Swasan (love cures pain) episode 2

Hi guys…This is chaitali back again with 2nd part
Sansker’s POV

It was morning.I woke up due to sun rays.I felt pain in all over my body as i had no habit of sleeping in couch.Man!i should have listened to her and sleep in the bed.
I turned to see her.She was sleeping like a kid in the bed.She didn’t even changed dress.Her eyes were kind of swollen.Did she cry?No idea.Actually i don’t feel any difference if anyone cry now.May be that’s because i cried a lot in recent past.
I brushed the thoughts out of my head and went to fresh up.
As i got out,i saw her awake.She smiled a little seeing me.I didn’t pay any heed.
“Go and get ready..qe have to leave for office”I told her as i went out of my room not even waiting for her answer.

Swara’S POV
What just he told me?To go office with him?We just got married last night and he is asking me to go office today morning.Is he a human being or what! Unbelievable!!
As it is his order i had to do it.So i got ready.I wore a a white shirt and black skirt what i used to wear when i used to go office.Suddenly the door of the room opened and my mother in law entered with a sharee in her hand.I could see her shocked expression after seeing me in that dress.
“Will u were this kind of dress in house.Don’t forget u r daughter in law of this house”She said with an unbelievable tone.
I was in fix what to say!How will i tell her that his son asked me to go to office today!
“Aunty,i have to go to office.So i have to wear this”I told her hesitantly.
“What!Who gave u permission to go office? And why r u calling me aunty?Call me mom”she said.
“Actually sansker asked me to go with him”at last i broke the news to her.
“How dare he!I will deal with him.You r not going office today.In fact you will not go office anymore.U can visit him..but as a malkin”She told me.

“No mom.Its important.”i tried to protest.
“I will decide what is important or not.U change the dress right now and wear this sharee.Its ur gift”She ordered me.
I had no other option but listening to her.So i took the sharee from her and she left.May she was going deal with her son.Is she gonna scold him.Oh no!I am so dead then!I quickly got ready and went downstairs as soon as i can.Everyone gathered there for breakfast.

Sansker’s POV~
She came down wearing a red sharee.She was looking different.Or may be i am not used to see her like this that’s why i was feeling this.I am used to see her in office dress.Of coarse i saw her in bridal dress.But that was different matter.It is kind of weird right?Some days before she was my PA and today she is my wife.I don’t know what my father saw in her!She was always his favourite.
She came and sat beside me.She was feared.
“Why did u tell mom?”i whispered.
“She was angry to see me in office dress.I had no other option.”she told me helplessly.
“Because of u i had to listen much”i told her angrily.
She said sorry making her face as much cute as she could.Dude!She was expart in this.She did the same thing when she did any wrong in office.I didn’t pay any hid to her sorry as always.But inside i couldn’t stop smiling after seeing her puppy face.

Swara’s POV~
He was so mean!i told him sorry and he just turned away.He was that rude aalways What did he expect me to do.Anyways i don’t feel regret for what i did.
“Mom i am going.Dad,u come after finishing breakfast”he told as he completed his breakfast.
“Why r u in a hurry?Today is ur wife’s first day at this house.Spend some time with her.Work will not go away”his mother said to him.
“It is not first time mom.So it is nothing new to me.And she came here before.So this place is also not new to her”He answered.
Everyone’s face turned pale as he told this.
“Think before u speak sansker “His father told angrily.
This man is really a great support for me.He always behaved like a father.Never act like a boss.
But sansker had no effect in him.He turned to go.
“At least say bye to her before going “his mom again told.
So he turned and said”Bye swara”and left without even listen to my ans.I lifted a hand to wave bye to him but kept it down seeing him gone.
His dad came near me and kept his hand on my head and gave me an assurance smile like everything is gonna be okey.Then he also left.!
The ladies also left to do their work respectively.Only i sat in the hall alone.I had no work.
My face lit up with a smile as i saw my sister ragini’s face in the door.She was looking at me like she was seeing me after decades.At least she didn’t left my side even in my in laws.
“I asked her to come.I thought u would be bored.”My mother in law told from behind.
Ragini came near me running and hugged me tightly.I turned to my mother in law and thanked her by my eyes.She gave me a motherly smile.
Really sansker told right.I will get love from lots of people here.But nothing can be compared with husbands love.Will i be able to get that?Don’t know.
So guys,this was the part..How u find it?Don’t be a silent reader and tell me in ur comments.Ur comment is energy for my writing.Don’t be a silent reader.Its a request.

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  1. its awesome…..whether sanky s already married????

    1. he was married to another girl before but his past was not so good.He is married to swara now according to his father’s wish

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