swasan- is this love (episode 16)


hi guyzs iam back with the next part of my ff and iam really very sorry for late update and i will try to post regularly and please tell me if it is boring and thankyu for your support and your suggestions are most welcome.so without wasting time lets continue
sanskar left swara ‘s tent in anger
swara- what the hell how can he talk to me like this . he is such …. he forgot everything how can he say any thing like this about my dad.
ragini- di leave it naa he was frustrated that’s it his plane is flop now na .
swara- hmmm lets goo our camp instructor may be waiting for us today we have the secrates naa.
ragini- yes lets go..

@camp ground
camp instructor- welcome guyzs i hope time was sufficient for you all to find the secretes iam i right?
everyone- yes
c.i- soooo mihika are you ready
swara- yes
c.i- so who was your partner?
swara– sans…. vivan
c.i- vivan….mmm
swara- what happend sir?
( swara’s eyes was searching for him as he was not present there)
c.i- oh! mihika you cant take part in this activity
swara-why sir?
c.i- because your partner left the camp
c.i- he said that he dont want to continue this camp we asked him about why he wanted to leave the camp but he said that it is his personal matter.so .
swara- its ok sir so shall i go?
c.i – yaa if you want to go soyou can

swara- thankyou sir
(ragini unsderstoood that swara was not at all fine so she acted that she is not well and wanted rest so she also left with swara)
@swara’s tent
ragini- d.i.. di.. wait na please
swara- ragini please leave me alone plzz
ragini- no ways di i am not going to leave you
swara- (hugging) i dont want to stay here ragu i want to go plzz do something
ragini- plz di sambhalo apne aap ko hum chale gayenge ok
swara- ok ……..
( swaragini hugged each other and swaragini plays)
swara- ragu go and pack your stuff we have to leave now only
ragini- hmm

swara- goo now otherwise we have to walk and go
ragini- what?
swara- joking now goo otherwise we will be late
ragini- hmmm but you will not cry ok
swara- hmm ladoo now…
ragini- iam going
swara- smile ladoo
ragini- dekho kyoun hasne ke liye bol raha hai di i have not seen you smilling properly from 2 years di please bhool jayo di usko plzzz
swara- ragini can you forget laksh
ragini- what?
swara- noo nothing i got my answer now ladoo dont waste your time here and inform laksh that we are coming r
ragini- hmmm di bye
ragini went

swara- kaiise samjhayu ragu you can forget those things which are stored in your brain but what about who lives in your heart .
screen freezes on upset face of swara
precap- 6 months leap and swara come to know about why sanskar left swara……… and swasan meeting
sorr guyzs because from past few days iam writting the same precap but it is the deman of story so orry if it was boring and thankyou for reading it
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willl be posted soon

Credit to: shanaya

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