swasan love and duty Part 1


This is my ff hope you all like it is is based on swasan with many twist

A dark room is shown and two person are talking with each other their face is not shown
Person1: sir your work is done but we didn’t find that chip with him
Person 2 angrly dashes the table and hold the neck of person 1
Person2: what are you saying you didn’t find that chip but hows is that possible his are are burning with anger
Person1: soory sir but I think he has given that chip to some one
Person 2 pused him and he fall on floor
Person2: I don’t know what you do but I want that chip anyhow its my stugle of 15 years and I want that anyhow you know how many of my solider die for it if you have something for your country just go and find that chip

Person1 stand up in range
Person1: now I will show you my face when I got that chip if not I will kill myself
And goes from their
Person2: now no on will stop my mission I will complete it any how no one came in my way if come I will do his or her situation like lakash khanna and laughs
Here on a road a lady is running and after her some mens are also running but she hided herself and that mens go away from their
Girl: lakash I will not let you death gone waste I will save it if I could have you give my life I will give but I will save it and runs from their in different direction
Here the same person yells on that mens
Person1: go serch her if you don’t find her I will kill you all just get lost and they started searching for the girls

So guys if you like it please comment and give me suggestion I should write it more or not

Credit to: priya

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  1. Nice yaar..hope you update the next part today itself…that to longgggggg… Hope you fulfil ur fans wish

  2. Awesome…..please update your next episode today itself

  3. Seems interesting ….nice

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