SwaSan! I Love You!! {Episode-20}



Next day

All the elders of Gadodia’s and Maheswari’s will be sitting in the lawn area … Ragini come their and serves them tea

Sanskar and shlok comes there

Sanskar:? good morning guys
Shekar: (smiles) good morning sanskar ….u sounds excited today
Sanskar:aah aah baath hi Kuch aisi hai father-in…. Ahem ahem I mean uncle
Sumi:haha okay jo bhi ho baath … Aao Now have the tea (smiles)
Shlok:??hahaha aunty sanskar doesn’t drink tea … Give it to me on behalf of him I will drink

Sanskar raises his eyebrows … All laughs

Just then swara comes there …

Swara:(smiles) good morning
Ram:(smiles) good morning shona beta …hwz ur studies going on
Swara: it’s fine ram uncle
Sujatha:(smiles) shona I’m making urs fav chicken for dinner ….tho don’t frgt u should come and dinner at our place
Swara:? how can I miss ur hand made chicken aunty …I will surely come
Shlok:aah aunty me too …my mouth is watering ?????

Sujatha laughs

Swara feels sanskar’s gaze on her ….she looks at him
Sanskar smiles looking at her but she turns her face giving a angry look to him ….sanskar goes towards her and stands beside her ….

Whispering tone

Sanskar:(smiles) good morning darling
Swara:? I’m not any darling warling so stop calling me tat

She say’s thz giving him a death glare …but he gets happy tat at last she speaked him …

Sanskar:aah no u r my Darling only?..
Swara:waste to talk ?

She turns her face giving him a angry glare ….he smiles

Sanskar:accha …listen I saw a beautiful dream today ..me and u …with our ten babies ?

Swara mouth widens

Swara: (mind) ten babies … Seriously
Sanskar:y is it less ?

He winks at her … She closes her mouth & gazes him angrily

Swara:just shut up ?
Sanskar:have some patience darling ….after our marriage I will not only up my shirt …but …urs .. Ahem….ahem u can understand right?
Swara:? stop irritating me ..I will kill u
Sanskar: huh! I’m not scared of u … 4fut 2inch wild cat ???

He starts laughing loudly…all looks at him confusedly … While Swara gets irritated and throws cushion on him …he catches it and laughs

Swara:arrgggggg stop laughing ??
Sanskar : i’m not hitler like u 4fut 2inch wild cat ?????
Sujatha: sumi wat happen to these two all of a sudden started fighting
Sumi: i don’t know (confused)

Sanskar was laughing holding her stomach …whereas elders were looking at him confusedy … Ragini chuckles ….while swara began to beat him with her tiny soft hands

Swara:?stupid …idiot… Fool .. Stop irritating me

He laughs more …she gets angry and pushes him ….he falls on the floor ….all widens there eyes seeing their fight

Swara: rags come let’s go we r getting late ….(looks at sanskar) ? thz monkeys will never Change
Ragini: but swara …
Swara:(cuts off) rags come naa…

She holds ragini’s hand and drags her ….while sanskar getsup from the floor and smiles

Sanskar:y wild cat got scared huh! ?

Swara who hears him….gets angry and removes her sandals … Turns and throws on him … But in meantime sanskar moves .. It sandals hits shlok’s head ..

Shlok:aaahhhhh bullettt

He faints …sanskar laughs … Swara looks at him angrily …and leaves from there

Sanskar looks at shlok and pats his cheek

Sanskar: get up dude ….

He jerks and opens his eyes

Shlok:aahh….sanky someone shot bullet to me ….my life is in danger let’s go and inform police ??
Sanskar: don’t overreact … No one r interested in killing a gone piece like u …u r not any PM … U r BM
Shlok: (confused) Wat is BM??
Sanskar: bhukad Master ?
Shlok:??? is tat so
Sanskar: yes dude ? …now come let’s leave …we r also getting late right

He signals something …Shlok nodes… Both leaves from there

Sumi:suju ..yeh shona and sanskar didn’t changed at all … They r fighting like before and we thought ki….
Sujatha:arrey sumi don’t worry ..
Watever it is …shona should only be my DIL
Shekar and ram: (smiles) haan
Sumi and sujatha smiles


Swara and ragini will be going … Just then ragini’s mobile rings

Ragini:…swara …swara ….stop

Swara stops scooty and both gets down ….swara looks at her questionly

Swara:wat happen rags
Ragini:wo swara …lucky ka call hai … Plz let me attain it …
Swara:thz stupid bhai na ..huh!
Okay …but plz finish it soon

Ragini smiles with a node and goes lil far …

Swara sits on the scooty looking at her watch …just then a boy who’s face is covered with a cloth goes towards her and stands behind her ….he slowly keeps his hand on her mouth …swara widens her eyes in cause of sudden action ….she tries to move his hands from her mouth but he tightens his grip …and takes her both the hands in his one hand backwards and ties it with a cloth …. She struggles and looks at ragini who was standing lil far away but wasn’t able to call her as her mouth was closed

The boy takes her towards a bike and makes her sit on the back seat of the bike ….takes off his hand from her mouth …. She start shouting angrily

Swara:? how dare u …..

Before she could complete .. He starts the bike …swara gets shock and looks at ragini

Swara:ragini ….ragini …ragini

She shouts but ragini was busy enough not to hear her
Swara tries to get down from the bike …but wasn’t able to do so cause of her tied hands
They leaves from there …

Boy:u r kidnapped…

Swara gets angry

Swara:? how dare u ….to kidnap me …leave me …otherwise u don’t know….
Boy:(cuts off) wat huh!
Swara:? u don’t know abt my boy friend …if he comes to know tat u kidnapped me …he will kill u
Boy: oh is tat so ..who is tat fool
Swara:? u r fool blo*dy fool … Not my sanskar …
Boy:ur sanskar huh!
Swara:? yes mine …now stop the bike …leave me …
Boy: nah I will not leave u..dar… I mean u ….

Swara gets angry and kicks his leg by her legs ….

Swara:?who the hell r u … Remove tat cloth
Boy:u will come to know soon … Tat who am I

Saying thz he enters a room … Swara gets scared cause the room was dark …. He stops the bike and helps her to get down …
…..and unties her Hand
She was abt to beat him …but he wasn’t there anywhere

Swara;hey …where r we …and where did u go …

She say’s thz with fear …just then the spot light falls ….
There he comes our handsome cute sa Hero …SANSKAR MAHESWARI ….with a smile on his face …swara widens her eyes and opens her mouth in “aww”
He was looking a Greek god dressed in a black trouser and white shirt ….sleeves folded till elbow and with top two buttons of shirt is opened showing his clean shaven hard chest …making him hot and hot ????

Her eyes were still widen in shock …he smiles and walks towards her ….she comes to sense and whisphers


Sanskar:day I made u happy,
the day I made u angry,
The day I made u smile,
The day I made u cry
I had never thought,
If you would had gone of my life,
How would had I survived.

{He walks towards her expressing his feelings in the beautiful words .. While she was staring him hearing each and every word of him which is so true}

I had never expected,
I could love a gal this much,
Trying hard to forget her, I would get my heart crunch
For a mistake, I would be sorry,
From jan to dec

{ he stands in front of her … They share a cute eye lock … He express his mistake of slapping her asking her apologie}

You hate me less, u hate me more,
My love and care for u would multiply into four.
You cannot be so rude and arrogant, u can no more ignore,
Give me one last chance, love care and affection, all shall I pour

{He smiles and caresses her cheeks lovingly expressing his feelings in the above lines }

Times have changed, things as well,
We have grown a year old
After too long, I have been able to be bold enough, and ask,
Oh my love,darling,shona,
Will u be mine for the rest of your life

{He sits on his knees and givez his million dollar cute smile by saying the above lines while she was just staring him ….her heart was jumping in happiness waiting for those 3magical words….. He smiles and takes a chocolate from his pocket … Forwards it still sitting on his knees }

Sanskar: I have the ‘I’ , I have the ‘L’, I have the ‘O’, I have the ‘V’, I have the ‘E’ , so can I have “”U””

Swara’s eyes filled with tears of happiness… She nodes with tears ….goes down on her knees and hugs him tightly …he smiles and releases the hug

Sanskar: u didn’t replied me

He say’s thz wiping her tears ..
She let out a laugh and hits his chest by her tiny hands ….

Swara: I LOVE YOU sanskar

He smiles and hugged her …. He was just feeling to fly ..he was feeling so happy cause he got his true love … Whom he loved for years ….is finally loving back him …finally he his love said those magical words which he was longing for
After a long yet filled with love hug …they releases the hug …

Sanskar:arrey u didn’t take thz chocolate …

he forwards the chocolate ….she takes it and unwarps it

Swara:chocolate in proposal … Tat too soo choto eclairs kanjoos

He smiles and pulls her closer by waist

Sanskar: it is a return chocolate from amul baby to his 4fut 2inch wild cat …….which amul baby snactched from her years ago when she was eating the chocolate

He takes the chocolate from her hand and keeps near her mouth .. She smiles and opens her mouth…he feeds her the chocolate

Sanskar: the Same chocolate u were having tat time ….then u r kanjoos ?

She opens her mouth in “awwww” and starts beating him with her soft hands ….while he laughs


How was epi guys …Hope u all liked it …and plz do tell me which ff do u all want me to post nxt

Swasan I love you
Swasan lust obsessions love

Thank u all
Love u all???

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