swasan- is this love (episode 12)


hi guyz iam back with next part of my ff and sorry for late update as i was quite busyand was not getting time to update so without wasting time lets get back to our story
@ camp hall
campinstructor – hope you guyzs get it that your friends will reveal your secrates.and they pairs will be the same as that were in chit game its ok?
everyone- ok
campinstructor- everyone dispersed
every one went on their mission to find each others secrate and swara came near sanskar
swara- so mr sanskar oops sorry mr vivan ready? actually i was thinking that i dont need to work hard i should reveal that vivan is not your real name andyou are a coward who came here with a motive.isint it.
sanskar- well miss swara..oops miss mihika same applies to you to ican also reveal your real name and about motive every one have their own motive . but swara iam not childish like you i will find a real secrate.
swara- lets see
sanskar- yaa lets see
@ sanskars tent
sanskar-what to do now
friend- bhai you are getting distracted by your real motive remember ragini…… contract …… boss….. promotion
sanskar- iknow yaar but i have to find secrate also and have to spend time with ragini too
friend – call her
sanskar- who? swara
friend- nooo ragini.

sanskr- yaa ok
@phone call
sasnkar – hi ragini
ragini- hai vivan bolo
ragini- sre you busy
ragini- no iam not i was just working for the task
sanskar- ok fine
ragini- no no you say na
sanskar- i wanted to meet you .
ragini- now

sanskar- hmmmm
ragini- ok i also want to tell you some thing
sanskar- we should meet at camp ground
ragini- ok fime iam comming
sanskar – bye
ragini- bye
@camp ground
sanskar- hi ragini
ragini- vivan
sanskar and ragini both together- i want to teel you some thing
sanskar- ok ragini first you tell

ragini – thankyou. vivan after 3 days our secrates will be reveled right
sanskar- hmmm
ragini- i dont want you to know any thing about me from any one else to aaj mein aapni zindiji ka sabse bara raaz batane jaa rahi hoon
sanskar was looking her like a 5 years old child who is eager to know the story
ragini- i was married
sanskar – what?
ragini- yes his name was laksh and iwas madly in love with him but he was after my money and dating a another girl when i saw them tofhether i was shattere a filied a divorce case and now we are seperated and i dont love him any more lied to me and i hate liers but now iam over with him its been 6 years i was alone but…
sanskar- but?
ragini- but inow iam again in love
sanskar- with whom?

ragini- with you… ilove you vivan… i love yo u
ragini – iam done i said what i wanted to now its your turn.
sanskar – ilove you toooo ragini
ragini hugged him and he hugged her back. swara saw all this and tears started rolling down her face but she whiped it and composed her self meanwhile sanskar came to meet her
sanskar- hi what your are doing here and why are you crying
swara- jab koi pyari se yaade kadi pd jaate hai na to aasu aapne aap hi akho ke bahar aa jate hai
sanskar- what are you saying swara?

swara- sanskar i thought that our friendship our love had some importance for you but nope i was wrong as what i saw today was a reality check for thank you sanskar for snatching all those thing which provided scope for my happiness i thought that i can live with those moments spend with you but you snatched everything even my meomories from me now if any thing is left inside me is hatred for you and i regret loving you and i hate myself for continuing loving you
sanskar- swara please listen to me i want to tell you the reason why i left you that day
swara- i dont know neither i want to

swara left that place and saskar was shatered listening those words fro swara .
screen freezes on happy face of ragini and crying face of swasan
hope you guyzs like it

Credit to: shanaya

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  1. Pls yaar don’t break raginis heart already she was broken once only to unite swasan don’t break raginis heart… Pls it’s a request

  2. Nice job

  3. awesome

  4. Awesome swara…introduce any new character for swara…sanskar jealousy

  5. just do it like ragini becomes cupid for swasan story

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