Swasan- Love Conquers All (Episode 3)

Swasan-Love Conquers All-3

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Part 3
Lakshya, Ragini and Swara reaches Badi… Swara tells Ragini she is tired so she is going to her room. She goes from there…Ragini and Lakshya speaks with Shomi (I am going to address Sharmistha as Shomi from now on) and Dadi. They speak for some time and after that Lakshya and Ragini leave for MM…
@Swara’s Bedroom
Swara is sitting on her bed and crying, tears are not stopping from her eyes, her face is red and eyes are swollen from crying.
Swara (in her mind) – I cannot believe Sahil can do this to me I had trusted him more than my Ma, Baba and Ragini…how can I do that? and had believed on the stranger this much more than my family…I accused Ma and Ragini wrong….” why did I not believe them?” Swara just because he was the person who saved your life, friendly, helpful and acted as he is only the one who cares for you not your family…”oh why I was not able to judge him?” I have lost my memory not the ability to judge and also he does not want me to gain my memory back….Swara remembers the conversation of Sahil and Dr. Mandal…


Sahil – Hugs Dr. Mandal and thanks him…hey Gautam thank you so much…you are my best buddy…thank you for helping me… and that’s the reason I suggested…. no made Gadodia’s and Maheshwari ‘s to appoint you as Swara’s doctor… You know I don’t want Swara to remember her past….

Dr. Mandal- Sahil I agreed for treatment and as well as your demand that Swara’s memory should not come back because you are my buddy and because of you my life was saved so if anyhow I can help you I will do that and that’s the reason I am helping you and apart from one wrong medicine I am just trying to use the methods from which she does not gain her memory. I have suggested her family to not tell her about her past and her to not to ask so many question as it will be fatal for her but it is not so now she can ask and rationalize what is correct or not because that period is over where if you tell her, she does not accept anything and thinks opposite, I had suggested that she should not be in same environment as previous but if she remains in same environment as before her memory may come back… also I had prescribed memory suppressant medicines to Swara if somehow there is trigger of past memory in her sleep she will not remember it but Sahil there is downside of using memory suppressant for long period…if it is used regularly for longer period say for 5 years then it will cause her headaches, she will forget things and also there is chance nervous system breakdown…That’s the reason I had prescribed her smallest dose but make sure it is not continued its better if it is stopped after 10 months it will not have any kind of harmful effect , it will be only suppressing her memory nothing else… I am doing this because you are the person I owe my life to else you know I may have not done what you have asked for…but I want to ask you… why do you want Swara to not remember her past? What will it do to you if she gains her memory…?

Sahil- I don’t want her to remember her family I want her to trust only me and no one she should think I am her world every time she should think of only me not of anyone else…that’s why you know what I created misunderstanding that day also and misunderstanding between her and Sanskar…I gave money to goons to beat me and misbehave with Swara in park and in front of Swara and so she should think that I am the one who wants to protect her and goon acted as I was knowing that Sanskar will come there at that I made goons to exit from there and he did what I told him he had thrown his bundle of money on ground and Sanskar picked it and gave it back as he was not knowing he was the goon who misbehaved with Swara and I know if he would have known it that goon would be in hospital or in jail now…not enjoying the money…and Sahil’s phone rings oh no…looks like I have to leave now Ma is calling me I will tell you all the details later… but I don’t want anyone to know about it… I have not told anyone about it… you are my best buddy and helping that’s the reason I told you rest I will tell you when we meet later… Thanks again buddy for helping me…

Flashback ends

Swara(wipes her tears and is determined)- Sahil wanted misunderstanding between me and family…and Sanskar I misunderstood him I should have asked him but whenever I see him I only see one image him shooting from the gun pointing at me and that anger in his eyes…I am afraid of him that’s why I don’t want to speak with him…but whenever he is present there is this feeling of yearning …I don’t know I am afraid of him…but think Swara your family thinks of him right person there must be some reality in it…I should find truth on my own….how ???Oh yes I should be in same environment as before but no one will let me just because of the doctor…oh what to do?…I should tell about conversation to someone… to whom?. I should speak with Ragini she will help me…but before that I should check Dida’s place from which there might be trigger… but before that I should sleep for some time I am having headache from all crying…


Sanskar reaches MM…He is going to his room but Sujata stops him…
Sujata- Sanskar how is my DIL? Is she ok now… what Doctor said can we bring her back to MM… she continues
But Sanskar interrupts…
Sanskar- Mom….let me speak… she is ok now but we cannot bring her to MM yet and but I think we should try for second opinion from best neurologist…I mean… is interrupted by Sujata
Sujata- I understand Sanskar…you are missing her and you want best for her…but yes we can take second opinion from best neurologist… but we have to speak with Shekhar ji and Shomi ji …they will understand as it is more than month no improvement in her…I will speak with jiji…
Meanwhile AP (Annapurna Maheshwari) also come and she has listened what Sujata spoke
AP- Yes, Sanskar…Sujata is right and I want my Swara to be like before…and in her home so I will speak with Lakshya’s papa (DP Maheshwari her husband) to speak with Shekhar ji and Shomi ji for same and will convince them for second opinion…
Sujata- Sanskar come have something to eat now you did not had your breakfast earlier as well….
Sanskar- Mom I am not hungry now I have some work to complete I am going to my room if you want you can send juice later in my room and leaves for his room…..
Sujata-See jiji my son has become very thin he is not eating anything…he is just worried for Swara, but jiji make him understand he has to take care of himself he has to eat so he can worry for her…I know jiji he does not show it…but my son cannot live without her being far from him…She dramatizes..
AP- Sujata I understand but please don’t cry now…God is there he will make everything right… I am going to speak to Lakshya’s Papa right now for same…so he can convince Shekhar ji and Shomi ji.

@Sanskar’s Room

Sanskar (in his mind) – Swara… why are you so naive? Why Swara every time you attract wrong person in your life? Swara I will be with you always and I will remove all your problems and difficulties…you are my life Swara!…I have initiated solving your first problem…Your doctor will be changed now…I know it will take some convincing…but I know right person to convince you…Ragini… I will tell everything to Lakshya and Ragini….Dr. Mandal you see what I will do to you now you are playing with my Swara’s health… and Sahil I knew something is wrong with you but I want you to be too far from my Swara…I cannot tolerate you near her… and I have perfect plan too…but before that I need your truth to come in front of my Swara and all and for that now you have to be with Swara…so you will only spill the beans in front of Swara… Sanskar is jolted from his thoughts…

Lakshya knocks the door of Sanskar’s room…

Sanskar- Lucky …please come and lock the door please…I need to tell you something important…
There is muted conversation between Sanskar and Lucky…

Shomi- Swara wake up…have your lunch so you can have medicines after that…
Swara- She wakes up and says I am coming in 10 minutes…in her mind…I cannot take that medicine…
After lunch Swara acts as she has taken her meds…and goes to Dida’s house….
In Dida’s house …
When she goes to her room in Dida’s house…she finds a photograph covered with cloth…after removing cloth…she gets shocked….
Swara finds her wedding photo with Sanskar…she has again tears on her face…I am married to Sanskar that murderer …but why no one told me about it…oh no that’s because of doctor… but that means I am not Swara Bose Gadodia…I am Mrs. Swara Maheshwari…so that’s why it felt strange in hospital… but what now…I cannot be with him I am afraid of his face and if he wanted to make me die again really then what will I do?….No, I’m thinking wrong I have to find out truth…but who will tell me truth?…

Precap- Sahil’s truth out….


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