Swasan- Love Conquers All (Episode 2)

Swasan-Love conquers all- Part 2

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Thank you all for your comments and appreciation.I will remove Sahil’s track soon as in the serial I did not like his obsession much…my point of view. Please read and let me know your views and suggestions. Also ignore grammatical error and mistakes …I will be updating next part after Wednesday.

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Swasan Love conquers all-1

Swara, Ragini and Lakshya reached hospital.They go inside CMT hospital for Swara’s check up…..

Background Details…
Swara’s doctor is Dr.Gautam Mandal (hypothetical character you can imagine any doctor) he is neurologist in Kolkata. Swara is suffering from Retrograde Amnesia.

In Retrograde amnesia patients are not able to remember specific events or situations of the past, most of them retain long-term declarative memory- the memory of meanings, understandings and other factual information.

Back to Story…

Sanskar gets a call from Lakshya as he is waiting outside hospital entrance.

Lakshya- Bhai path is clear….you can now come inside.

Sanskar- Thanks a ton Lucky for doing this.

Lakshya- Bhai leave all this now please come inside I am in corridor wing B Swaragini just went in.

Sanskar- Ok Lucky…

Sanskar reaches corridor and meets Lucky there.

Lucky- Bhai “There is window at left corridor you can hear conversation from doctor there”.Bhai once Swara comes outside Ragini will sms you and then you can hide there itself as it is opposite to entrance/ exit direction for hospital….

Sanskar goes at that spot and hears the conversation of doctor explaining things…

@Doctor’s Cabin

Dr. Mandal- Do you get any flashes and dream apart from one you told me Swara?

Swara- No doctor…I cannot remember anything other that glimpse.

Dr. Mandal- Do you get severe headache? Or any thing specific that you can point out.

Swara- No Doctor…but doctor I feel something I am not sure how to say it that whenever I see the glimpse of shooting…”I feel pain as If I’m loosing most important person from me I’m loosing my life”..

Dr. Mandal- Ok, Swara please do not think about it any more because it will only harm you…..I know you cannot control your thoughts but please think as a exercise and for your family because thinking now will harm only you …ok I am going to prescribe some medicines but let me ask some questions to Mrs. Maheshwari…

Swara- Ok Doctor as soon as she heard Mrs. Maheshwari she gets glazed and she thinks why its sounds as I have heard it number of times..as if its very important should I tell the doctor for the same……”No he will again tell do not think about it..oh! forget it Swara…

As Doctor turns to Ragini he does not observe her expression…

Dr. Mandal- Mrs. Maheshwari have you observed any difference in Swara or anything which triggers some past memories for her?

Ragini- No Doctor, as far as I can tell only reaction she gives strongly is in presence of Sanskar….and Doctor she whispers She thinks of Sanskar as murderer but he loves her lot can we clear the misunderstanding by just giving clarification of the facts what actually happened….

Dr.Mandal- No, Mrs. Maheshwari….Please try to understand Swara’s condition is such that she will not accept the facts because she will believe what she see not your facts…Also please try not to get her is same kind of situation which triggers her memory because it will be fatal for her…Also will suggest that she does not see Sanskar and she can be in company of person who she trusts…..

Outside behind the window

Meanwhile Sanskar is observing Swara’s expression changes on word Mrs. Maheshwari..

Sanskar (in his mind)- So Mrs. Maheshwari…..it still affects you…..”Swara I know, you want to know about your life but Swara I cannot risk your life I cannot loose you again so If for that I have to be away from you I will ……. till the time I have to and after that I will again gain your trust”…Sanskar gets emotional but as he is Sanskar Maheshwari he does not show any emotion on his face….

@Doctor’s Cabin
Dr.Mandal – Swara here are the medicines which you have to take and do not think about past and have company you trust more…and next appointment will be after a week.If you get any pain or have problem…please come immediately….

Swara – Thank you doctor, will do that….

Swaragini leaves the cabin and Ragini sends sms to Sanskar….

Sanskar hides and after 5 minutes comes at window…He was just going to go inside cabin but gets big shock….

@Doctor’s Cabin
Dr. Mandal shakes hand with person who is wearing black suit and smiles his evil smile he comes from another room inside his cabin…He is none other than Mr. Sahil Khanna….

Outside Cabin
Sanskar(in his mind)- I knew something is wrong with this Sahil. He told me he will help me in getting Swara’s memory back but I knew Sahil will not help me in his eyes I have seen what he is……
(Sanskar has the ability to know the person just by observing the face and thats the reason in business he is number 1 and he can flip the decisions in his favour without showing any expressions also experience person are terrified due to this ability of Sanskar business decision are in his favour always and he is number 1 business tycoon.)

Conversation of Sahil and Dr. Mandal will be revealed later…

While Sahil is conversing with Dr. Mandal…

Swara is at door of doctor’s cabin as she had forgotten her file and she has heard all the conversation between Dr. Mandal and Sahil….and she cannot believe her ears what she hears. Her trust is shattered into pieces as she has trusted the one person most and she has not trusted on her family also.

Swara (in her mind)- has tears flowing from her eyes. I cannot believe I had trust on wrong person I thought of him as my friend…best friend but he is worst than any foe…how can he do this to me? He wanted to create misunderstanding and rift between my family….and Oh No!…he does not want Me to have my memory back….”I promise I will get to know all things of my life and my memory as well …you don’t know who Swara Bose…Gadodia is….” Something felt wrong leave this Swara …you cannot let your presence known to others…Now I cannot take the medicines Dr. Mandal prescribed me….I need to change my doctor….ahhhh!…

As Swara watches that the conversation is over Sahil is about to leave…She leaves From there….

Neither Sanskar knows that Swara has heard the conversation…nor Swara knows that Sanskar has heard the conversation both unaware as both cannot see each other.

Meanwhile near hospital entrance….

Lakshya- he is trying to call his Bhai but no response he has already called him several times and send him several messages but no response…He is tensed what if Bhai went to speak to Doctor and Swara again gets misunderstanding. She cannot meet Bhai today…it is not good for her I have to do something..

Ragini knowing Lakshya thoughts went in for search for Swara and Lakshya went for Sanskar…

Ragini meets Swara in different corridor not were Dr. Mandal is…

Ragini- Swara have you collected the file ?
Swara- No Ragini..,I’m not feeling good can you ask Lakshya to collect file.We will wait for him in car….

Ragini- What happened Swara? are you fine…lets meet doctor again….he will help…

Swara- Nothing Ragini, but I’m feeling tired now…may be due to hospital…Swara (in her mind) whom to believe….Should I tell everything to Ma…No Swara you cannot make her more tensed she already has lot on her to think about….Should I tell to Ragini….yes but not now I will tell her everything what I heard but will she believe me….I have to check but first I have to find facts about my life and to get my memory have to be in same environment as before…think Swara….

Ragini- Ok Swara…I’ll call Lakshya ji

Swara- comes out of thinking mode and says ok lets go to car now…and will go home after this to rest…sorry for cancelling the shopping Ragini….

Ragini- What sorry Swara, your health is more important….today you take rest we will go tomorrow….

Raglak does not see Sahil they missed seeing each other and Sahil has already left for

Lakshya meets Sanskar…

Lakshya- Bhai where were you?..”I’m trying to reach you….have you checked your mobile?”

Sanskar- Sorry Lucky it was in silent mode…but I have to tell you something but not here….but its important…

Lucky- Bhai I was calling you so you can hide from Swara she came back here…may be she did not come here..I did not want any more mis understanding between you two now..he gets interrupted by call….excuse me bhai for a minute..Lucky receives the call..

Ragini- Hello Lakshya ji can you please collect the file from doctor?…as Swara is feeling tired from hospital environment..we are waiting for you near car…

Lakshya- Ok Ragini…so Swara did not come here?

Ragini-No she was in different corridor…and she disconnects the call…

Lucky- Bhai I was worried and Swara did not come here…

Sanskar(in his mind)- Oh …if she had come she would have known truth…but its ok now I have to think of way….

Lucky- Bhai will you come with me to collect Swara’s file..

Sanskar- No Lucky, you go inside now..in his mind I have to first think of plan so Swara can change her Doctor and Mr. Mandal you will not know what hit you…you have done very big mistake….you were giving memory suppressing medicine to my Swara…And Sahil I was tolerating you because you saved my life my Swara but now …you wanted to harm my Swara … You will get to see who Sanskar Maheshwari is…..

Lucky comes and gets the file..

Sanskar- Lucky after dropping Swara to Badi I want you to meet me in my Room…”I have to tell you very important thing and this doctor is not right for Swara”

Lucky- What happened Bhai? Something wrong

Sanskar- Yes so much is wrong…I’ll tell you everything but not right now its not the right place or the right time…

Lucky- Ok bhai…

They leave from there…

Lakshya, Ragini and Swara leave for Badi..

While Sanskar goes to MM as he has lot to plan…..

Precap- Swara comes to know about her marriage with Sanskar…



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