swasan love and duty Part 2


The episode start with the same girl running and behinde her those mens are running and that girl falls on road as her leg hit the stone and those men surround her
men1: sir we got her she is at xyz place and she is having the thing which we need
person1: thats great i am coming hold her
and he cuts the call girl stand up
girl: so you all have guts to fight with me
and she fight with them bravely and overpower them but suddenly a bullet hit her back and she falls and she turns and see the person

person1: yes me and laughs
and shoot her again on her leg girl winch in pain
person1: shout as much as you can it give relif to me and laughs
girl take some sand from side of road
girl laugs: u will not get what you want
and throws the sand in his eyes and runs from their that person shout and follow her that girl injured come to a house a girl open the door her face is covered with cloth she see that girl worrodly and take her in and close the door
girl with mouth covred with cloth: ragini come sit i will call docter
ragini: no u first listrn to me they anytime come here
girl: but and tears are coming from her eyes
ragini: you cant cry like this listen to me take is chip and i get infornation that they will do a big bomb blast in delhi and xyz collage on 26 january and one of their men is in collage you have to find her and save our country
girl crying: i will do it but lakash

ragini smiles: he has given his life for his country
girl crying: no
ragini: no dont cry its our duty and yeah now you go
girl: no i cant leave u like this
ragini: no u have to go u have to save many lives go from here and pushes her
girl crying: i promise i will complete your mission
ragini smiles and that girl goes from their after sone time that person come their and see ragini their
person1: now where u will go
this time u will loose and we will win defunatly
ragini laughs: its good to have imagination but not over imagination you will not win by us u will not get what you want and laughs and faint
that person get angry and search chip but doesnot get it
person1: ragini this time we will win and sign his men to take her and they take her and goes from their and here the girl goes to railway station and go in train going to koltkata to delhi she is crying screen stop on ragini is taken and that girl crying


Credit to: Priya

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  1. awsome….plz post the next part soon

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