swasan- is this love (episode 23)


hi guyz iam back with the next part of my ff and i hope i like it and its a long one so enjoy it .

@ swara’s ward after 30 min
swara-( to herself) uff iam bed ridden and where is sanky he said that he will be here in 2 min but seee he is not here yet hmmm
she heard a knock on the door
swara- come in
swara- sooo you came
sanskar- haa majnu laila ko chod ke kaha jayenga ?
swara- good my majnu laila is impressed now show me what you brought for me
sanskar – wait my princess wait…. be patient
swara- iam already patient lol
sanskar- haaa…haaa very funny
swara- really ?
sanskar-shut up….
swara- rude…….
sanskar- what?
swara- nothing my prince
swara- iam feeling hungry

sanskar- lunch is here
swara looks at the plate
swara- its not at all funny sanky
sanky- shona its not for fun princess
swara- sanskar …. in30 min you bought this/
sanky- it is good for you
swara- i meet with an accident ….. and you are affected
sanskar- come on … swara its good for you na
swara- nooooooooooo its not good for me its good for cow and buffalo go….go … you feed them
sanskar- swara dont iritate me ok…..
swara- oh! my god now iam irritating him …….(sarcastically)
sanskar- stop your melodrama swara….. doc have told you to at this only so you are going to eat this only understood?

swara- you love that doc or me?
sasnkar- you
swara- doc met with an accident or i?
sanskar-(sadly)you my princess(crassing her hair)
swara- you will obey me or her?
sanskar- ofcorse her shona
swara- but why?
sanskar- because i love you and i dont want any thing to go wrong
swara- nothing will happn to me
sanskar- shona…
swara- plzzzz bring me pizza..
sanky- noo
swara- yes
sanky- noo shona
swara- go away … you dont love me
sanky- ok shona…. if i care for you ,i dont love you. if iam worried for you i dont love … do what ever you want i will not come back(hewas leaving but swara hold his hand)
swara-( teary eyed) plzz sanky dont leave me … i will do whatever you will say … i will eat yuky food …. i willl not eat junk but dont leave me…. i will die if you will leave me again
sanskar- swara…shhhhh i am not going anwhere my princess ( hugged her) i was just angry …..illove you
swara- i love you too 3 4 5
sanky- lets have foood
swara- you feed me na plzz
sanky- nautanki ok fine
swara- thats like my prince
sanky- now eat you hav eto take your medicines
swara- yuk
sanskar- huuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
swara- yum its dilecious sanky
sanskar- good girl …upps babby
they both burst out laughing and screen freezes on laughing faces of swsan

Credit to: shanaya

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