Swasan – Love connection (Part 2)

The lady and boy take swara to hospital and admit her
Docter: you fill the form and we will start our treatment
Lady: yes docter
Docter goes
Boy: mom let it be lets go from here
Lady: no beta its not good come with me we will fill form
Boy: but mom
Lady: no if but come
And they go to counter and fill the form
Rep.: mam what relation you have with patient
Lady: my daughter
Boy shocked
And they go from their and wait for docter after half an hour docter come
Lady: docter how is she
Docter: she is fine miss.
Lady: oh docter my name is sujata kapoor and he is my son
Docter: see miss sujata ji she is out of danger but she get deep injury on her head so we cant tell anything now which nerve of brain is effected so we will wait for her to get consciousness
Sujata: thank u docter

And docter go from their
Boy: mom now lets go from here
Sujata: no sanskar don’t know my heart is saying to stop please stop when she will get conscious we will go
Sanskar: ok ma as you wish
Sanskar kapoor : a well business man in Mumbai and sujata is his mom love her very much
Sujta kapoor: wife of late ram kapoor and have a secret in her heart which she doesn’t tell anyone not even his son and love sanskar very much
Scene shift to Kolkata
Ragini come to mm and all rituals done and ragini is wating for lucky lucky come and is full drunked he see ragini and come inside he is about to fall ragini hold him and he ragini and in place of ragini he is seeing swara and hold her arm tightly and ragini winch in pain
Lucky: why swara why u brtray me I love u so much but what you give me in return betrayal I hate u swara I hate u but this heart how can I make him to hate u swara and falls on bed ragini sit on floor and cry
Here in hospital swara get conscious and see her surrounding and see sujata and sanskar their and get afraid
Swara: panic where I am and who are you
Sujata gets happy seein her in senses and signal sanskar to call docter and sanskar goes and sujata come near swara
Sujata: beta don’t panic you are in hospital and yeah tell who are you
Swara: yeah who I am what is my name what I am doing here oh god my head and she hold her head
Sujata scared: don’t stess yourself
Swara shouting: who I am whats my name and shouting fell unconscious and then sanskar come with docter and docter check her and sujata tell what happened
Docter: you plase come in my room
And they go

Sanskar: what happen to her docter
Docter: I am scared of this only as she get injured on head she forget everyrthin and now only a small stress can harmfull for her so u have to take care of her
Sujata” ok docter and comes out of room
Sanskar: now what we will do
Sujata tell him something
Sanskar shocks: are u sure ma
Sujata: yes sanskar you know whenever I see her It remind me about uttra
Sanskar also get teary eye and hug sujata
What is sujata decision
Will swara able to meet her family again


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