SwaSan! I Love You!! {Episode-23}



Swasan reaches to the clg

Sanskar: lo ur clg came

He say’s with a smile looking at her … She smiles back …and holds his hand

Swara:come ..

She was abt to walk but he pulls her closer to him

Sanskar: aise kaise …ur bf is so nice+ good see how he obeyed u and came here as u orderd him …….. tho tumhara bhi farz banta hai na to give him his reward?

He say’s thz pointing to her lips winking at her …

Swara:?awww wat do u mean .. U r good ..and I’m bad huh!

She hits His hard tone chest saying thz …

Sanskar: arrey swara but I obeyed u and …
Swara:? shut up sanskar …I’m ur gf so u have to obey me got tat
Sanskar: huh! I was talking abt the kiss darling y r u changing the subject like a typical wife

He said pulling her closer to him with a cute smile

Swara:u have to make use of it sanskar cause it will be useful in future for u ?
Sanskar: haan sure darling

He say’s raising his eyebrows
And hugs her …

Swara:? sanskar wat is thz leave me …we r standing outside the clg
Sanskar: tho wat should I do … Hugging isn’t a crime rgt waisa bhi I’m hugging my gf only

He hugs her more tightly .. Just then


They gets startled hearing a voice… releases the hug immediately and finds raglak standing giggling ….. They gets embarrass …

Ragini:(teases) swara …bhai ..kya chal raha hai huh!(giggles)

Swara downs her head in shy whereas sanskar runs his finger in his hairs with a smile

Laksh: and Sanky wat r u doing here with my sis

He say’s thz with a fake anger .. For which Sanskar raises his eyebrows ..

Sanskar: same to u….wat r u doing with my sis huh!
Laksh:wo… I…
Ragini:(cuts off) rehne do lucky u can’t win over bhai(smirks)
Laksh: huh! Supporting ur bhai then wat abt me …I’m ur would be hubby rgt ?

He says pulling her closer to him

Ragini:laksh stop it (blushes)

She pushes him …he laughs
.sanskar smiles and looks at swara who was still standing shying
He smiles and holds her hand

Sanskar: come darling .. Let’s go

Swara nodes with smile …they were abt to walk just then..

Voice: guys I’m also coming

They looks back and finds shlok smiling like monkey

Sanskar: shlok ..
Shlok: haan me ..u tho left me Alone and came here very bad but see now I came ….how can miss any feast ????
Laksh:wow nice but which stupid told u abt feast tat u came here (grinned)
Shlok:haha ?? it’s u only… I followed u and rags

Laksh shocks ..while others laughs

Swara: correct shlok 1st time in ur life u had said right by calling bhai as idiot
Shlok:? haan I know …. Waise swara pizza arrangement is made in feast rgt …cause I came here specially for my love my pizza????

Swara gives him a death glare … He gupls in fear … Sanlakrag chuckles …

Kavya comes there ..

Kavya:? sanky u here

She asks surprisedly … Sanskar looks back and smiles …while swara looks on angrily

Sanskar: hey hi kav…(smiles)
Kavya:hi sanky

Kavya extends her hands to hug sanskar …like always shlok comes in b/w but kavya pushes him and hugs sanskar

Shlok: aaahhhhh ???

He rubs his back …all laughs
Kavya releases the hug and looks at shlok

Kavya: from now onwards don’t come in b/w me and sanky nahi tho yahi haal hoga tumhaara ? (looks at Sanskar) hai na sanky

Sanskar: yes kav …(to shlok) savdan dude ?

swara gets angry + jealous

Swara:?kavya he isn’t any sanky …he is Sanskar …call him Sanskar …got tat …and u (turns to Sanskar)(mocks) yes kav …huh! Wat do u mean by tat no one shld come b/w u both right …alright bye ..enjoy

She leaves from there angrily …
While he widens his eyes seeing her jealousy but smiles

Laksh: dude stop smiling and go … Manao usse … U don’t know it’s very difficult to lessen girls anger ..girls becomes angry birds and we boys will end up being feary birds (looks at ragini)
Ragini: huh! Don’t overreact lucky ..it’s cause ur boys we get angry
Laksh:but …
Sanskar: (interrupt) guys I’m going …u both carry on

Raglak nodes ….Sanskar smiles and leaves from there
While kavya was looking confusedly

Kavya:(confused) rags … Y swaru got angry and y r u asking Sanky to go behind her …
Ragini: uffu kavya we frgt to tell u tat swara’s secret admire is non other than sanky bhai
Kavya: wat sanky ?…how come
Ragini: WO ( she say’s everything)
Kavya:awww sanky loves swara soo much ??
Ragini: haan I know (smiles)


Swara will be sitting with a angry face …. Sanskar comes there smiles seeing her and goes towards her …sits beside her

Sanskar: Swara …

He calls her soo lovingly … She looks at him in anger and turns her face …he smiles and keeps his hand on her waist … She angrily jerks
he shakes his head and smiles seeing her anger

Sanskar: darling ….sorry..I …

His words left incomplete as a boy interrupts them

Boy: Swara …
Swara:(looks at him ) rahul tum
Rahul: swara don’t get angry I didn’t came to propose u again ..I just came to inform you tat dean asked u to come in music room he wanna dicuss abt some music arrangements
Swara:ohh okay I will come…. And rahul I’m not angry on u any more

She say’s thz with a smile for which Sanskar gets angry + plus jealous

Rahul:oh thank u swara u r so sweet

Rahul pulls her cheeks … Swara smiles … Sanskar gets up and pushes rahul lil away in jealousy

Sanskar: hey stay away …?
Rahul:.it’s my wish and who r u to advice me …(to swara) u know him

Sanskar looks at her for her reply

Swara:? no I don’t know him rahul …might be some road side romeo leave it …come let’s go

Sanskar looks on shock but smiles seeing her anger … She was abt to go but he holds her wrist …she turns angrily

Swara:?wat the hell ..leave me
Sanskar: darling u very well know tat I won’t leave u ?
Rahul:hey Mr…
Sanskar:(cuts off) u better close ur shit mouth

He say’s angrily ….rahul gupls seeing his anger

Swara:? enough 1st u shut ur mouth and leave my hand
Sanskar: sweetheart itna gussa isn’t good for health ..I’m sorry my love plz apologize ur love ?
Rahul:? love
Sanskar:yes I’m her love and u r her bhaiya got tat

He say’s thz raising his eyebrows giving him a death glare

Rahul:(gupls) swara bye… I have to leave

He leaves from there
Swara looks at Sanskar and angrily jerks her hand

Swara:? get lost Sanskar …go and enjoy with ur kav….. I’m not coming in b/w u both

She leaves from there angrily

Sanskar: hyyy her anger .. Will surely kill me once

He shakes his head …thinks something and smiles


Swara:?wat do he think of himself … stupid fellow … Idiot huh!

Just then she hears ” Thz is for u my love ..sorry darling ”
Swara gets startled and whispers


She turns and finds a boy playing guitar who’s back was facing her


ton sourire m’ensorcelle
je suis fou de toi.
le désir coule dans mes veines
guidé par ta voix.
ton sourire m’ensorcelle
je suis fou de toi.

(your smile enchants me
I am crazy about you.
your voice makes desire
flow in my veins.)

{Swara tries to see the person … Some girls starts dancing behind the boy playing guitar .. The girls clears and there comes our cute handsome hero our sanskar with cute smile … Swara widens her eyes seeing him }

nashe si chaRh gayi oye
kuRi nashe si chaRh gayi
patang si laR gayi oye
kuRi patang si laR gayi

(she is all over me like some intoxication,
the girl has intoxicated me.
she’s struck like a fighting kite,
the girl has struck me like a kite.)

{ he walks towards swara… Pointing her with cute smile .. And stands in front of her …she was just looking him with widen eyes ….and does steps according to the song}

aise khainche dil ke penche
gale hi paR gayi oye

(she pulled the strings of heart such
that she just held me…)

{He winks at her and pulls her closer to him … She looks at him angrily and jerks …and was abt to leave …but he holds her wrist not letting her to do so ….raglak and shlokav comes there and smiles }

nashe si chaRh gayi oye
kuRi nashe si chaRh gayi
patang si lad gayi oye
kuRi patang si laR gayi

(she is all over me like some intoxication,
the girl has intoxicated me.
she’s struck like a fighting kite,
the girl has struck me like a kite.)

{And pulls her closer to him keeping his hands on her waist while she struggles as he tightens his grip on her …pulling her more on him …he sings the above lines pulling her cheeks and kisses her cheeks … }

O uRti patang jaise
mast malang jaise
masti si chaRh gayi
humko turant aise
lagti current jaise
nikla warrant jaise
abhi abhi utra ho
net se torrent jaise

(Like a flying kite,
like some carefree saint,
I became carefree
so suddenly..
she feels like an electric current,
as if some warrant is out (so urgent)
as if a torrent is
just downloaded from the internet.,)

{He holds her finger and twrils her over and over …singing the above lines while swara clutches his shirt tightly in fear}

nashe si chaRh gayi oye
kuRi nashe si chaRh gayi
patang si laR gayi oye
kuRi patang si laR gayi

{He stops and back hugs …the whole clg was just looking at them which makes swara embarrass and she was abt to move but he pulls her more closer to him crushing his hard tone chest on her back}

khulti basant jaise
dhulta kalank jaise
dil ki daraar mein ho
pyaar ka cement jaise
ankhiyon hi ankhiyon mein jang ki front jaise
mil jaaye sadiyon se aTka refund jaise

(she opens like the weather of spring
like a blot getting cleaned,
like there is cement of love
in some crack of the heart.
like a war front between the eyes
like getting a refund that’s stuck for ages.)

{She gets angry and hits him by elbow pushing him away she walks angrily …while he goes behind her lipsing the above lines …and comes in front her stopping her way …she gives him a death glare but he smiles and touches her face lovingly ..pulling her in his arms}

zubaan pe chaRh gayi oye
kuRi zubaan pe chaRh gayi
lahoo mein baRh gayi oye
kuRi lahoo mein baRh gayi

(she’s on my tongue now,
the girl is on my tongue..
she’s ran into my blood,
the girl runs in my blood.)

{He moves closer to her caressing her lips lovingly …and brushes his lips on her soft rosy lips … She widens her eyes in shock…
He winks at her pulling her more closer to him by her waist and instantly places his rough lips on her soft yet rosy lips
Whereas ragini keeps her palms on laksh and shlok’s eyes who were staring them with a widen mouth}

Nashe si chadh gayi oye
Kudi nashe si chadh gayi
Patang si lad gayi oye
Kudi patang si lad gayi (x2)

She melts forgetting abt the surrounding and reciprocate the kiss …. His hands were placed on her waist while her’s one hand finds its way to his hairs and caresses it lovingly yet passionatly …clutching his shirt with other one she kisses him hard showing all her anger …he smiles b/w the kiss and pinches her wait …she gasp …taking it’s an opportunity he enters into her mouth ….their tongues intertwines perfectly tasting the sweet essences of their lovers
Its was a passionate kiss ..longing for last … But broked due to lack of oxygen
And was staring each other lovingly


Hope u all liked thz epi

Thank u all
Love u all ??

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