swasan LOVE (Chapter 3)


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swara says to ragini : okay now i will get ready or else dadi will again throw tantrums ….ragini says: SWARA ….swara says : okay sanskariiii lado and winks at her ..ragini hits her and someone knock at door and swara runs to bathroom…ragini laughs and sumi comes in and says what happened?? ragini tells her everything and sumi smiles and asks her to come ,breakfast is ready and bring shona along ….sumi says rago , u know its your first day in college but dont be nervous , u are swaragini and r there for each other naa and u r mature and u know swara she is like kid so take care of her and also of yourself and never do anything wrong , we are always wid u ….ragini hugs her and says if u r done , dont worry we are fine and will always be and sumi goes ….ragini prays for swara’s long and happy life and their first day in college ….SWARA comes out and says ohhh so sanskariii maa is thinking something serious orrrr ….ragini sats DRAMA QUEEN lets go and have breakfast …they come down …and after finishing their breakfast …everyone wishes them best of luck and shekher hugs them and says he will drop them but swaragini say no our friends are coming to take us we will go with them , their friends come and ask them to come ,they complies and leaves ………


sanskar and laksh get ready and sanskar compliments lucky and lucky says u r also not looking less……. Sanskar says okay now come ,and have breakfast …..they come down and anaupura compliments them ,they smile and then anaupura says ,now bring beautiful daughter-in-laws for us also , lucky says MOM i am working on it and when i will find lucky’s lucky girl , i will make her meet u …..anaupura smiles and looks at sanskar and says what about u ???? sanskar looks on speechless …laksh says mom he has so many …dont u know ??? sanskar and anaupura look at laksh shocked ….laksh says : why r u staring me like this i am saying truth he has many gf’s …….and for sanskar gf means books so there are many ..the one u like choose it maa …sanskar hits lucky and says….LUCKY ..anaupura smiles seeing her sons so happy ….tears rolled down from her eyes …laksh and sanskar notice this and hugs her saying : anaupura i hate tears and anaupura starts laughing and tells them that dp is coming the day after tomorrow …

laksh says :OMG my freedom is of only 2 days …all laugh and finish their breakfast and leave for college …laksh drives the car and sanskar sits with him and they reach college …laksh sees a girl and goes to flirts with her and sanskar says LUCKY U R IMPOSSIBLE meanehile sanskar bumps into swara and ragini and turns and looks at them …swara was about to scold him when ragini controls her and sanskar says I AM REALLY SORRY and just then lucky comes amd scolds swaragini …ragini also scolds him and swara and sanskar try to stop them and in the process swaras dupatta gets stuck in sanskars watch and they have an eyelock (tujhe dekha to yeh jana sanam song plays in bg ) ragini and laksh look at them and are shocked …..


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  1. nice ff
    way to go yaar
    waiting for nxt episode 🙂

  2. story track is going very slowly……

    1. And it is very short

      1. SORRY its short because i dont have much time and i write 2 ffs so i have to manage time but dont worry i will try to not make it short

  3. Plz write recaps before starting ur ff, so that we can recall the story. As there are so many ff and always get confused about the story.

    1. oops sorry i always forget to write recap but from now i will write it and thanks for pointing it out

  4. Rags u r so cute

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