swasan- is this love (episode 20)


hi guyzs iam back with my next part of my ff guyzs i know that its litle bit boring so a big sorry dfor that and thanks for your support and silent readers tooo if any and please drop your views critism is also accepted so without wasting time lets start.
precap-swara and laksh at crashing site and swara decide to go in .
laksh- swara plzz be careful
swara- mujhe kuch nahi ho ga you dont take tension
laksh-( bit tensed) hmmm
swara- bye
laksh- bye
swara entered site
swara- ( to a unknown person) ummmm where is the changing room
person- mam this place is not for girls
swara- oh! so now you will decide shall i complain

person- no no it was jujst a suggestion
swara- no needed now tell me where is the room
person- there
swara- thankyou
peson- mam but there is a problem
swara- now what ? tell e iam getting late
person- its men changing room
swara- (hesitatly) its … its ok
person- fine
swara went to changing
@changing room swara entered
person1 – who is she man
person- she?(laughing) are its not she its he ladko ke liye we use he you fool
person1- uff i know ita a girl see
person2- no man you are rong she is a hot girl
swara comes to him
swara- where i should change
person- we use to change here only
swara – but?
person- we will leave
swara- thanks

person- its ok but can isask you somethig
swara- ya please
person- generally we dont see girls here
swara- thereis a reason behind it
person- ofcource there must be a reason
swara- do you know sanskar
person- ya..ya .. i know him
swara- where is he now
person- are you swara?
swara- yes but how do you know
person- i heard it from sanskar he always use to talk about you
swara- really where is he?
person- we dont know ( they left)
swara – wierd leave it i need to find sanskar
sshe satrts changingg dress as according to her every one left but suddenly a door opened
swara- ahhhhhhhh help help… please save me (with closed eyes)
boy- (closing eyes) shut up what are you doing here this is men’s changing room
swara found know person’s voice so she opened her eyes slowly
swara- you
person- yes … any thing wrong
swara- ( hugged the person) sanskar……………..

sanskar- ( breaking the hug) what are you doing here( angrily)
swara- what are you doing here
sanskar- dont cross question me ok…
swara- sanskar( teary voice) please lets go this is not a nice working place it svery risky plzz
sanskar- stop it swara i love being here i love this work
swara- but why sanskar?
sanskar- because i hate you … i hate being with you…….. i hate myself….. i hate my life … thats why i want to end it
swara- shut up sanskar
sanskar- see na swara iam so bad na… because of me my mom dad died …. because of me you was so upset……… thats why swara i want to die i use to do this to earn money but now i dont need money because i dont want to live from that day of camp i came to know that iam such ab big loooser please swara goo
swara- plzz sanskar tryy and understand i cant liewithout uyou sanskar plzzz
sanskar- iam getting late swara
swara- soo you will not come along with me
sanskar – no swara
swara- ok fine i will do the same
sanskar- swara dont be childish

swara – are you comming or not?
sanskar( firmly) noo
swara left and soon sansakar also left as it was time for crashing now
instuctor- today we have to crash 10 cars and furtunately we have ten members also iam going to give eeach cars ey to each one of you
car1- raksh
car2- manish
car3- mahesh
car4 – rahul
car5 anuj
car6- rohit
car7 – mohit

car8 – nanu
car9- sanskar
car10- oh!god its a girl swara
mohit- its not fair car 10 is very dangerous
nanu- i know
instructor- are you ready miss swara
swara-( looked at sanskar who was not payingg attention) yes
every one was shocked
the car crashing started
instructor- everyone at a time 2 car will be onthe track as in 1and2, 3and 4, 5and6 , 7 and 8 ,and 9 and 10,
the crashing stared

car1 and 2 was sucessful no one was injured
car3 and4 rahul was slightly injured
car5and6 was sucessfull
car7and 8 – mohit was injured but not that much
now it wasturn of swara and sanskar
instructor- be carfull
1 2 3 gooooooooooooooooooo
everything was going good but sudenly
car10 car completely crashed

everyone rushed to take swara and sanskar was not in his senses he cursed himself
laksh- swara… swara… take her to the hospital
sanskar- nothing should happen to her (in ambulance)
laksh- no sanskar dont worry nothing will happen to her be brave
sanskar- its all because of me i should have listen to her
laksh- please if she will see you like this she will feel bad na please
meanwhile swara was slightly consiuess
swaa- sans… sanskar
sanskar- swara nothing will happen to you please be brave( holding her hand)
swara- i know …. i know sanskar plzz promise me one thing you will not curse youself for this and will not go at that pace again
sanskar- (teary eyes) hmmmm but you also promise that you will come back to me
swara- hmmmm because.. because i love you …
sanskar- i love you too
swara smilled and again fell unconscious
sanskar- open your eyes swara … i wantto talk to you
laksh- she will bw fine

screen freezes on unconsious face ofswara

[recap- critical condition of swara….. shattered sanskar

Credit to: shanaya

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