swasan- is this love (episode 13)

hi guyzs iam back with the next part of my ff and sorry if it hurt any ragsan or ragini fan ao without wating time lets ge back to our story
@sanskar,s tent
sanskar(to himself) – what the hell you are doing sanskar how can you hurt a girl that to girl who love you . i can not hurt her any more iam going to tell her the truth . yes this is the right time.
( sanskar’s friend enter)
friend- sanskar are you mad
sanskar- what?
friend- you are going to tell her the truth
sanskar- she is my life i cant live without her any more
friend- sanky my bro i can understand but what about the cha..
sanskar- please yaar i cant use ragini any more you know that she love me
friend – what?
sanskar- she said she cant live without me

friend- plzzz yaar swara ka to soch do saal tak bechari is wahim mein rahi hai ki tu use nhool gaya .sanskar- is this love? i cant hurt ragini neither i cant hurt swara any more.
@swara’s tent
swara- why god why always me ? i love him and what i saw today i feel like killing myself . why cant i move on . if he can why cant i . swara you have to believe that he is not your sanskar he is anyone else he dont love you any more swara ? but how can he move on so easily . he forgot each andevery moment ? now swara you have to be strong enough to face him you have to be sanskar’s strong swara . now see mr sanskar maheshwari you always wanted me to be strong naa ao here iam iam strong enough to face your betrayel and i will find your secrates let me see in 2 saalo mein kuvh to huaa hoga tumhare saath. jo ek raaz haoga lol
@ragini,s tent
ragini- thankyou god for giving me love once again vivan is an angel for me and i will never disapoint him and never make him unhappy

precap- what happened in last 2 years

guyzs it was a kind of point of view hope you guyzs like it

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  1. Awesome yaar….introduce any new character yaar for swara sometime…keep update daily and long story

    1. thanks anusha liked your idea and will try for the same and twill try to update daily

  2. if you introduce new guy for swara plz arjun bijlani KO lena

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