swasan- is this love (episode 22)


Hi guys iam back next part of my ff . So let’s start without wasting any time .

Recap- swara is out of danger

Ragsanlak went inside swara’ ward where swara was lying conscious but weak
Ragini- di
Swara- Ragu you are here…… How? ( staring at lucky)
Ragini- di don’t look him like this iam not going to talk to you .
Swara- oh so it’s better that I should die then
Ragini-( teared eye) oh di stop it i am sorry
Swara- iam sorry ragu come ( they both hugged each other and swaragini plays)
Then a knock was heard
Person- may I come in mam
Swara- come in
Every one was shocked seeing that person
Swara- who are you?
Person- madam hum apka gulam pore baba gulag nahi premy
Swara- tum?
Person- yes mam?
Swara- shut up…..
Person- you also love me madam
Swara- shut up….. I don’t love you I love…. Ilove …. Ilove
Person- ab Bol bhi do an swara that you love me.
He removes bouquet from his face
Swara- sanskar….. Sanskar….. ( tried to get up but failed due to pain) auuuuuuch auuuuch
Sanskar- you are mad you should take care naaa
Swara-, sooooory I forgot that iam injured
Sanskar- I know you are so careless
Swara- that’s why I need you always with me
Sanskar- I will always be there with you
Raglak- ahem …. Ahem we should leave
They left

Swara- ilove you sanky
Sanskar- I love you too Shona
Swara- you haven’t eaten any thing naw
Sanskar- ( nodes in no)
Swara- so let’s eat
Sanskar- ok fine let me bring food
Swara- ye…. Ye… I will eat food with you after 2,year
Sanskar- don’t get excited so much I will be back in2 mim
Swara- fast mr latelteef
Sanskar- ok junglii BILLi
Screen freezes on happy faces on SwaSan

Precap- swara’s tantrum and swara get discharged and swasanraglak masti

Sorry for short update .hope yo all liked it

Credit to: Shanaya

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  1. nice…..when u will upload ur another ff…..pls upload it i loved dat ff a lot pls

    1. After finishing this ff

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