swasan- is this love (episode 21)


hi guyzs iam back with the next part guyzs iam really sorry if it is boring i will end this ff on its 23- 24 part soo please tolerate my story for 2-3 episodes more.lets start
precap- swara injured in a car crash
@ hospital
laksh- sanskar have this plzz you have not eaten any thing since morning
sanskar- noo iwill eat it with my shona please
laksh- please sanky ts not good for your health you already sufferd a lot
sanskar- laksh please dont force me ok i will eat after sometime
laksh – ok but i will come and check
sanskar- you are going somewhere?
laksh- hmmm i need to tell ragu about all this
sanskar- ok

laksh left
girl- sanskar
sanskar- tum yaha
girl – mein apne latelateef ko chor kar kaha jaungi
sanskar- swara …. i cant live without you
swara- iknow sanskar but sanskar if something happendo me na promise me one thig that you will move one will not be like devdas
sanskar- swara …. please dont say like that i will not let anything happen to you
swara- i know sany
sanskar-( tried to hug her but swara went)swara………. swara…….(started crying miserably) please come back
doctor come out of o.t

sanskar- she is fine na doc ? can i see her
doc- you can see her but …..
sanskar- but… what?
doc- her condition is stable.. but critical these 2 hours are very heavy on her. she shoudl gain her senses otherwise she may slip ino coma or may die?
sanskar-shutup doc( holdoing his doc’s collar ) nothing willl happen to her understood?
doc-leave me mr sanskar this isnot the way to talk with a doc
sanskar- i..im sorry

doc-its ok i can understand your situation . may god bless you
doc left
@swara’s ward
sanky- look swara iam tired . see my hand is also bleeding….. you will not dress my wound…. swara see plzz get up and scold me iam here swara…
he hearda knock on the door
sanky- come in
the person entered
person- di will be fine you are here na…
sanky- ragini you…. you know everthing
ragini- laksh told me everything
sanky – hmmm
ragini- dond worry no body can seperate you two not even deathh because yo to are inseperables
suddenly swara’s hand moved and sanraglak were happy seeing that but soon they saw swara’s condition worsining
sanky- swara…… swara what’s happeining swara…..
doc came and asked every one too leave

aftersometime doc came out
sanskar- she is ok na

doc- calm down mr sanskar she is out of danger you all can meet her
episode ends on happy and relaxed faces of sanraglak

precap- maasti of swasanraglak and a problem

Credit to: shanaya

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  1. It’s not boring yaar stop thinking like that all the time

  2. Oh god, stop thinking that it’s not boring at all.It’s awesome. Waiting for nxt.

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