Swasan-Its my love (episode 1)


Hey friends,this is my 1st aatempt to wright support me..lets start..

Its beautifull night,moon is brightest today with all star,
The girl is shown who wearing red lahenga,shea extreamly pretty she is bride today..she is none other swara Gadodia but now shes someones wife,someones daughter in law,she is very happy as she marries whom she love since childhood ,shes now beacome “SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI”
Shes lost in thoughts when sanskar forwarded his hand towerds her,swara realise that maheshwari mention come,she gets out of car…every 1 greets her

now shes seating on bed of swasans bedroom,she wait for sanskar
then sankar comes…swara stands sankar come they share intence eye lock….
sanskar-I love u shona.saying this sanskar gives love bite on swaras earlobe…..swaras heart beats fast,sanskar pull swara towerds him holding her waist n start kissing her lips,swara feels shy….sankar start sucking her lips then he leaves swara as it was difficult to breath.swara breaths heavily,sanskar stares her,swars breats r moving upward n downward due to breathing….sanakar again comes close to her n starts moving d
finger on her face lips,neck swara monn softly….n again he start kissing her n now her left hand holding swaras waist while his another hand presses her br*ast..swara lose herself in him….he start removing her cloths he removes her dupatta,swara shiyly covers her blossomes with her hand sanskar kisses swars hand then start removes her neckless n kiss her neck….he kiss on swaras belly n start removing entire cloths of swara….he lifts swara on bed.he kissed her forhead n start playing with her blossome,he cupped then,squeez n kiss them swara monned softly…
n he moving his hand on swaras bare back n kiss it,he kissed her all over the body…
Sanskar-Ur really beautiful swara
swara.shies…he again kiss her neck,he kiss on her blossome n suck it….he finally undressed himself n lie on top of swara,he now off the light n covers themselves with blanket n tightnes his griff around swaras hand..n both sleep peacefully…

sanskar wakes up n stare swara lovingly..n again pulls her n start kissing
swara wakes up n cover herself with blanket n says-Good morning,sanskar says the same
sanskar-swara ,come lets take bath
swara surpridingly says-1st u take then i will
sanskar-no we will take now
saying this he lifts swara towerds bathroom n after 1 hour both comes in room n sanskar help swara in wearing saree
both goes downstair n greets every1…soon they all seats for bf
n sankar catches swaras right hand which cannot saw by other,every1 insist swara to eat bf…..sanskar smirk n swaras eyes pleads sanskar to leave her hand…

hows this plzzzzzz comment

Credit to: KRISTLE

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  1. achi hai… I hope aap aise hi aap swasan ko sath rakhe..

  2. Nice start

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