Swasan (love cures pain) episode 3


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Here is the episode 3
Swara’s POV~

I broke the hug with my sister and asked her”How is mom andd dad?”
“Fine.Just angry with you.Without u the house feels empty.”She told me sobbing.
“Ragini,What is this?Will u make me cry too?”i told her as tears started to come in my eyes.
“I feel so alone without u di”she told me still sobbing.
“Me too”i told her and kissed her forehead.Really she was a child still.
“Why bhabi?Don’t we look like human being?We r in the house and u r saying that u feel alone”Uttara told me with fake anger in her face.Aww she looked cute when she fakes anger.
“Haan..you r telling like we don’t exist”Pari bhabi too joined her.
“No,nothing like that…i was just missing my sister…so i…”i tried to clarify.

“Don’t take stress swara,they r just teasing u”My mother in law said.Or should i say mom said.
My ma is so angry at my decision that she is not talking to me properly from the day i said yes for this marriage.I found another mother here.I surely find my ma in my mother in law.
I looked to mom and smiled nervously.She pulled my cheek.
“Now u two come with me and let the sisters talk.It seems they r dying to split up all in their mind to one another”mom said to uttara and bhabi.
“Okey..Ragini if u need something,tea coffee…just let me know”Bhabi told and ragini nods her head in response.

When they three were gone,ragini hold my hand and took me near sofa.We both sat there.Both of us had so much thing to speak.But none of us had any idea how to start.Thanks God ragini started to talk..or else my stomach would burst with the talks which were cooking up there.
“di,i still can’t believe u married a divorcee.That too a rude man like sansker maheswari.”She told more as whispered.
I had no words to reply her.Why did i marry him?!May be i didn’t know the answer properly.
“Tum bhi mujhse naraaj ho…ma baba ke tarah?”i asked her sadly.
“No,i just feel bad for u.He doesn’t deserve a girl like u”she told me.

I don’t know why i was angry inside hearing her.How can she tell that he didn’t deserve me.How much she knew about him?
“Ragini,don’t forget u r talking about my husband!that too in front of me”i told her angrily.
“Ok,don’t be angry.But seriously! U didn’t even tell me the reason.Now don’t tell me u love him!”she told me narrowing her eyes.
“What if i say yes?”i told her to make her more confused.

She was about to say something.But before that mom came with a tiffin box in her hand.
“Swara,may be today u have to go office anyways.I forgot to keep lunch in his bag”she told coming towards me.

“No problem mom,i will go give him”i told her.
She gave me the box and went.
“Sorry i have to go now.Come i will drop u home.”i told ragini.
Thanks God she didn’t ask me any ques about the conversation we just had.
Did i just say indirectly that i love him?Screw it.
I dropped her home and took a deep sigh seeing the house from outside.I didn’t have courage to go inside.
“Won’t u come inside?”ragino asked.
“No some other day.”i told her and started driving to office.

Sansker’s POV~
“Swara,come with the file of mr mehra”I shouted as loudly i can.I needed that file quickly.
But than realized that swara was no more my PA now.Now i am suffering from a need of an assistant.God!In this 5 months,i have got so dependent on her!
But just than something happened what was just unexpected.Swara entered into my room.I looked at her with an unbelievable expression.How did she know that i was calling her!That was the first ques got into my mind.
“Did u hear me from home?Was i that loud?”i asked her surprisingly.
She was looking at me confused.I realized what i said and got alert.Shit!i don’t want to be embarrassed in front of her.

I coughed slightly to clear my throat and asked her”U here?In this time?”
“Uhh..mom send ur lunch.U forgot to take it with u”she told placing the lunch box on my table.
Oh that was the reason she was here and i thought….forget it.
“As u have come,than help me in some work.Give me the file in which there is details about the deal with mr. Mehra.”i told as a professional.
“He is making his wife do the office work.A complete jerk..ughh..I hate this person.”i heard her murmuring.Though she told it in a very low volume.
“I heard that”i told her fixing my gaze on her.
She was looking shocked and feared.


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Credit to: Chaitali

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