swasan- is this love (episode 19)


hi guyzs iam back with the next part of my ff i hope its going to be nice episode so i want you all to enjoy and sorry as this a short one
recap- swara come to know whereabouts of sanky
swara- laksh lets go
laksh- you asked maa did she agreed?
swara- i lied her
laksh-what? swara are you in your senses its a rally risky place
swara- its risky for him also na
laksh- but….
swara- lets go lucky
laksh- swara ……plz try and understand
swara- are you comming or not
laksh- ok fine

swara- call your manager na
laksh- swara we will reach there soon
swara-how much time it will take
laksh- 2 hours
swara- i will drive
swara- i will drive
laksh- swara i cant risk your life please
swara – my life is already at risk
laksh- mein aaj tumhe nahi rochunga
swara- thankyou
laksh- lets go we oly have 3 hours swara
swara- means?
laksh- car crashing will be started in 3 hours
swara- we willl reach their within 2 hours
laksh – all the best
swara- lets have a ride
laksh- fine

swara and laksh reach at the place
laksh- come swara all the employies are here
guard- oh!wait where are you going
laksh- iam the boss let me go in
guard- oh! tu boss hai to hum anil ambani hai samgha chal ab nikal
laksh- you are gone
guard- its for security
swara- how ccan we get inside
guard- its a car crashingg site so only car crashers can go inside not even we are allowed
swara-(looking at her watch) lucky only 15 min are left i need to do this
lucky- no ways
swara- i need to do this
lucky- but…
swara- bye lucky( hugging him)

precap- swasan meeting…. an accident

Credit to: shanaya

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  1. Wow nice

    1. thanks bresh

    1. thanks vamwolfan

  2. Car crashing means????

    1. It means to test if a car is safe to drive or not

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