Swasan- Love Conquers All (Episode 1)

Swasan-Love conquers all
Its been a month and Swara has still not remembered about her past one year life.She still thinks Sanskar as her murderer as he has tried to shot her which is only the glimps of memory she watches and has nightmares which wakes me with jerk..I am not sure really. It’s a strange feeling. Somewhere, deep within my mind, something tells me that I know him. His face is familiar, even though there are no memories associated with it, other than the one where I clearly recall he was pointing his gun at me. The feeling stirs me to dive in to my, non – existing memories in search of him. The realization initiates fear,what if he really wants me dead? Then there is the confusion, as to how, everyone else believes him so readily, when I am screaming at the top of my lungs that he is the one who tried to kill me. There is hurt, at being told wrong again and again, the hurt of everyone refusing to take my side.

She feel ache in her heart as there is hole in there very important part is missing from her life.Swara was sitting in her bed and was musing about her thoughts she just cannot believe why can’t her family her Ma, Baba believe her that he is murderer, but there may be chance that there is some misunderstanding.No not possible he was aiming the gun at me with so much anger he is culprit and Sahil is right also I have seen him giving money to goon.He is culprit but why the hell I am thinking about that murderer (she does not know that she is Sanskar’s wife and doctor has told not to reveal anything to her family and also doctor has asked for not to ask questions about her past) just then Sharmishtha calls her Swara please come down and have your dinner.

Swara is jolted from her thoughts and yells coming Ma. When she reaches dining hall she finds everyone there her Dadaji is sitting on chair which is for head of the house her Baba and Dadi beside Dada ji opposite to her Baba and her Ma Shomi is serving food to everyone when she sits beside her Dadi then her Dadi serves food to her…She still is unable to accept sweet nature of her Dadi. While having dinner with everyone How come dadi is so changed in 1 year as her Dadi was serving her food with love she thinks and gives expression of unbelievable and now Dadi was saying that Swara should have healthy food only and said in her mind so she get her memory soon and live happily I cannot see my granddaughter in pain. Also gives her blessing to Swara mine grand daughter is fighter and Khatushyam ji will always be with you and you will again be chirpy Swara I know.

Swara is happy that she atleast have her full family with her now her Ma & Baba, Dada & Dadi, her sister Ragini though she is married to that murderer’s brother but her jiju is not like same as his brother. She thinks why am I thinking about murderer again.

Sanskar is observing Swara from far he is watching her from window as her changing expression the look she is giving to Dadi he just want to see her and is content that she is ok. While swara is lost in her thoughts Sanskar is seen by Shekhar first and then by Shomi.

Shomi sees him and gets tears in her eyes by watching sanskar she removes the tears so no one notice it. As soon Swara leaves from room and goes to her room Shomi goes to Sanskar and asks him till when he will hide from Swara and follow her is he not hurt by Swara she questions him? She says I cannot see you in pain you are not only my son-in-law but my son.

Sanskar answers Ma I will wait for Swara forever till the time she remembers me.I love her Ma she is not at fault Ma her mind does not remember me but her heart remembers she want to but cannot and I am following her for my own reason I just want to confirm she is alright. And now I am going home Ma and takes her blessing and please remind swara for her tomorrow’s appointment with doctor and he leaves from Badi.

Swara at her room receives a call from Sahil.
Swara-Sahil yes I had my medicines you are my friend who thinks about me and my welfare.
Sahil- Yes swara that I am ….and in his mind but I won’t be your friend only you will become mine Swara and I will make sure of it and I know you are that Sanskar’s wife but I want you do not remember him and I will separate you two..you are mine..

Swara- Sahil listen I have to go for doctor’s appointment at 11:00 am tomorrow so will you meet me after that.

Sahil- Yes Swara will meet you at 11:30 am or else I can do one thing I will pick you up and come with you at doctors place.

Swara-I am sorry Sahil but Ragini is coming and she has already asked me earlier for same but we can meet after that in evening.And I also want to spend some time with her.

Sahil- Ok swara but you will meet me in evening.

Swara- Thanks a lot Sahil, will meet you tomorrow and good night.

Sahil- Good Night Swara,Sweet Dreams in his mind only my dreams Swara.

Swara sleeps but again thinks am I misunderstanding about him as Ragini informed me that he fired gun but it was for saving me…oh oh why can’t I remember anything oh leave it Swara just go to sleep don’t stress on it and I will not think about him anymore and after sometime she sleeps.

Sanskar talking to Swara’s pic I know Swara you want to remember me but cannot its not your fault please don’t stress. And I know you will remember me and once there is positive response from doctor I will make you change your opinion of me I will clear all the misconceptions you have about me that is my promise to you. I have never thought in my dreams also that you will be far from me Swara but you will come back to me I know. I love you Swara.

Swara in her sleep blabbers I love you too Sanskar…..
but she does not remember it in morning.

Next Day
In morning around 10:00 am Ragini comes along with Lakshya to Badi. And Sanskar also comes but he is inside his car only.

Sanskar to himself please today be good day and I want to be with you Swara and I want to see smile on her face. I know I have to wait for you and I am ready to wait for you.

Meanwhile Ragini and Lakshya enters the house they take blessing from Dadi, Baba and Ma. Ragini tells to her Ma that everything will be ok please don’t worry she will gain her memory back.

Lakshya speaks with Shekhar and says I cannot see pain in my Bhai’s eyes now he smile but its empty.Papa I am waiting for Swara to remember her past and then when she will come back to him and it will make him happy and so I can see him laugh and smile that brightens his eye.

Shekhar says I am waiting for that day Lakshya beta and be positive Swara and Sanskar will again be one.

Dadi asks Lado, how are everyone at MM? And how are you Lado.

Ragini answers All are well Dadi and I am also fine but everyone want Swara to be there as well, but Dadi Sanskar is still in pain he shows he is fine but he is not. He is living but is not happy if smiles its empty and pain is reflected in his eyes. Ragini in her mind I will make Swara and Sanskar come close again.

Dadi says don’t worry Lado Khatushyam ji will make everything right and eveyone will be happy.

Ragini then call Swara says are you ready Swara.

Swara replies just coming Ragini and comes to room where everyone is and tells Ragini after appointment she wants to go for shopping Ragini agrees says sure Swara and then Swara tells Shekhar and Shomi she will be coming late after appointment as she will go for shopping with Ragini and Lakshya.

Swara,Ragini and Lakshya leaves in car for doctor’s appointment.
Meanwhile Sanskar thinks how much time you take Lakshya
And then Sanskar follows them in another car.


Hey Guys, this is my first attempt to write something. I am just writing a short story on the current track of memory loss. There is no proof read please ignore the mistakes and grammatical error. Please support and let me know your thoughts on same by your comments.


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