SwaSan! I Love You!! {Episode-24}


Swasan were lost in each other’s eyes not caring abt surroundings they were staring each other lovingly yet passionately

Shlok: wah wat a kiss

He shouts which make swasan to come to their sense …. Swara comes to sense looks around and widens her eyes in shock realising tat they kissed in front of the whole clg …. She gets embarrassed while sanskar smiles running his finger in his hairs

Sanskar: aah thank u shlok

He replies to shlok with cute smile whereas swara gets angry and beats him with her tiny hands

Swara:? stupid how can u kiss me in front of every one it’s so embarrassing u know …
Sanskar: arrey ..darling … 1st stop beating …

He say’s thz holding her hand pulling her closer to him

Swara:? leave meeeee
Sanskar: arrey y r u getting angry… I just kissed u ….
Swara: (cuts off) in front of everyone ?
Sanskar:haan whatever …. It’s common right ?
Swara:? common huh! ..it might be common in ur London not in India …thz is india not London tat u kissed me openly
Sanskar: but u also cooperated with me right ?
Swara:it’s all coz of u ?
Sanskar:oh thank u darling ?… (He looks around) arrey claps tho maro student after all 1st time in ur clg someone kissed in front of u all na ?

Saying thz he winks at swara .. Students claps … Swara gets irritated and pushes Sanskar

Swara:argggg stupid u r ?

She was abt to leave …but he holds her wrist pulling her closer to him ..he takes her in his arms
She looks on shock

Swara:Sanskar leave me ?
Sanskar: no never sweetheart .. ..let’s go from Herr Bye guys ..

He leaves from there taking swara in his arms

Raglak smiles …laksh looks at ragini and winks at her

Laksh: wat do u think abt kissing in public ?
Ragini:? laksh shut up
Laksh: but I guess we should also try it ..?

He comes closer to her and winks ..she widens her eyes and runs from there …he laughs

Shlok looks at kavya who was standing beside him

Shlok:Ahem…Ahem kav wat do u think abt it ??

Kavya rolled her eyes and looks at him …he blushes

Shlok:let’s try Kav ?

Kavya thinks something and smirks

Kavya:haan y not ..but 1st close ur eyes
Shlok: haan sure ….??

He blushes and closes his eyes

Shlok: start …
Kavya: okay

He blushes in excitedly for kiss but instead got a tight slap … He opens his eyes immediately and keeps his hand on his cheeks

Shlok: ? y did u slap me
Kavya:not only slap …I will kick u also if u speak to me (smirks)
Shlok: ayyyyy someone give me my pizza man ….food is better than girls???


Swasan reaches to MM …Sanskar looks at swara who was sitting beside him in anger … He smiles and takes her in his arms … Leaves towards MM

Swara:arrg Sanskar leave me … Suju aunty would be in the house …leave me

She say’s him angrily… He smiles

Sanskar: no one r there darling .. Mom will be in ur house she told me ..so better keep quiet cause I will never leave u

He replies her making a way to his room …. He makes her stand ..she was abt to go ..but again he holds her hand … She looks on angrily while he smiles

Sanskar: come with me …

He drags her towards the shelf of books and opens it ….he looks at the door behind it with a smile
And opens it ….. Swara also smiles …. Both gets in … He on’s light ….. Swara gets happy to see her pics yet again all around the room
She have seen thz before but now she was feeling more happy than before
He looks at swara with a smile

Sanskar: swara let’s stay Here for sometime …

He asks her with a smile … While she nodes with a smile

Sanskar: (smiles) come here…. Sit

He drags her and makes her sit on the couch …. She smiles and feels so happy looking at his love ….he smiles back…. Sits beside her and keeps his head on her lap … She looks surprised

Swara:Sanskar u……
Sanskar: (interrupts) is thz also not right kya darling?

He ask her wrapping his hands around her milky bare belly… She feels butterflies in her stomach ….feeling his hot breath against her soft belly …. She starts breathing heavily

Swara: Sanskar …..(whispers)
Sanskar: call me Sanky Shona

She feels so happy hearing “Shona” from his mouth …and blushes
He looks at her and smiles placing his hand on her soft cheeks

Sanskar: shona thz room is very close to my heart u know y

He asks looking at her …she nodes in no though she know the answer but then she wants to hear him

Sanskar:cause thz room is full of ur pics and my heart is full of u

He takes her hand and places it near his heart with smile swara feels so loved and smiles happily

Swara: awww u r so cute …

She say’s thz pulling his cheeks with a smile he looks at her …thinks something and smiles teasingly & pinches her belly with a teasing smile while she winces in pain giving a death glare to him

Swara:? aahh idiot .. Y do u always do thz…..aah it’s paining

She yells at him ..rubbing her belly

Sanskar: wat to do ….u don’t know darling how much I like to tease u ?
Swara:? huh! Get up idiot … It’s paining me …

She beats him angrily

Sanskar: arrey Yaar ….accha wait let me see

He takes off her hand from the belly and looks at her belly where he pinched her …it was turned red …he looks at her innocently

Sanskar: I’m sorry (innocently)
Swara:? do hell with ur stupid sorry …it’s paining me not u

She replies him angrily …. He thinks something and smiles naughtily

Sanskar: okay then let me lessen ur pain ?

Saying thz he puts his rough lips on her red area of soft belly …. She widens her eyes in shock and shivers in his touch as he was kissing her belly lovingly …

Swara:sanskar …plz stop it

She moans clutching his shirt tightly while he smiles and kisses her belly passionatly
Tat is for swara …. She pulls him up and hugs him tightly yet passionately …while he smiles and hugs back …

Swara:I LOVE YOU Sanskar
Sanskar: (smiles) I LOVE YOU infinite darling

Swara releases the hug and looks at him ….he smiles naughtily and comes closer to her cupping her face he winks at her …. She widens her eyes in shock .. He was abt to place his lips on her’s but she keeps her finger on his lips not letting him to do so
He raises his eyebrows and takes kisses her finger winking at.her. . she immediately takes off finger thinking something … She smiles teasingly …

Swara:sanskar (huskily)

She calls him huskily … Pulling him closer to her by his collar while he widens her eyes in shock seeing her reaction

Sanskar:? swara …
Swara:sanskar ..look it’s paining here also

She say’s huskily pointing her neck ….he gupls

Sanskar: swara leave me

He frees herself from her grip

Sanskar: (murmurs) issey kya howa abb …y she is behaving like thz

Swara hears it and giggles … She goes closer to him and hugs him from back … He gets shock

Swara:(teases) Sanskar it’s paining …plz do something baby
Sanskar:? baby … Y she is so sweet to me
Swara:(teases) Sanskar plz do something na it’s paining …

Sanskar turns and holds her by shoulder

Sanskar: swara don’t force me ..to make our kids before our marriage ….u r testing my patience plz don’t do it … U just be my angry wild cat not thz sweet swara

He say’s him irritatingly … She starts laughing …

Swara:hahaha …look at ur face hahaha??

He looks confused at first but later understand tat she was teasing him …

Sanskar: swara …u …wait I will not leave …me …
Swara:phele catch me ?

She runs from there …. He shakes his head and laughs

Sanskar: (shouts ) I love u sooo much swara


Hope u all liked thz epi

Thank u all
Love u all ???

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