there …his eyes falls on swara and swara’s on him….both were equally shocked there eyes were widened coz of shock

(*) Tenu itna main pyaar karaan
Ek pal vich sau baar karaan
Tu jaave je mainu chhad ke
Maut da intezaar karaan

Ke tere liye duniya chhod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake (x2) (*) BG plays

Sanskar: swara

He whispers lovingly ….he pushes raj from his way and walks towards swara …..while swara was still staring him with widen eyes …. He stands in front of her and gets teary eyes coz he is seeing his love after almost 3long weeks …… He moves closer to her and cups her face ….their eyes mets and they had a painful emotional eyelock

Sanskar:(tears) swara where were u ….u know …how …how how madly I was searching u ….. U wanna spend time with me rgt then where did u went …. Darling

He said in so pain …the pain tat he is going through was crystal clear in his chocolate Brown eyes ….whereas swara blinks her eyes twice as her eyes also fills with tears
… sholak smiles seeing swara atlast while raj looks on confused

Raj:(confused) Shona u know them ???

Hearing him swara looks at him and then at sanskar …. She slowly wipes her tears while Sanskar was still staring her for her answer

Swara:(avoids eye contact) who is he raj …I don’t know him

Sanskar and sholak looks on shock

Sanskar: (shock) swara I’m Sanskar!! Your Sanskar !
Swara:(closes her eyes) Raj plzz ask him to leave me ….I don’t know anyone of them

She said taking off Sanskar hands from her cheeks …. While Sanskar stumbles back and tears roll down from his eyes seeing the way she refused to be related to him …
Laksh goes towards her in shock
And holds her by shoulder

Laksh:? stop kidding swara …. U know how mad and lifeless Sanskar became from the day u went missing
Swara:? (avoids eye contact) excuse me Mr I’m not SWARA so better leave me

She jerks him … Sanlaklok looks on shock while swara looks at raj

Swara:(irritiated)Raj!! Plzzz I’m not feeling well…just ask them to leave from here

Sanskar stares her with teary eyes while raj was abt to say something but…Sanskar interrupts

Sanskar:(tears) okay swara we r leaving
Sanskar: (interrupts) lucky she is not my swara …Lucky isn’t my swara

He said staring swara with painful teary eyes while swara turns her face and closes her eyes …..

Sanskar: be happy always be have happy

He said in painful choked voice and leaves from there …. Sholak looks On sad and goes behind him

Laksh: ?wat is thz dude …she is our swara how can u leave her just like tat

He said stepping outside …. Sanskar stops in the track …turns and looks at laksh in tears … He immediately hugs laksh

Sanskar: I know lucky …I know tat she is swara my swara but didn’t u hear wat she told …. She don’t know us Lucky !! (Chokes) wat abt…our…l..o..v…e… Lucky…I..

Shlok:(interrupts)?? sanky don’t break like thz …don’t lose ur hope dude
Sanskar: (tears) wat can I do Shlok …she is…
Laksh: (cuts off) bhale hi she told like tat ….but didn’t u see the same pain in her eyes while she was saying ….didn’t u saw she was ignoring us

Sanskar:I know lucky …I felt it but y she is doing so?? ….y she is refusing to know us??
Shlok: da answer for thz is only with swara dude ? but u don’t lose over ur love na
Laksh:yes sanky shlok is rgt …. We will do something….. Don’t let ur love go so easily
Sanskar: (determine look) hmm u r both rgt …but wat we can do she isn’t letting us to speak at all…..do u have any idea
Shlolak: hmm no ..but let’s think

The boy munna who was hearing them quietly ….looks at them and said

Munna: Bhaiya I don’t know wat r u trio talking abt but one thing I know tat u love tat didi very much

Sanskar smiles and kneels down

Sanskar: yes bro ..we love her soo much …I love her more than infinity she is my everything
Munna:(smiles) hmm can I tell u a idea
Sanskar: (smiles) yeah sure
Munna: u know Raj Bhaiya and tat didi used to visit a orphanage every week and tonight there is a party over there….so Raj Bhaiya and didi will surely go there
Shlok:so wat can we do ??
Laksh: yes rgt Shlok ….

Sanskar losts in the deep thoughts hearing munna … Just then something strikes to his mind …..he happily looks at munna and hugs him

Sanskar:? thank u bro …u r so intelligent
Munna:hehehe my pleasure Bhaiya

Laksh and shlok looks on confused

Laksh:(confused) sanky can u let us know as well wat made u happy all of a sudden!!
Shlok:(confused) rgt dude
Sanskar: (looks at them & smiles)
Lucky …Shlok listen

He tells something …Shlok and laksh gets happy

Shlok: wow wat an idea sir ji ?
Seriously sanky being with me u r becoming intelligent and smart day by day like me ??

Sanskar: hahaha ?? lol dude nice joke
Laksh:(smiles) hmm chalo at last u laughed after a long time
Sanskar: (smiles) I saw my swara …I found her lucky … I’m happy tat she is safe and (determine) and I will surely take her from here

Laksh:haha I know dude …now comes let’s go to execute our plan ?
Shlok:?haan come

They were abt to leave but Sanskar stops Shlok placing his hand on his shoulder

Sanskar: Shlok
Shlok: (turns) yes sanky
Sanskar: (hugs him) hmm Thank u dude
Laksh smiles
Shlok:(confused) y ??
Sanskar: hmm just like tat
Shlok:?? sanky ur intention on me isn’t looking good … I’m not tat type dude ??

Laksh laughs …Sanskar releases the hug and looks at angrily

Sanskar: don’t freak out huh!

Sanskar laughs as well …
Soon trio leaves from there


Meanwhile in
Raj house

Swara eyes filled with tears seeing them leaving …Raj looks at her confusedly

Raj:? wat happen Shona ..y r u crying
Swara:nothing Raj …I…I ..want some ….rest …

She wipes her tears and rushes towards a room …while raj looks on confused

Raj:(confused) wat happen to Shona now


Swara comes to a room …closes the door and falls on her knees holding the door ….she cries miserably remincing the pain in sanskar’s eyes

After sometime

Her eyes turned pouffy and face was looking so pale ….her tears dried …she was sitting there dugging her head in her knees and holding her head tightly she was alone ….so Alone just then there was a knock on the door

Raj:Shona…. Shona …

She wipes her face hearing Raj’s voice and replies

Swara: haan Raj
Raj:o Shona we have to leave for orphanage na …so get ready soon
Swara:hmm okay raj
Raj:hmm is there any prblm tat u aren’t opening the door
Swara:no raj nothing like tat… U go …I will ready and come
Raj: hmm okay

Raj leaves from there …swara gets up and takes some clothes before heading to the washroom

Soon swara was ready …she comes out of the room and looks at raj and pihu who were waiting for her

Swara:hmm Raj let’s leave

Hearing her voice ..Raj lifts his head and looks at her …he gets mesmerized seeing her …. She was looking so beautiful dressed and stunning dressed in a black and white combo anarkali just like a traditional girl with a light make over

Raj:(whispers) Beautiful

He gets lost in her …but soon come to sense seeing her leaving the house

Swara:raj I will be waiting in the car …come soon
Pihu: mee to raj Bhaiya

Pihu holds swara’s hand both leaves from there …raj smiles shaking his head and leaves from there


So guys how the epi hope u all liked it

Thank u all
Love u all ?

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