SwaSan! I Love You!! {Episode-30}



Shlok: (shouts) swara….. Swara…
Swara. …

He shouts running behind swara’s car ….but soon he gets tired and stops running …the car leaves from there

Shlol:(confused) aaah …wat Swara is doing here …in Bhopal
(Thinks something and gets happy) …?? ohh my friends loves me soo much tat they came to Bhopal to see me (confused) but y they didn’t inform me abt thz ….hmmm ? I knew it y they wanna give me surprise so didn’t told me abt their arrival … Hehehehe ..?? but luckily I saw Swara hehehehe …. Wait let me call sanky and break his surprise hehehehe ??

He dails Sanskar number


Sanskar’s room

Sanskar will be still hugging swara’s pic with tears in his eyes ….

Sanskar: (tears) swara I LOVE YOU …where u ..swara

Just then he gets a call …he cuts it without looking at the caller I’d …. Yet again his mobile rings … He cuts it again …his mobile keeps on ringing again and again …he keeps on disconnecting the call …at last he gets irritated and looks at the caller I’d and gets more irritated

Sanskar: (irritated) Shlok…. Stupid

He lifts the call in irritation

*on call*

Sanskar: ? wat the hell man y r u irritating me
Shlok:?? hehehehe sanky I got to know tat u all came here … Hehehehe ur surprise is not surprise any more .?…
Sanskar: (confused) surprise
Shlok: hehehehe.I wasn’t knowing tat u all loves me soo much dude tat u will come to Bhopal missing my presence there hehehehe

Sanskar: (irritated) stop day dreaming
Shlok:?? don’t act sanky I’m not day dreaming I saw swara here hehehehe
Sanskar:? shut ur crap and … (realized wat he said) …wat … Wat did u say …whom did u saw …
Shlok:?? Swara

Sanskar:? Shlok u saw swara .. R u serious … Really did u saw swara there
Shlok: hehehehe?? yes … I came to eat pua bhaji near a beach ..there I saw swara … See ur surprise is no more surprise
Sanskar: (shock & tears) Shlok listen …I’m coming to Bhopal okay
Shlok: (confused) but u r already here rgt
Sanskar: no Shlok I’m in Kolkata
I will tell u everything … When I will be there ….I’m coming there bye
Shlok: (confused) okay

*call ends*

Hanging up the call Sanskar wipes his tears ….he gets happy getting some clue abt swara but gets sad as well not knowing y she left him

Sanskar: (tears) y did u left me Swara …..but don’t worry I’m coming I will not let u go far from me

He said wiping his tears and leaves from there


All Maheswari’s and gadodia’s will be sitting sadly

Sujatha: ? shona Ke bina ghar ke all happiness r washed away and my son tho became a life less person…..how he used to laugh ,smile …but now…..
Sumi:? suju …when will my daughter come

Sumi cries Raglak ,sujram,shekar looks on sad and gets teary eyes as well

Just then they hears Sanskar’s voice

Sanskar: she will come soon … I will bring her back aunty ….

All looks at him and gets sad

Laksh: Sanky. …..
Sanskar: (cuts off) lucky u know Shlok (he tells everything)… I’m going to Bhopal lucky I will bring my Swara back

He said happily …all looks on shock

Laksh:?r u serious …I mean …
Sanskar: (interrupts) yes … I’m sure swara is in Bhopal … I’m leaving for Bhopal now…bye

All gets happy hearing tat swara is safe …

Sumi:(happy) Sanskar beta … Bring her soon

Sanskar nodes and was abt to go
But laksh stops him

Laksh: Sanky ..wait.I’m also coming
Ragini: even me bhai

Laksh:(looks at her) no rags u be here and take care of everyone ..
Ragini: ? but ….
Laksh:(interrupt) me and sanky r there na …we will go u don’t worry
Ragini:? hmm okay
Laksh: sanky let’s leave

Sanskar nodes

Ram: hmm beta okay u both leave to airport …u will get ur flights tickets there
Shekar: Sharma uncle will give u the tickets

Laksh and Sanskar nodes both leaves from there
Soon they reaches airport ..takes tickets and leaves from there

Next day

Sanskar and laksh reaches to Bhopal

Laksh: where is thz Shlok

Just then shlok comes there

Shlok: I’m here dude ..

He said waking towards them in style wearing the shades …. Sanlak looks on irritated

Sanskar: stop it ….and tells us where did u saw swara

He said irritatedly …. Shlok laughs

Shlok:haha don’t u know … Don’t act with me …haha ??
Sanskar: ? Shlok just shut up man …can’t ….
Laksh: (interrupt) hey calm down sanky …he doesn’t know anything
Shlok: (confused) wat I don’t know …
Laksh:(looks at him) Shlok o swara (he tells everything)

Shlok:? wat swara is missing
Laksh: we r searching her but no use dude … Then sanky got ur call …u said tat u saw swara it seems so we came here
Shlok: yes lucky I saw her yesterday …
Sanskar: where did u saw her Shlok
Shlok: near tat beach …come I will take u both there

They nodes ….trio leaves from there
Soon they comes to the beach

Shlok: here dude ..I saw her here …she was sitting in a car over there

He said pointing towards the direction

Sanskar: (tears) didn’t u talk to her
Shlok: no sanky before I could … She left from here
Laksh: hmmm let’s ask anyone over here …may be they know something

Sanlok nodes ….they starts asking everyone but no use they didn’t got any information abt swara

Sanskar:(sad) lucky no one knows abt her dude ….
Laksh: sanky don’t lose ur hope we will find her

Just then a small boys comes there

Boy: hey Shlok Bhaiya
Shlok: (looks at him) ? hi munna ..
Munna: Shlok Bhaiya today how much pau bhaji do u want ….30 or 50
Laksh:? 30…50
Shlok: Ahem ….Ahem …munna u go we will talk later abt it

Munna nodes and was abt to leave ….but something strikes to sanskar’s mind and he stops him

Sanskar: munna …wait
Munna: yes Bhaiya …do u want pau bhaji as well
Sanskar: no bro …I don’t want anything …u just tell me tat did u saw thz girl anywhere

He asked showing him swara’s pic…munna looks on surprised

Munna;(surprised) arrey yeh u tho o didi …hai
Sanskar’:(happy) hey bro u know her
Munna: yes I know thz didi… She stays at Raj bhaiya’s home

Sanlaklok gets happy knowing abt swara but confused as well

Laksh:(confused) raj bhaiya… Who is raj Bhaiya ….do u know him
Munna: haan he stays near my house …he is very good person very nice
Sanskar: u know his house ..will u take us there plz

He asked happily with teary eyes

Munna:(confused) haan but y ..
Shlok: arrey munna stop asking questions and takes us there …after tat u prepare some 40 or 60 pau bhaji …yesterday my stomach didn’t fill only

Munna:? okay comes let’s go

Trio nodes …they leaves from there with munna

Raj house

Raj , swara and a small girl will be having their breakfast

Raj:pihu how is the breakfast
Pihu(small girl):? it’s nice hero
Raj: (smiles) haha thank u thank u ….
Pihu:Shona di …did u liked it

She ask swara …swara nodes with slight smile …. Raj looks at her lovingly and gets lost in her

Just then they hears a knock on the door

Swara; I will see ..
Raj:no Shona it’s k ..u have breakfast …I will see

Swara nodes …raj gets up and goes towards the door ….he opens the door and looks on confused

Raj:(confused) who r u …who do u want

” I’m Sanskar and I want my swara”

Said Sanskar with blood shot eyes


Hi guys tanu here …hope u all liked thz epi

Thank u all
Love u all ????

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