SwaSan! I Love You!! {Episode-29}



Maheswari Mansion

Sumi:(worried) suju it’s late night but abbi tak bacchai ghar nai
ayye ..so I would be worried rgt
Sujatha:(smiles) arrey relax
they might have gone to any party ..u don’t worry
Sumi:(worried) suju u know na ram bhai and shekar r out of the house for some meeting …and upar sai yeh …
Sujatha: (interrupts) sumi. . they will come don’t worry … Lo they came …

She said as her eyes falls on raglak and sanskar standing at the door with pale faces …
Sumi looks at them and takes relief

Sumi:thank god all of u came …. (Confusedly looks here and there) but where is shona

Sanskar gets teary eyes … Without replying to sumi he comes inside and sits on the couch holding his head … Raglak looks on sad …while sujatha and sumi gets confused

Sujatha:(confused) wat happen … Y all r u looking sad …. Where is shona

Sanskar: (tears) it’s all my fault … It’s only coz of me she isn’t here

They hears Sanskar saying and looks confused …. While laksh goes towards Sanskar and keeps hand on his shoulder

Laksh: (tears) hey dude u aren’t at fault …don’t balme yourself
Sanskar: (tears) no lucky it is my fault…I should have reached there soon …but coz of tat traffic …. Damn traffic

He hits his hand on the table angrily ….. Sumi and sujatha looks on shock+ worried and raglak gets teary eyes seeing his condition

Sumi / sujatha:? Sanskar

Sujatha rushes towards sanskar and sits beside him

Sujatha: (worried) Sanskar wat happen my son ….y r u crying

She asked taking his hands and rubbing it concernly yet worriedly …. Sanskar looks at her and hugs her tightly

Sanskar: (tears) mom I want my SWARA mom …I want her … Where did she gone mom …

Sumi and sujatha looks on shock
+ worried

Sumi:(worried) Sanskar …. Wat r u saying …..say it clearly beta … Wat happen to shona …. Where is she
Ragini: (tears)? sumi ma .. O actually swara (she tells her everything) …she isn’t picking up the call …we r searching her from morning but … (Choked voice) ….but …no …use

Sumi and sujatha looks on shock

Sumi:(tears) …my….my …shona …

Laksh goes towards her and hugs

Laksh: (tears) sssh maa we will find her soon ….u don’t cry
Sumi cries

Sujatha:? haan sumi don’t cry … We will find our shona… Police station mai ….

Sanskar immediately looks up and interrupts her

Sanskar: police …haan police

He said wiping his tears and runs from there …

Sujatha:(worried ) arrey Sanskar. .. Rukh …..

But he was already gone … Laksh looks on worried and runs behind him


Police station

Sanskar: inspector uncle

He shouts looking Herr and there ..just then inspector comes there and looks on surprised

Inspector: (surprised) Sanskar …. Laksh beta …u both here any problem

Sanskar : inspector uncle … Accha hua u came … Uncle …o (tears ) o …swara …

He wasn’t able to speak …laksh interrupts

Laksh: uncle actually swara is missing from yesterday …( he tells everything) …but still she didn’t came to home. ….we r searching her …but ? no use plz help us uncle

Inspector: ? wat swara Beti is missing …oh god. …..(looks at sanlak) U don’t worry beta I will ask my team to start searching her

Sanskar; (tears) thank u uncle. .. Thank u soo much. …
Inspector: swara is like my own daughter beta ….. Soo no need to thanks … We will surely search her …

He assures …sanlak nodes ….. Inspector leaves from there with his team …. Sanskar takes a sigh and was abt to go ….but laksh holds his hand not letting him to do so

Laksh: now where r u going sanky
Sanskar turns and looks at him

Sanskar: lucky I need to find swara …..
Laksh: but inspector …
Sanskar: (interrupts ) haan I know inspector uncle r searching her but we should try as well rgt
Laksh:sanky …

His words left incomplete as Sanskar left from there …..
Laksh goes behind him


Sanskar searches for swara day and night ….here and there like a mad ….he became a person who doesn’t have life in him …he doesn’t smile ,talk or eat
He became a complete lifeless person …coz the one who is reason for his happiness is not with him ….. His love His swara

He will be sitting outside the MM on a chair… With pale and tried face …. Just then kids who plays crickets comes toward him with sad faces

Adi: ?sweetu didn’t came still na

Sanskar looks up and gets teary eyes

Choto:? Sanskar Bhaiya….swara di kab aaye gi
Sanskar: (sad smiles) she will come …she will come soon …. She loves me soo much rgt … How can she live without me … I know she will come to me

He made himself understand more than saying them….

Kids:but when

His eyes filled with tears and he leaves from there

kavya and ragini who was viewing all thz gets sad + teary eyes

Kavya:? I’m missing swara very badly ….rags
Ragini 😕 me too kavi …how we used to masti and all na ..but. Now swara …..( looks at her)
where is she kavi
Kavya:? hmmm (something strikes to her mind and she looks at ragini) waise rags where is shlok he isn’t looking anywhere
Ragini:(wipes her tears) o shlok bhai have gone to his hometown ….Bhopal for few days
Kavya : hmm o Accha


Almost 3weeks passed but there were no clues abt swara’s missing….ram and shekar came to know abt thz and they immediately returned to Kolkata everyone were searching for swara but no use in thz 3weeks all elders came to know abt swasan’s love … They were all happy as well as sad seeing Sanskar condition and not finding any information abt swara’s missing

Sanskar room

Sanskar will be sitting on the bed holding swara’s pic

Sanskar: (tears) swara … Where r u … Plzz come back darling… Y did u left me …. U wanted to spend sometime with me na … Then y didn’t u came …

His eyes was turned red .. He was just staring at swara’s pic which he was holding in his hand ….tears were continuously making a way from his chocolate brown eyes …he kisses the pic lovingly and hugs it tightly showing all his love


screen shifts to

A beach is shown ….the faint rustle of eelgrass in the soft wind. The weather was perfect No storms. Blue skies and just the right amount of wind and
There she was sitting on the sand …!! Swara!! .. She was staring the running water …the wave kissing her soft feet and going away

She was looking blank like a White sheet no emotions nothing just….lost in a deep thoughts just then she felt a hand on her shoulder making her to come to her sense ….

voice:Shona let’s go

she hears and looks at the person

swara: hmm okay Raj

{Raj from aur pyar hogaya}

Raj smiles and extends his hand … swara slightly smiles and gives her hand in his hand ….he makes her stand

Raj: how r u feeling now

she looks at him then turns her face

swara:(diverts topic) let’s leave from here…it’s already late …Pihu might be waiting for us
Raj:(smiles) hahaha…. we shouldn’t make anyone wait rgt

swara doesn’t reply and leaves from there ….raj looks on confused

Raj:arrey shona …Shona … wait na I’m coming as well ….arrey Bhopal kai admiyun ….. ask her to stop Yaar

he shouts running behind her …. just then he collides with someone … both falls on the ground …Raj looks at person

Raj:oh god I’m sorry .. I’m sorry
person:aaaaaa ??? wat sorry aaaaaa my pau bhaji …aaaa u destroyed my sources of life aaaaa

Raj: I guess ur food is destroyed not ur sources of life ….

he asked confusedly

person: ?stop it don’t u dare to back answer ….u don’t know who I am ?????
Raj:(confused) exactly who r u
person: u don’t me …The fairy tale hero
SHLOK huh!?
Raj:I don’t know ….but haan I know The Fatty tale hero Shlok ??

shlok looks on shock ??
raj laughs and leaves from there …..

shlok:ayyy how dare u …

he turns back and got a shock seeing swara who was going to sit in a car

Shlok:? Swara


hi guys tanu here …hope u all liked thz epi

Thank u all
love u all ?????


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  1. Bharti123456

    What happened to swara why is She like this
    Anyway epi was amazing post soon

    1. Feriha_Tanu

      Thank u dr …and abt swara i myself don’t know ?

  2. Eagerly waiting for next episode

    1. Feriha_Tanu

      Thank u dr ….will post soon ?

  3. Mariyajap

    sooooooooooooooooo sad

    1. Feriha_Tanu

      I agree with u ?

  4. Mica

    whooaaa… what happen ? ha ?

    1. Feriha_Tanu

      I don’t know ? mica

  5. Simi

    Shlok u r an angel?

    1. Feriha_Tanu

      Yup simi …he is angle ??

  6. omg ye kya ho gaya plz reunite swasan nice epi dr plz post asap

    1. Feriha_Tanu

      Thank u dr ….abt reunion i don’t know wat to do ??

  7. Nagamanasa

    Awesome tanu dear…Now hope sanskar finds swara soon…

    1. Feriha_Tanu

      Thank u manasa …I hope the same ?

  8. whatever happened di i don’t know anything
    only swasan are ment to be one
    this episode was very frightening

    believe me or not i was dreaming just today in the morning that u will put up shlok and kavya together

    take care di

    1. *meant

    2. Feriha_Tanu

      Hahaha well u r too intelligent my sis

      Thank u dr …u too take care ?

  9. Kakali

    Kabhi kabhi mere dil mei kuch sawal utthte hai,jiska jawab dhundte dhunte hum Tanu kr paas pohuch jate hai.

    1.Waise which disease Swara has?
    2.Tell me d name of those goons who threatened Swara to say away from Sanskar?

    1. Feriha_Tanu

      Kabhi kabhi kakali kuch swal puchti hai jiska jawab bechari tanu kai pass nahi rehta ….??

      Abt u disease and goons I really don’t know I’m very innocent u know ???

  10. Ifza

    Loved it dear.

    1. Feriha_Tanu

      Thank u ifza ?

  11. awesome what happen who is raj? hope shlok tells abt swara to sanskar soon

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      Thank u anu …hope ur guess comes true ?

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  15. tanuuuu!
    2dy epi ws jst awsome!
    bt feeling sad 4 my sanku!
    *wipping his tears.
    wt hpn 2 swara!
    rly cdnt undrstand!
    is she sick? or sm1 is blackmailing him??

    yipppee like i thought its shlok and he saw swara!
    dancing my happy dance!
    u knw 4 da 1st tym i ws soo hpy seeing shlok! finally he is da most important prsn here!
    hey dude go and talk with sanky b4 ill gv 2 a slap!

    keep writing tanu
    be happy always
    lv ya

    1. Feriha_Tanu

      Hahaha chanu don’t worry
      Abt my sanku
      I’m there na …his tanu
      I will wipe his tears and his
      Pain as well ??
      But u be lil far away
      From my sanku ?

      And soo sad y u always slap shlok
      Soo sad of him my moto Bhaiya ?

      Thank u dr
      Love u too ???

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    Loved it sry if I hurt a big sry see I’m holding my ears???also sry….sry but I’m very much confused so I asked u……
    Otherwise this episode is awesome

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    Awesome dear…..superb
    U gave little shock by this twist. ….what happened with Swara soo suddenly ????! !????hope sanskar ll fine her v soon….. post soon dear?????

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    OMG so sadddddd felling bad for Swara:)

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    hw cn u say dat be far 4m my sanku!
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    dnt u remember rishi is urs. so take him and live with him!
    [email protected] matching vry well and [email protected] wow looks like they r ment 2gther!
    😉 😛

    and wt ws dat! ur gana? sanky is my jaan. gt dat!

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