Swasan (love cures pain) episode 1


hi guys…this is chaitali. I write a ff named Swaragini (love connection) .Some of u are liking it.As i am a Swasan fan..i had a wish to write a ff on them…please support me on this.
Today i am writing first episode of it.

Swara’s Pov~
I was sitting in the bed decorated with flowers which was in the middle of a grand room or may be i should tell it a hall.It was soo big!Moreover the room was decorated with different color lights.So it was shining like the time of diwali.I must say the ladies of the house have done a great job in decoration.Oh i forgot to tell,i am the bride today.And i am waiting for my husband.I was wearing a red colour bridal attire.I was looking at the mehendi in my hand.It was so dark that a doubt came in my mind.Does it really mean that more dark the mehedi the more will u get love from ur husband.Because i had no expectation of love from.my husband.I was lost in my thought.Suddenly i heard a sound of opening the door.Is it him?I got alerted.But no..His bhabi and younger sister entered with a glass of milk.

“Give this to devar ji when he comes”His bhabi told me.
“Give him something more he wants”His sister uttara adsed with a naughty smile.
I gave them a bitter smile.
“Uttara u don’t tease her.Now go and check ur brother”bhabi said.
“Haan.Even i don’t have wish to be a spoilsport of ur suhagrat bhabi”Uttara continued to laugh as she ran out of the room saying this.
After she went pari bhabi came near me.”Don’t feel bad at her words.She is a child so speak without thought.”She said keeping her hand in my shoulder.
I just nod my head as a reply.
She added”Soon everything will be okey.I know him..he will definitely keep u happy.”
She gave me an assured smile and went out of the room.
I became alone again.I hate to be alone.Even in my house my sister was always with me.
So i walked up to the cupboard to see.After all i have to share this with him.I opened it and found it messy.
“Ewww how can he live like this!”i told under my breath.

I didn’t like messy stuffs so i started to arrange it.After sometimes my hand got stuck in a photo.I took it.It was my husband with another girl.The girl had sindor and mangalsutra in her.So it was her.I always heard about her.I never saw her.Unknowingly i touched my mangalsutra.I was looking her in the photo at every angle.
“I think u r not supposed to touch my stuff without my permission”Someone told from behind.
It was my husband.The great Sansker Maheswari.I was so busy to see the photo that i didn’t notice when he entered.
“Sorry,i had to keep my stuff there and it was so messy” i tried to make him understand.
“Whatever you will get another cupboard tomorrow in this room.So keep as much stuff as u can in that.But don’t touch my things”He told with no expression in his face.But his voice revealed it.
“Okey” I mumbled.

He came near me and took the photo from my hand.His expressionless face became red due to anger.He kept the photo in cupboard and locked it.
“Now go and sleep in the bed.I will manage in the couch.”He told me.
“No sir,i will take the couch,u sleep in bed.” I told in a hurry and cursed myself immediately for saying that.Shit i called him sir again.
“Don’t call me sir in front of everybody.And do as i say.”He told and took the pillow from the bed and went to the couch.
“Sorry sir it is a habit” I told him and regreted again.Shit!I just did what he forbidden.Wait nobody was here.So literally it was not incorrect to call him like that.
He gave me a death glare for what i just did.Then he lied down in that couch turning his back to me.After some time he turned his face and said”It was my fathers decision to make u my wife.I am sorry to say but don’t expect love from me.But don’t worry u will get the love of all family members.I will try to give u every types of facility except the right of a wife.I just can’t give it anymore ” His voice became heavy as he told me that things.He turned his face,may be to hide tears.But i could feel his eyes filled with water.I really felt bad for him.
“Will u turn off the lights?I can’t sleep in presence of light”He told without turning towards me.
“Hmm”I said and went to bed.I turned off the lights through bed side switch and laid to sleep.But will sleep come to me after so much happenings?I don’t know.


So guys,don’t be a silent reader now.Tell me whether i should continue or not??Comment please.

Credit to: Chaitali

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