swasan- is this love (episode 3)

Hi guyz iam back with next part of my ff.
thanks for your support and to silent readers . Guyz iam sorry for not writting precap but now onwards iwill write precap too.
precap- swasan phone conversationand sanskar asked dwara to meet [email protected] cafe coffe day.
@ swara’s home.
swara- mom I will be back soon.
shomi- ok beta .but be carefull.and ask driver dadda to be there only.
swara- no mom sanky will drop me home.
shomi- ok then its fine . Your besti come bodyguard is will be with you.
swara- oh mom I don’t need him rather he do.
shomi- ok baba go now .he must be waiting for you
swara- ya. Omg mom I am late.ok I have to rush now.
shomi? bye shona.

swara- bye mom.
( dwara was tensed thinking what happened to sanskar.)
@cafe coffee day.
swara- where. Is he? Oh how can I forget . He is never on time.mr late lateef.
( sanskar enters in the cafe.)
sanskar- ( in Mind) sanky you are gone jungly billi will kill you.
swara- oh! You came . I must tell you mr sanskar . You are very punctual.
sanskar- this jungly billi again started.
swara- what you said???
sanskar- no nothing shona.
swara- I know you called me jungly billi.
sanskar- then why you asked me . Jungly billi.
swara- don’t call me . That ok.
sanskar – ok.?
swara- what you wanted to tell me??
sanskar- ya. First of all .this is for you.
( he gave her box full of chocolates.)
swara- wow home made chocolates.i love it.you made it for me .
sanskar- noo I made it for jungly billi.
swara- sanskar…. And laughed

sanskar- ilove you shona. You are my best friend.
swara- oh! I don’t know.?
sanskar- iam serious dwara.
swara- ok tell me . What happens .
sanskar tell every thing to swars.
@ practice hall

Sanskar and Richa are dancing and due to imbalance Richa fall .she got hurt .
sanskar- sorry richa
richa- what sorry ha? Stupid fellow.
sanskar- what are you saying Richa .we are friends na?
richa- friends.my foot . You are handsome thats why I asked you for dance . And see what you did,you are good for nothing.
you are such a badlick that your parents died so early. Now i got hurt.get lost sanskar.
( sanskar was shattered . He felt really bad and rushed to his house and called swara.)
FB* ends
swara- what the hell. How can she talk to you like this. What does she think of her self.
sanskar- leave it swara.
swara- no ways.?? I have a plane.
sanskar- no dwara .she does not matter for me.only you do .
swara- awwwwwww.
sanskar- dwara.

dwara – yes
sanskar – you will never leave me na.
swara- I will be with you till my end.
sanskar- sorry swara?
swara- for what?
sanskar- for yesterdays behavior.
swara- how many times I have to tell you .in friendship no sorry no thanku
sanskar( with a wide smile.) lets go we are late.
swara- ok .
( they both leave.)
precap – 10 years leap.

hope yo like it . Tried to make longer.

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