swasan- is this love (episode 2)


Hi this is shanaya. Thanks for you support
( swara left the school in anger and sanskar went for dance practice with richa.)
@ swara’s home
swara- what does he think oh himself.
( swara continues blabbering.her mom enter.in her room.)
shomi- what happend shona. I have never seen you so upset.
swara – no mom . Iam not upset see .( with a fake smile.)
shomi- shona! Iam your mom not your friend . You cannot make me fool with your fake smile.
swara- friend ???? I don’t have any friend.
shomi oh! Now i understood you fought with sanskar.
swara- sanskar?? Who is he i don’t know him.
shomi- shona tell me what happened.
swara- mom that sanskar.( tells her everything and was about to cry but suddenly her phone rings.
shomi and swara toghether- sanskar??
shomi – shona pick up the phone .

swara – no ways…
shomi -( angrily) shona.
swara- ok ( picks up the phone.)
swara- hello sanskar
sanskar- first of all stop crying . And listen to me.
swara – iam not crying.
sanskar- oh! So my bestiee will lie now.
swara- why you called me? Go to your richa(sweetly)
sanskar- why i will go to her ?? I love my shona not that stupid girl.
swara- wow! Stupid girl what happend sanky.
sanskar – nothing shona?
swara- ok then iam busy bye.
sanskar- swa ok bye .
swara- where should we meet . At my place.
sanskar.- nooo.
swara – at your place.
sanskar- nooo . @ cafe coffee day.
swara – ok ! I will reach there in 30 min.
sanskar- you are pizza delivery boy.

swara- what?? No
sanskar – then why 30min
swara- ( understood what he wanted to say.) ok i will reach there soon.
sanskar- ok i will also be there soon.
swara- bye sanky
sanskar- bye swara.
swara- ( in mind ) what happens to him.( tensed.
precap- sorry.

guyz hope you like it.


Credit to: shanaya

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