Swasan (love cures pain) episode 4

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Episode 4
Swara’s POV

Shit!This jerk has a sharp ear.I told it in so low volume but he heard it!
“Sorry.I didn’t mean that…i mean..it was just..”i stammered.

“I don’t care what did u mean.Just do what i told to.”He cut me off in middle.
“Ok”i said.
He is a jerk.That is for sure.I went to the room which once was my office room or should i say still is!
I took the file he asked for and went to his room again.He was still checking some files.
“Here is the file sir”i told
He took the file without even looking at me.
“I have asked not tell me sir now!”he told still looking at the files.
“I just forgot that we are married.Actually i am still doing my old job!So i can’t forget the old habit”i said in one breath.
Now he looked to me.I felt cold running down my spine.
He stood up and came near me.”We are married for the outer world.It is better u don’t forget that”he told me calmly.
Before i could say anything my phone started ringing.It was mom.I looked at him.He signed me to pick up.
“Hello mom”i told answering the call.
“Did u give lunch to sansker? “Mom told from other side.
“Yes..i am just coming home”I told her.
“Ok.come fast”Saying this she cut the call.

Again i looked at him.
“What did mom tell?”he asked.
“To go home quick”i replied.

“Oh!”he replied and again sat on the chair.”What r u waiting for?Go!”he added.

“Hmm”I replied simply and went out to return home.
I could see by the corner of my eye that he was watching me go.But what kind of look was that i was not sure!

I reached home and went to room.I took out my diary and started to write.Only diary knows all my secrets.May b ragini doesn’t know all of that.As i didn’t have a nice sleep at night.I fell asleep soon.My head was also paining.God i don’t want to get sick now.

Sansker’s POV

I came from office at evening.I went to room and found her asleep.Why was she sleeping at this hour!Is she allright?
Should I check?I went near her and bent down to check her forhead.I was shocked as i touched her forhead.She was having high fever.
She did look okey when she came to office.So how come this happen.
She woke up at my touch.She became nervous to see me so close.She quickly tried to get up but i held her shoulder and make her lay down again.
“You r having high fever.How did this happen?”I asked.
“Fever?No i am allright”she told me and again tried to get up.But due to head spinning she was back on the bed again.
“Is this called allright?Now tell me how did u get fever.Till afternoon u were okey!”i asked her angrily.
“Why r u scolding me?How should i know?Did i invite fever?”she replied.
“I am not scolding u!i am just asking.”I told surprisingly.
“If it is called asking then what is scolding?”she asked pouting her mouth.
Now i couldn’t control my anger.
“Why r u arguing so much!Can’t u stay quiet!?Don’t u know i hate arguing.So just keep ur mouth shut and listen what i say. I wanted to know na what is scolding?This is called scolding.”I shouted on her.
“I am sick and u r scolding me!Nobody loves me here!All r bad”she said crying.
What kind of talk was she talking?Was she in her sense?Or fever had take that from her?Her eyes were terribly red.Seeing that all my anger vanished and i tried to calm her.
“Don’t cry…i am sorry.I will not scold u again”I told her patting her head.She continued crying.
I started to shout”Mom,bhabi uttara..where r you?Come here now!”
She started crying loudly hearing me shout.
I took her in my arm and patted her back to calm her down.Uff i was so bad at consoling people!She continued crying.
Mom,bhabi and uttara came to my room hearing me.
“What happened?Why is she crying?What did u do to her?”mom asked.Literally she was shocked to see the situation.
That’s it!Does everybody of the world think that i can only make people cry?
I didn’t do anything.But tell me what u people do when she was so sick?Can’t u look after her?She is having high fever and u didn’t even check!”i told mom.

“What?She didn’t tell us anything!”Bhabi said.
Mom came to her and checked her forhead.She was also as shocked as me.
“Did u call doctor?”She asked.
“No”i replied.
“Whose permission are u waiting for bhaiya? Call now!”My little sister uttara said.
I must say she has learnt to talk much!
I called the doctor and asked him to come home.
After some time doctor came and checked her.
“You should take proper care of her.You can keep her home than.Otherwise you have to shift her hospital.”Doctor said.
“Will she be allright?”I asked him with tension rising on my mind.
“I have given medicine.Give them on time.Someone must be with her always.Even in night someone should be awake.”He told.
“Okey”i assured him.
He went out.
When all of this was happening swara was kind of unconscious.Her eyes were open but she may be was not understanding a single thing.
Mom and bhabi both wanted to be there at night. But i said no by saying that i can take care of my wife.They should not worry.
They went out of room saying me to take good care of her.

So this was the chapter.Tell me how u find it?I will not write POV from next episode.Leave comments…stay happy.

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