Swasan – love cum arrange marriage (os)

Hai guys back with another os as I said u I will come back with a ff on jan so till that I will post os nowadays we can’t see swasan romance or love so only I taught to write a romantic love story.

it was fully decorated with light and they were many people.

a girl is sitting and one more girl is helping her to get ready.
GIRL(who is sitting):shona first u get ready as today ur lover is coming.
SWARA(blushes):ragini shut ur mouth.
(S the girls is non other than swaragini)
RAGINI:arrey atleast this time u both propose each other swara.after 3 years u r meeting him so pls don’t postponed ur love pls say him don’t again feel shy.u both love each other since childhood but u both don’t have dare to propose each other nor talk with each other. Pls swara not this time.
SWARA(shyly):ragini get ready soon today is ur engagement.
RAGINI(teasing):u can run from my teasing now but when sanskar comes I won’t allow u both for a second also I will be teasing u both.
They both here a voice:yes u r right ragini even I will help u in teasing sanskar bhai and swara bhabhi.
SWARA(blushes hard):laksh pls stop teasing me.

AP(TO sumi):arrey sumi today sanskar is coming I don’t know what to do.
PARI:ma don’t worry stay calm and do. Just than swaragini came and they heared everything.
SWARA(to ap):ma can I do kheer pls.
AP(teasing):for whom beta.
RAGINI(teasingly):ma for whom she will do of course sanskar ma. Saying this pari and ragini giggles swara was feeling shy.
AP:arrey u both stop don’t tease my bahu.
Soon swara started doing kheer as it is sanskar favorite sweet. Just than uttara came running and said.
UTTARA: maa sanskar bhai came.
AP:he came
Soon ap and sumi left.
Pari came near swara and asked
PARI:swara come let go out.
SWARA(shyly):no bhabhi u go I will come afterwards.
RAGINI(teasing):bhabhi she is scared of sanskar so she won’t come.
PARI:but u have to come by saying this pari and ragini brings swara out. Swara was feeling hell shy. Sanskar came and took blessing from dp and ap and than he took blessing from skehar and sumi. Sanskar hugged adarsh and laksh.
ADARSH(teasingly):sanskar I think u missed someone a lot. After hearing this swara bitted her lower lips and sanskar blushed.
SANSKAR:no bhai not like that
ADARSH(teasingly):then u did not miss us
SANSKAR:I missed u all where is bhabhi and ragini.
RAGINI and PARI:we r here sanskar. Swara was about to go as sanskar came but ragini holded her hand tightly. Sanskar saw swara and swara saw sanskar both were lost in each other had an romantic eyelock it broke by ragini. Swara was feeling shy and pinched ragini and left.

all were sitting and all girls were serving just than ap took a bowl of kheer and feeded sanskar.
AP:see sanskar ur favorite kheer. Saying this she feeded him.
SANSKAR:mom it is awesome.
AP:I did not do.
SANSKAR:than bhabhi u did
Pari nods no
SANSKAR:than ragini u did.
Ragini nods no and pointed at swara. Sanskar smiles.
RAGINI:how was d kheer sanskar.
SANSKAR(blushes);it was nice.
LAKSH:only nice.
SANSKAR(shyly):it was awesome.
ADARSH(teasingly):than have more
PARI(teasingly):arrey swara give sanskar kheer na. Swara blushed hardly and came near sanskar and gave him another cup of kheer when she was about to go laksh keep his leg so by mistake swara fall on sanskar both were again lost in each other but soon composed and swara left. Swara was sitting in d park and was enjoying d scenery just than sanskar came swara was feeling shy and was about to go.
SANSKAR:kheer was awesome.
SWARA(shyly):I made it for u only.
SANSKAR(he came near her and turned her to face him but swara was feeling shy by his closeness and hided her face in his chest sanskar whispered):thank u for kheer and everything. Swara blushed and tightly clutched his shirt were as sanskar hugged her tightly. Swara slowly broke d hug when she was about to go sanskar holded her hand.
SWARA(shyly):from childhood to now the way u speak, d way u look, d way u praise, is just as a friend or some other thing is there.
SANSKAR(whispered):what u think.
SWARA(blushes but compose and say in one go): I love u sanskar. Sanskar was shocked, surprised, happy he hugged her tightly and said.
SANSKAR(smiles):I love u too swara from childhood still now and forever. Swara hug him tightly. Just than raglak came and saw swasan hugging each other and smiled looking at them.
RAGLAK:arrey u both confessed oh my god what a magical miracle. Laksh pls pinch me.
Swasan were feeling shy. Soon they said to d family and family decided to keep swasan and raglak marriage on same day. Soon d marriage day came sanskar filled sindoor in her mang and adore mangasutra in her neck both d couples took blessing from elders.
A and pari took aarti of both d couples and they finished all d rituals. Soon they asked laksh and sanskar to lift there respective wife. Sanskar lifted swara and swara was blushing hard whereas laksh lifted ragini and left to there room(give them some privacy yaar???)

Sanskar made swara stand and swara was blushing hard.
SANSKAR(smiles):swara change ur dress.
Swara nods and goes to restroom to change where as sanskar also changed white shirt and track pant swara came in black Saree she was looking hot in d saree sanskar was lost in her beauty and came near her swara was feeling shy and hugged sanskar tightly sanskar kissed her forehead slowly whereas swara was holding his collar tightly sanskar slowly caressed her cheeks which were red by shyness looked into her eyes swara was lost in his eyes and they had a long passionate eyelock soon sanskar slowly kissed her eyes and than he kissed her cheeks sanskar eyes fell on her pink lips and sealed his lips with her it was a smooth kiss which was turning into a wild kiss swara was also responding with equal passion for him both were still kissing each other it was a long lasting kiss. Soon it broke because of lack of oxygen.
Sanskar took swara in bridal style and made her lie on d bed and he came over her kissed her slowly again and soon they consummated their marriage.

After 3 years;
Swasan was blessed with a boy
And raglak with girl.
I know it is a worst story I wrote.sorry if I wasted ur time pls post ur valuable comments.

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