SwaSan! I Love You!! {Episode-25}



Next day

Sanskar and Shlok will be sitting in the lawn

Sanskar:huh! thz lazy Sunday na …dude I’m feeling bored
Shlok:?same here sanky…. But if u r feeling bored then go to swara na
Sanskar:she isn’t in the house dude …may be gone somewhere
Shlok: oh …tats why the weather is so peaceful ???
Sanskar:stop ur non sense and think something I’m getting bored here
Shlok: hmm haan let’s go to any pizza hut …u know today is a offer as well …buy one get one free double double I can eat ???
Sanskar: even I have a offer beating u and kicking u in free ..it is Double double as well right ?
Shlok : ahem ahem … Bad idea … Let’s think more …
Sanskar:that’s better …

Shlok keeps on thinking … Just then his eyes fall on the kids playing Cricket

Shlok:? idea ..
Sanskar: (raises his eyebrows) wat?????
Shlok:those kids sanky (points)…comes let’s play cricket with like last time ??

Sanskar looks at the kids and Transfer’s his gaze on shlok

Sanskar: don’t u remember … How they insulted u last time and now again u wanna play with them Do u like to get insulted huh!?
Shlok: ahem..ahem dude chote chote deshon mai aisi badi badi batien hoti rehti hai
Sanskar: haan badi badi batein ??????? ..hahaha
Shlok: wat wrong I said ???
Sanskar: nothing come let’s play with them …
Shlok:ohh okay

Both goes towards the kids
Who were playing cricket

Sanskar: (smiles) hey hi kiddos .. Hi choto ….hi Adi
Choto: (smiles) hi Sanky Bhaiya
Adi:? use less fellows again came here

Sanlok hears it and looks at adi

Shlok:(whispers to sanky) sanky thz half ticket is too much dude ..
We should do something to him
Sanskar: (looks at him) stop gossiping like girls
Shlok: huh!?

Choto:sanky Bhaiya .. U came to play with us na
Sanskar: (smiles) yes choto
Choto:then where is our chocolates … Last time u gave us chocolate na thz time u didn’t get it kya??
Sanskar; wo actually choto … I got the chocolates but he eat so it isn’t there now

He say’s pointing shlok …kids gives a death glare to Shlok … While he looks on shock

Shlok:when did I eat ur chocolates dude ??

He asks confusedly … Kids looks at him in anger

Choto: wait we will remince u ..

They comes towards him folding their sleeves like beating him ..
While Shlok gupls in fear

Shlok: sanky save me …

He hides behind Sanskar…

Choto: Bhaiya u move ..and let’s us teach him a lesson
Sanskar: (chuckles) it’s k choto .. Leave him …now let’s play after the match I will get ice cream’s to u all
Kids:wow really …
Sanskar: yes pakka
Sanskar: (hears it) Ahem … Ahem kiddos let’s play kiddos
Kids:okay (happily shouts)
Shlok: mee too dude ?
Sanskar: haan come

Sanskar will be the batter … While Shlok is baller … Shlok rubs the ball on his thighs again and again …Sanskar gets irritated

Sanskar: chi …stupid .. Put the ball
Shlok; haan okay dude

Shlok throws the ball ..just then Sanskar eyes falls on swara who was coming towards them … He lost’s in her his lips curved into a cute smiles and he hits the ball so hard tat it hit’s on shlok head ..


He falls unconscious

Sanskar: hi darling ?

Shouts Sanskar …. Swara smiles and comes towards him

Swara:hi Sanskar … Wat r u doing
Sanskar: nothing much … Just playing cricket with these kids
Swara:cricket …Sanskar I will also play ….
Sanskar: then come ..
Swara:? but I don’t know how go to play
Sanskar: hahaha ?(pulls her cheeks) that’s k darling I’m there na I will teach u ?

He say’s thz pulling her closer to him by waist …she blushes both were close to each other …adi gets angry and separate’s them
Sanskar looks at him angrily … He ignores and looks at swara

Adi:sweetu u frgt me ?

Swara smiles and sits in her knees

Swara:awwww how can I frgt u … U r my baby …(pulls his cheeks )

Adi smirks looking at Sanskar and kisses swara on her cheeks
Sanskar looks on angrily and holds swara’s hand pulling her up …swara gets startled by his sudden pull so widens her eyes in shock

Swara:?aahhh idiot y did u pull me (irritatingly)
Sanskar: wo…I..
Adi:(interrupts) ??? right sweetu he is a idiot … I’m ur baby

Adi smirks looking at Sanskar .. Who gives him a death glare … While swara smiles

Sanskar: swara come let me teach u to play cricket

He say’s holding swara’s hand .. Giving a death glare to adi ..
While swara nodes with the smile

Swara:okay (smiles )

He handles a bat in her hand and stands back of her

Sanskar: holds thz bat… Like thz okay …

He say’s ….hugging her from the back making her to hold the bat while swara being engrossed in learning cricket …obeys him ..
He smiles naughtily keeping his hand on her

Sanskar: just look at the ball … And hit it ….all ur concentration should be on the ball

He say’s thz keeping his chin on her shoulder and…nuzzles his face in her hairs inhaling the sweet fragrance of his lady love … While swara nodes in seriousness unaware of his naughtiness

Sanskar; now hit the ball

Choto throws the ball … Swara lifts bat to hit … Just then Sanskar keeps his hand under her top and begans to caress her soft belly romantically yet sensuously …. She widens her eyes…..the ball comes towards .. She closes her eyes and hits the ball hardly tat yet again hit’s shlok’s head making him to gain conscious…. He gets up and looks around confusedly

Shlok: where I’m …which place is thz?

Swara hits Sanskar who was still caressing her belly ….. by elbow … And turns in anger

Swara:? stupid …wat were u doing
Sanskar: (innocently) wat did I do my shona (pulls her cheeks)?
Swara:? don’t u know …u were .. (She stops feeling embarrassed)
Sanskar: u were… wat shona
Wat did I do ? say na

Shlok; where I’m ..which place is thz?

Sanskar pulls swara closer to him and winks at her

Swara:? Errr…..go to hell

Saying thz she pushes him …. And was abt to leave … But Sanskar holds her hand and pulls her closer to him … She looks at him angrily

Sanskar:soch lo in hell there will be many hot girls and u r asking me to go there … ??Then u know I’m so handsome tat those girls ….

His words left incomplete as he got a tight slap from swara … Sanskar looks on shock holding his cheeks ….while swara gives him a death glare

Swara:? dare u think abt any other girl ….I will kill

Saying thz she leaves from there .. While he was standing still in shock holding his cheek
Which was burning cause of her slap

Shlok: where I’m ….which place is thz …?
Sanskar :(irritatingly) Hell
Shlok: aah wat hell ..there will be no food in hell …how can I leave here …aaaaa

He falls unconscious yet again


Hope u all liked thz epi

Thank u all
Love u all???

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