SwaSan! I Love You!! {Episode-28}


Next day

Sanskar’s cabin

Sanskar will be getting bore coz shlok wasn’t there to eat his brain ??

He keeps staring at swara’s pic in his mobile and caresses it lovingly

Sanskar:haa I’m missing u swara … I wanna talk u … Hmm ? but u might be in the clg I don’t wanna disturb u there

He keeps staring swara’s pic lovingly …just then there was a call on his mobile … He looks at the caller I’d and gets surprised + happy

Sanskar:(surprised) swara

He happily lifts the call

*On Call*

Swara:(happy tone) hello Sanskar
Sanskar: hey darling wat a surprise u called me
Swara:actually Sanskar I have bunk the clg (giggles)
Sanskar: ?wat? .y…y did u bunk the clg? R u hanging out with ur frnds?

He asked possessively yet confusedly

Swara:arrey baba clam down no one r with me … I Alone bunk the clg
Sanskar:(worried) wat alone?…. Y alone..rags …
Swara:(interrupts) stop it Sanskar thz is too much … I bunk the clg for u idiot

She said irritatingly

Sanskar: (confused) for me!!
Swara:? yeah for u … I thought to spend sometime with u …but tum ho ki (mimics) y did u bunk , y alone huh!! …
Sanskar: (smiles) oh accha .. Accha …. Don’t get angry now my wild cat. ..tell me where r u I will come there ….tumhara yeh Ashiq can do anything for u darling?

Swara:huh! Stop buttering and come to ABC place
Sanskar: (smiles) okay wild cat
Swara: (smiles ) okay then bye Amul baby …?
Sanskar: (fake anger) swaraaa

Swara giggles and cuts the call
While Sanskar shakes his head in smile

He takes the car keys and leaves from there

There was full traffic …. He was struck in the traffic

Sanskar: ? oh shit …thz traffic … Huh! It’s Irritating …swara might be waiting for me ..but thz traffic katam hone ka naam hi nai lerahi …..(looks at his watch) oh god it’s been 3hours I’m here …but thz shit traffic ..huh!. And swara …y swara isn’t picking my call …is she angry on me

He said angry hitting his hand on the acceletor .looking at his mobile..coz there was no way to get out from the traffic and swara wasn’t picking his call as well
Just then he gets a call …. He looks at the caller I’d and gets some relief ….

Sanskar: swara …

He murmured in relief and lifts the call immediately

*on call*

Sanskar: hello swara … Swara don’t get angry….. I’m coming …
Swara:(interrupts) Sanskar … I LOVE YOU

She said in a different emotionaless voice…. He gets confused and was abt to rply her … But the call gets disconnected … He dails the number but she doesn’t pics the call ….he gets worried … He was feeling restless like his life is going away from him

Sanskar: y I’m feeling so restless … And y swara isn’t picking the call

He asked himself in confusion but soon brushes of his thoughts as he saw tat traffic was cleared

Sanskar: thank god.

He takes a sigh and starts the car …he leaves from there

Soon he reaches to ABC place where swara asked him to come it was a park …. He looks around and doesn’t find anyone

Sanskar: (confused) swara … Where r u …

He searches her everywhere in the park but doesn’t finds her any where …he gets worried and dails
Her number yet again she doesn’t picks the call

Sanskar: (worried) swara pic up the call…. Damit …

He gets more worried for her as she wasn’t picking the call

Sanskar: (worried) swara where r u ….r u fine…..y I’m feeling tat u r not fine …. R u …(shakes his head) no no …no I’m reacting too much … But she asked me to come here …but now isn’t anywhere ..???

He gets worried but soon brushes off his thoughts

Sanskar: hmm I’m thinking too much…..she might be angry on him coz I took soo much time to
Come here …

He was actually worried but he doesn’t want to think abt it …

Sanskar: she is fine I know….(looks around) it’s late …. its gonna be night soon …good she left from here

He made himself understand and leaves from there

Soon he reaches to MM …. He gets out from his jeep and looks at swara’s room ….the lights was off …he smiles

Sanskar: she slept I think ….let’s talk to her 2mro …huuu I should get new ideas to impress her again

He shakes his head with a smile and leaves to MM

Next morning

Sanskar will be standing outside the mansion waiting for swara

Sanskar: swara …I wanna see u come fast …

He murmured to himself looking at his watch ….just then laksh comes there

Laksh: hey good morning sanky (smiles)
Sanskar: (looks at him & smiles) hey dude … Is swara there in house
Laksh:wat swara …she was with u right from yesterday ..rags told me tat she bunk the clg to spend sometime with u (confusedly)
Sanskar:(shock) no..she wasn’t with me … Actually she asked me to come ABC place …but when I reached the place I didn’t found her there … So I asked u …plz Check once in GM

Laksh:(shock + worried) no sanky … She isn’t at GM cause when I went to her room to wake her she wasn’t there so I thought she may be with u …

Sanskar looks on shocked and worried

Sanskar: (worried) lucky if she isn’t in GM ….then where is ….
Laksh: sanky don’t worry dude … Let’s us rags come

Sanskar nodes … Just then ragini comes there

Ragini: lucky where is swara … We r getting late for clg … Ask her to come na

She said looking at her watch … Sanlak looks on shock + worried

Sanskar:(worried ) rags … U don’t know abt swara ….

Ragini lifts her head and looks at them confusedly

Ragini:(confused) wat do u mean … I don’t know bhai … She might in GM ….na

Sanskar stumbles ….

Sanskar: (worried) tat means swara didn’t came to GM at all and she was with rags just yesterday morning ….and after tat she bunk she clg and asked me to ABC place…..but when I reached there ….I didn’t found her there …(keeps hand on his head) oh god where is she then

He remembers her 2call … Her different voice …he gets worried…. His heart starts beating in restlessness …. He immediately leaves from there

Laksh: hey sanky …

Laksh gets worried as well …. He was abt to go behind him but ragini holds his hand and looks at him confusedly yet worriedly

Ragini: lucky wat happen …
Laksh: (worried) rags o ….( he tells everything )
Ragini: (worried) oh god. … Swara…. Lucky come let’s go to search her …..? oh god where did she went

Laksh nodes worriedly ….both leaves from there

Sanskar reaches to same park and starts shouting swara’s name worriedly

Sanskar: swara …..swara ….. Swara …..swara ….

He searches her everywhere like a mad ….every body looks at him strangly

Sanskar: aunty …did u saw thz girl …here ….yesterday she came here ….did u saw

He asked to a lady ….. Lady nodes in no ….he gets disappointed and sad ….he starts sweating in worry


Raglak also searches for swara everywhere ….at her every friends house but doesn’t finds her anywhere

Laksh: rags I’m getting more tensed ….where is she

He said worriedly …

Ragini: (console) laksh don’t worry …we will find our swara

Laksh nodes …both leaves from there


Sanskar was searching swara like a mad ….it was already night but he didn’t lose his hope he was so determined to see his love safe and fine … Tat he was searching her every where but no use he doesn’t finds her anywhere ….he sits on a chair holding his head …. A drop of tear escaped from his eyes …
He took it in his finger and looked …… Tears started making a way from his chocolate brown eyes ….his heart was perching not seeing his love ….he was unable to breath properly …. He looked at swara’s pic in his Mobile…and hugs it tightly

Raglak who was passing by there … Looks at sanskar’s condition and gets shocked

Raglak: (shock) sanky / bhai

They gets down from the car and goes towards him

Laksh:hey sanky …wat is dude ..u r crying

Sanskar looks up and hugs laksh

Sanskar: (tears) lucky where is swara dude ….I didn’t find her anywhere …did u find her … She is fine kya …where is she

Raglak gets sad ….laksh releases the hug and looks at him

Laksh:I didn’t find her dude …but don’t worry u don’t cry …we will find her….now come its late … All might be waiting for us at home …let’s tell them abt thz
Ragini:,haan bhai …come … Plz don’t lose ur hope

Sanskar nodes and wipes his tears ….raglak smiles sadly … Tiro leaves from there


How was the epi guys Hope u all liked it

Thank u all
Love u all ??

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    1. i agreee with u………don’t make any disgusting incidents taking place

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