Swasan (love cures pain) episode 5


Hi guys…this is chaitali with an extra long update.
Episode 4
Sansker was sitting near swara and giving wet cloth to her forhead.He did that job whole night.Swara was unconscious throughout whole night.Sometimes she opened her eyes but it didn’t seem like she was seeing something.At midnight she started murmuring something like “forgive me baba” “Don’t scold me khadoos” and much more.
Sansker was not understanding everything but what he understood that this girl was always afraid of him and she was guilty for going against parents and marrying him.He didn’t understand why did she marry him anyways?
Around 4 am,the fever got off.Sansker touched her forhead and saw that there was no fever.He felt relaxed and went to sleep on the couch after switching off the lights.
At morning swara woke up.The room was till dark as sunlight has not started to come in yet.
She sat on the bed holding her head.She saw sansker sleeping on the couch.
She thought to herself “I was sick,but see this khadoos….he didn’t even bother.He slept so peacefully.He ecen switched off the lights because he can’t sleep in light!He just didn’t care a bit for me!”
She then got out of the bed.She was about to switch the lights on but then she remembered that he can’t sleep in light.
“What if he doesn’t care,i should care his sleep.After all he is my husband plus boss”she told to herself and made her way to washroom in the dark.
In the dark she bumped her head into the wall and “Ouch!!”she screamed.
Hearing this sansker woke up.He quickly switched the lights on and saw swara sitting on the floor holding her head.He ran to her.
Sansker:What happened?
Swara:Wo i was going to washroom.This stupid wall hit me.(in mind:Ek bhi kaam thik se nhi hota tujhse swara!Utha diya na usko!”
Sansker:Why didn’t u on the lights?
Swara:You would woke up if i did so…u can’t sleep in light right?
Sansker was astonished to listen the answer.He was confused if he should be happy or angry.This girl thought so much about him!
Sansker:U could wake me up!U can’t go anywhere alone.
Swara:But what would i do with u in washroom??
Swara gave him a weird look.Sansker was embarrassed.But he composed himself quickly and said “Haan toh kya…i could leave u to the door of the washroom at least.”
Swara:I can do it by myself.
Sansker:Wo toh dikh raha hai…tum kya kya kar sakti ho!
Swara stood up and made a face.She entered to the washroom and banged the door.She came out after bath wearing a orange sharee.
“I am ready…Don’t u have a hurry to go to office?Let’s go”swara told sansker who was working on his computer.
Sansker looked up to her.It was written on his face that he was very much annoyed with her this kind of talk.
“What kind of talk is this?U r ill.We r not going to office today!”he said with a calm voice.He was trying hard not to yell at this sick girl.
“We!!”Swara asked frowning her eyebrows.
“That means u r not going to office today!Mr.Sansker maheswari is not going to office today!”she added with an unbelievable tone.
“Yes..what’s problem in that?”sansker asked being irritated.
“You took a leave for me?”she told with a dreamy voice.
“No…umm…yeah i had to make a video call with the foreign deligates…so i thought to make that being home.What’s the need to go office?”He said while going to washroom grabbing his towel.
Swara was in cloud 9.
“I knew it…he is so caring!He stayed home for me!And i was thinking so bad about him”she told being overloaded with joy.
Parinita cane there with a glass of milk.She saw swara happy and asked”Seems someone is overjoyed.May i know the reason?”
Swara being happy hugged her and started spinning being in that position.
“Swara,swara…calm down.Milk will fall from my hand.Tell me first what happened?”pari told trying to balance herself in spinning.
“Bhabi,i am so happy today!Sansker stayed at home for me.He cares for me”she told her with excitement.
“I told u that night na….he will never keep u unhappy.The fact is just he needs time..its his bitter past qhich is not letting him come close to u”pari told with a smile.
“I know…now u see bhabi…how i bring colour of happiness in his life…just watch how my love cures his pain”swara said with a broad smile.
“I am waiting to see that..now drink this milk or else ur husband will scold me again for not taking care of u”pari said with a sad face.
“Scold u?”swara asked with a confusion.
“Hmm..u should see his anger when he saw u ill.He was scolding us like it was our fault!”pari replied her.
Swara’s mouth hung open.”He scold u all for my illness?”
“Hmm..now drink this milk and rest”pari replied and went out of the room.
Sansker came out of the washroom.Swara looked at him lovingly.
“What!”he asked seeing the expression in her face.
“Nothing…just looking at my husband…don’t i hace rights to do that too?”swara asked.

Expression on sansker’s face changed.It first became confused then angry and at last hurt.This girl is not understanding his condition.He is unable to give her the place of wife.Why she keepa calling him husband?He has paid the price for loving the word wife.He can’t do the same mistake again.
“I am sending ur breakfast upstairs.Eat and take medicine after that.”he told facing his back to her.
When he was near the door he heard swara saying “i can’t eat alone”
“Okey,i will send bhabi or uttara to have breakfast with u”he replied.
“They already had it”swara said in a sad tone.
“But u haven’t done it yet!So what about u accompany me in this?”she asked with a hope.
Sansker didn’t give any reply and went out of the room which made swara sad.After some time he came back with two plates in his hand.Swara became happy inside.
“So u couldn’t reject a sick persons demand?”she asked with a chuckle to which sansker sighed.
“U can’t keep quiet right?”sansker asked placing the plates in table.Swara smiled naughtily.
“Now what else can i do.My husband talks so less.I have to balance that right.”she told dramatically.
They finished breakfast and sansker made swara eat the medicines.He made swara lay down and covered her with blanket.And he went out of the room.Swara thought to herself “Now u may not love me.But some day i will surely make place in ur heart.Its my promise sansker maheswari.”saying this she closed her eyes.
At night
Swara was again feeling pain in her head.She felt fever coming to make her weak again.Her face got pale.
Sansker entered into the room and saw her red eyes.
“What happened?Are u feeling unwell again?”he asked with worried face.
“I think fever has come to visit me again.”she told with a unpleasant smile.
Sansker touched her forhead and found it extremely hot.
“Didn’t u take medicine? “he asked
“U made me eat by urself”She replied.
“Then why is this happening again?Let me call the doctor.”he said as he took put the phone to call.
“Don’t worry.It always happen when i have fever.It gets allright in morning and rise again at night.And it continue at least three days.”she told him to less his worry.
“Okey.Try to sleep.U will feel better”he sat near her and said that.
Swara followed his order and lay closed her eyes like a small kid.After sometimes she opened her eyes again.
“What happened?”sansker asked.
“I am not unable to sleep.Head is paining so much”she told with extreme pain.
“Will u feel better if i massage ur head”he asked with concern.
“Mm-hm”she agreed with a pleasure.
She closed her eyes again and sansker starts massaging her head.He didn’t know why he was also feeling pain because of her illness.
“I have to tell u one thing more.I talk unnecessary things when the fever gets high”she told with closed eyes.
“Hmm i know”sansker simply replied her.
Next morning swara woke up and again found sansker on the couch.
“This person is mad.Couldn’t he sleep near me on bed even when i was sick!”she told to herself.
Sansker woke up and saw swara sitting.”Good morning.How are u feeling now?”he asked with his million dollar smile.
“Fine,u can go office today.”she replied.
Sansker stood up and made a sound as he felt pain in his neck.
“What happened?”swara asked.
“Nothing.Small pain in neck.its okey”He told as he grabbed the towel and went to washroom.
Swara understood that this pain was due to sleeping in couch.”i have to do something”She thought.Some idea got into her mind and she smirked.

Swara came downstairs and saw uttara watching tv.
Uttara:Bhabi why r u here?U should rest na!
Swara:I was getting bored in room.Your brother is also not here.I thought to see tv with u.
Uttara smiled and said”Come seat”
“Uttara,what does ur brother hate most?”While chatting swara asked just like that.

“Why?”uttara asked.
Swara:Nothing…just asking.I will avoid that thing.
Uttara:Ohh..dirt..he just hates dirty things.If he sees a single stain in the sofa,he doesn’t even sit on that.
“Now i will see how can u sleep on that couch!”swara told to herself.
At night sansker came to room with dinner and saw swara sitting on the couch.
“How are you feeling now?”he asked touching her forhead to see if the fever got over or not.
“Fine,may be fever got frustrated with me and got over”she told with a smile.
Sansker:Now have dinner and take the last medicine.
Swara nods and started to eat.While eating she intentionally drop the bowl full of daal on the couch.
Sansker:What have u done?How will i sleep here now?
Swara:Oops..i am so sorry.My hand was trembling so the bowl fell from my hand.
She told with a puppy face so sansker couldn’t scold her.
Sansker:Its okey.
Swara:Now how can u sleep in this dirt?Come sleep with me.
Swara:I mean sleep in the bed.i will keep pillow between us.

Swara placed pillow in the middle of the bed and looked towards sansker who was hesitating to come on bed.
“My fever is not infectious.In fact i have no fever now.So u can sleep without the fear of getting sick.”she told sarcastically.
Sansker shrugged and lay down on the bed.Swara smiled and turned off the lights.

Next morning swara woke up and didn’t see sansker on bed.She got fresh and went downstairs.
“Where is sansker? “she asked uttara who seemed extremely happy that time.Swara didn’t understand the reason of her happiness.
“Bhai has gone office.That’s all we want”She said smiling.
Swara saw all the ladies of the house.All of their faces were glowing with smile.She was confused about the happenings around her.
Swara:Why r u all smiling?Any good news?
Ap:The best news.Laksh is coming home after 5 years.
Uttara:Ohh kya bhabi!He is sansker bhai’s most pampered.He will be shocked to see him.
Swara:He doesn’t know??
Uttara nods in a no.
Pari:We will give him a surprise.But there is a problem.
Uttara:Laksh bhai is returning from London after so many years.So has forgotten the roads.We are busy on preparation.Driver is not here also.Who will go to receive him?
Swara:Not a problem…i will go.
Ap:How will you go alone?Your health is not well too.
Swara:I will take ragini with me.But how will i recognise him?Uttara send a picture of him.
Uttara looked for picture but didn’t find it.
Uttara:Bhabi u go..i will send it.
Swara called ragini and they both went to receive laksh.Swara had a big smile on her face thinking the happiness of sansker after seeing his brother.

Sorry for the late update…and sorry if it was so long!Tell me in ur comments if u like it or not.

Credit to: Chaitali

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