swasan- is this love (episode 17)


hi guyzs iam back with next part of my ff. guyzs i know that iam irregular in posting but iam not getting time soo please forgive me plzzzz and sorry for not posting the other ff too iam really sorry and plzz tell me how was the episode and plzz give your suggestion they are most welcome. so lets star the story
recap- sanskar left the camp
swara- lets go ragu
ragini- ya di
they both went to infrm camp instructor and camp instructor called a cab fr them
ragini- thanku sir and it was really fun here
swara- yes and sorry that we are leaving the camp in between
C.I- its ok and we will miss you both

swaragini- we too
they left for airport
ragini- di what are you thinking
swara- sanskar itni jaldi kyu chalagaya ragu
ragini- di may be he is hurt because of our plan
swara- ragini we did anything wrong?
ragini- di i think sanskar is hiding something
swara- i know him and i know him more then himself
ragini- ok fine
swara- you know ragini when we were togethere na there was no space between us for third person we use to share each and every thing with each other our realation was pious but one day dont no what happend he left me and do you know what excuse he gave to break our realationship?
ragini- what?

swara- his coreer
ragini- unbeleiveable di he left for you for money and he was blaming dad of being money minded
swara- yaa but ragini he used to respect dad yaar he can he blame him whitout any reason?
ragini- di you are douting your father for him?
swara- noways i believe my father more than any one else in the world but…….
ragini-but…. what di?
swara- i used to love him ragini and i never asked him why he left me and never tried to contact him
ragini- how do you now then that he left you for hir coireer
swara- message
ragini- he messaged form his own no.na?
swara- yes
ragini- then there is no reason to defend him di please stop thinking about him

swara- hmmmmm
ragini- see we reached airport
they gave the money to the driver and boarded the flight
swara was thinking about sanskar their friendship ….sanskar’s sweet proposal ….. sanskar’s promise …. their collage days …. last day aof collage … sanskar left her……their meeting in camp and atlast sanskar’s words before leaving camp while ragini was in a deep sleep swara took out her laptop
swara-(to herself)- why? every thing was on right track then what happened suddenly swara ? think swara .. swara think
suddenly something striked on her mind
swara-( to herself )- wait a minute if sanskar left for his own selfish reasonfor his ow
courieer then what was he doing till now ? why he joined karma 1 year before why not earlier

and most importantly why he is blaming papa of being money minded .swara stop it sanskar is history concentrate on your present .
after some hours they landed and swara was still awake thinking about sankyannd ragini got up (finally)
ragii- di soi nahi na
swara- i was not feeling sleepy come on lets go
ragini- hmmmmm( still in sleep)
door bell rang and shomi opened the door
shomi- swara ragini wow what a surprise tum to 2 weeks baad anay wale the na
ragini- vo mom…………
swara- camp finished early ma so we came ufff so many question you are not happy seeing us here
shomi- i am really very happy shona….. ladooo come in
sheakhar- my daughters come i was deining to meet you both
swara- papa i missed you
ragini – me too
swaraginini- okma we are going to our room bye……
six months later
shekhar- iam going

swaragini- bye papa
shomi- kab aayenge aap ?
shekhar- if you want i can stay here only
shomi- what? in front of daughter only you started
shekar- aabhi to hum jawan hai ok bye…
screen freezes on happy faces of shumi and shekahrand swaragini

Credit to: shanaya

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