swasan LOVE (Chapter 31)


hey guyz actually i got some time so i thought update small part
sanskar comes after washing his hands , he thinks about swara and smiles and collides with laksh….
laksh : bhai what happened y r u smiling like idiots? if its a joke then plzz share it with me also ….
sanskar : nothing yaar lucky, just this swara naa….
laksh smiles seeing sanskar happy.
laksh hugs sanskar….
laksh : i am so happy to see u happy ….
sanskar : i know and tell me one thing why were u so disappointed when u collided wid me???
laksh : nothing ju…..
sanskar interrupts him
sanskar : lucky dont dare to make excuse because u cant lie to me…
laksh : how u always get to know whats in my heart?

sanskar : because u r my brother and i know u more than u know urself….
laksh : bhai shall i ask u something?
sanskar : from when u started asking for permission?
laksh : actually…the thing …is…..amh….
sanskar : lucky say it na…
laksh takes a deep breathe…
laksh : i know i am asking a stupid question but i cant stop myself from asking…
sanskar : lucky now u r scaring me dude….
laksh : will our marriages have effect on our relationship?
laksh says in one breath with closed eyes….laksh slowly opens his one eye to look at sanskar but to his shock he is not there….
laksh : where did bhai go now?ohh god ….laksh u are really a stupid how can u say this? he would have felt bad…
laksh gets upset and goes towards his room in which all boys were present……
he enters the room and a bucket full of water falls on him and he hears everyone laughing…
laksh : what the hell ? he sees vijay , karan , sanskar , abhishek laughing holding their stomach….
abhishek : laksh , i think i shall send this pic to ragini….

laksh looks at him shocked and angry while he shows laksh’s pic…
laksh : u , wait first tell me whose idea was it?
karan : sanskar…
laksh shocked : bhai , no , no i dont believe this …
laksh looks at sanskar …sanskar smirks and come to him…
sanskar : actually u asked me a question so i thought to answer it with a unique way , now i hope u would have got ur answer….
sanskar smirks while laksh is confused…
vijay : laksh plzzz dont put pressure on ur small brain otherwise ur tiny brain will explode , we will tell u in detail exactly what happened….
laksh makes faces….
sanskar leaves from there after listening to laksh’s question and goes to room and sees boyz there.
he goes to washroom..
karan : sanskar what r u doing?
abhishek : yeah and why r u bringing this bucket?
vijay : that too filled with water…

sanskar : u all first stop questioning and help me…
they help him and
vijay: so what was that? and for whom are u planning this surprise?
karan : ofcourse for lucky , he would have told some nonsense and now its time to teach him a lesson…
sanskar : u r becoming intelligent…
they hear footsteps and all take their positions…
abhishek : shall i click his pic…
sanskar : obviously yaar…
laksh : omg , bhai now look at me i am looking like a cartoon..
sanskar : that was for asking stupid questions i hope u got ur answers…….Laksh makes faces……
Abhishek : done…
Laksh : what done?
Abhi : picture sent…
Laksh : what? And to whom?
Abhi : ragini
Laksh : what?

Sanskar : wow good yaar now they will have some fun..
Laksh : no no no this cant happen…
Laksh starts leaving from there….
Karan : where are u going?
Laksh : to get ragini’s mobile
Sanskar : do u think she will give u so easily , dont u know swara and mihika …..laksh seriously u r in a big problem bro…
Sanskar smirks
Laksh : u all are going to help me?
Vijay : we but y?
Laksh : bhai if u dont i will reveal all ur secrets to swara…
Sanskar : what the hell?
Laksh : choice is urs
Sanskar:ok but what we’ve to do?
Laksh : simple , abhishek will take mihika , karan will take nisha , and u take swara from there and vijay u have to handle ragini …..
All boyz : ok boss……
laksh : u all carry on with our plan , i will change my clothes and come , seriously u all r just…
All laughs and leaves….
Sanskar , karan , vijay , abhishek go towards girlz room
Vijay : sanskar u r first…

Sanskar : me
Karan : yess u…
Sankskar : no yaar ,plzzz
Abhishek : no no plzzz u go na…
Sanskar : okay but if i dont return then tell my family and laksh that i love them….All give him a death glare and he goes in….
Mihika : arey bhai ,u here…
Sanskar : yes actually …leave all that , ragini where is ur mobile…
Ragini :i think its on charging but Y?
Sanskar : no nothing just like that.
Sanskar gets nervous and looks at all girls staring him…
Swara : ragini bring ur mobile , there is definitely something in it.
Sanskar : what? No no there is nothing like that…
Nisha : sanskar what r u hiding?
Mihika : just tell or we have our ways…
All boyz are listening to their conversation by leaning on door…
Vijay : has he gone mad?
Karan : no he is like that , he cant handle these situations ..

Abhishek : we have to do something or else lucky will kill us..
sanskar to himself
Sanskar now u r gone , sorry guyz but i have to do it…
Swara : what r u thinking?
Sanskar : no nothing….
Sanskar goes towards door
Swara : sanskar..
Sanskar signals girlz to keep quiet
Sanskar opens the door.and all boyz fall inside….Girlz get shocked while sanskar closes his eyes….
Karan: ouch yaar sanky whats this?
He looks at girlz and keeps quiet
All boyz look at sanskar and gives him a death glare….
Girlz : so will u all tell what r u doing here?
All look at sanskar and signals him to speak now…
Sanskar : actually , amh , they wanted to spend some time with their girls….
Sanskar says in one breathe while looking down …..

Swara : ohh i c , but vijay?
All look at sanskar…
Sanskar innocently asks : amh , is there no one extra?…..
All look at him shell shocked while he bit his lower lip…
Swara : no one is extra for him but where is lucky?
Abhishek murmurs
Because of this lucky we have gone unlucky…
Laksh comes from behind…
Laksh : what did u say?
Abhishek : thank god u came , this all is happening because of u
Laksh : no its because of u all and especially u….
Laksh signals abhishek and vijay..
Vijay understands his signal…..
They start to argue like kids while girls are irritated……
Vijay goes towards ragini’s mobile
Vijay to himself
God , plzzz save me
Vijay moves towards her phone and swara notices it…..

She gets suspicious…
Swara moves towards vijay and sanskar sees it…
Sanskar grabs swara’s hand and signals vijay to do it quickly…
Swara : sanskar , what r u doing?
Sanskar : holding my would be fiance’s hand….
Swara tries to remove his hand…
Sanskar : dont try u wont be able to….swara thinks something and smiles naughtily….
Swara kisses sanskar and sanskar looses his grip…taking this chance swara removes his hand and goes towarda girlz and then looks at vijay who is now standing with sanskar….
Laksh : done…VIJAY : done….
Karan : now what? SANSKAR:now run?……..All boyz run from there leaving girlz shocked…..
Mihika : what happened just few mins ago?
Nisha : they have gone mad because of their engagagement.

Swara : ragini bring ur mobile , it was all about it..
Ragini brings her mobile ….
Ragini : gosh someone tried to open my phone and got successful.
Nisha : what?
Swara : boyz , definitely and i saw vijay moving towards ur phone…
Mihika : then why didnt u stophim?
Swara : wo …..amh….actually….
Nisha : because our hero sanskar started teasing her ….All looks at swara and she looks down….
Mihika : uh hu….is it?
Nisha:and u know what swara did?
Swara looks at her shocked and with pleading eyes…..
Ragini : okay okay leave all that but what will we do now?
Mihika : boyz will tell us about it
Nisha : why will they?
Mihika says just wait&watch……..

Guyz i am confused about my ff , i am not able to update regularly because i amhaving exams but in start of april my exams will end so plzzz suggest me what shuld i do..continue or end it

Credit to: newbie

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    hi newbie.. this is first time i m commenting in ur ff.. but i read ur ff always..
    its totally ur choice u have to continue or not..
    but i like ur ff dear.. u can continue sfter ur exams also ..
    i haven’t any pblm..
    n about episode i love the prank of boys…
    keep it up dear god bless u 🙂

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