swasan LOVE (Chapter 10)

ragini attends the call and comes out….laksh tries to hear and swara hits him ….laksh says if i get to know her one secret than i will tease her…swara says ohhh ok i will tell u…sanskar says ohhh u lucky if u teased rago then i will tell swara ragini about ur secret …laksh says so mean bhai ..u r changing…and makes faces …sanskar says soo my bro is trying emotional blackmail now …good going…try it with girls not wid me….laksh hits him and swara laughs…ragini comes inside and says exitedly …swara …swara asks what hpnd??y r u looking so happy??? ragini says abhika are coming…swara gets happy and says what ;???when??ragini says they reached and went to their cousins home…swara says great …sanskar ask them that what is abhika???laksh says leave it bhai…we reached..they all get down the car and see anaupura standing…swarag takes her blessing and they all go inside…..laksh comes to anaupura and hugs her….anaupura says now what u need ?? laksh says nothing mom…..sanskar sees bags and says mom who has come??anaupura says irs surprise….anaupura says look there and tgey all get happy seeing abhishek and mihika coming (abhishek and mihika are abhika) ….

sanskar and laksh hug abhishek while swara ragini hug mihika…anaupura asks swaragini do u know them?? swara says yeah miihika is our friend…abhishek and mihika comes to anaupura and takes blessings …abhishek says aunty…u brought two beautiful daughter in law and didnt inform us..sanlak sats what???anaupura says no u r mistaken,they r my friends daughter and came here for some days and abhishek says ohh and greets swarag….anaupura says to swarag…beta abhishek is my brothers son and mihika is shekhers sisters son …swarag says ohhh…anaupura says they came to spend their holidays …laksh says mom i forgot to tell u tgat our college is off for some days …sanskar says yeah mom actuallt the fact was…laksh says sanky plzz after sumtime but now i am very hungry…all laugh and comes to dinning table …servants serves them …and they finish their meal …anaupura leaves …laksh says why r u two looking like bf and gf…abhika says noo…nothing like that …swarag says ok but if u tried to hide anything then u know naa….mihika says ok my rockstars …mihika says lucky where is ur train and winks at her…sanskar says at 15..laksh says bhai 16….sanskar says whatever….

ragini says what is the train thing??? swara says ohh rago his train is at 16th gf na ….ragini says ohhh….abhishek says and sanskar where is ur??? laksh laughs and says 10th to 15th …swara and sanskar both says what??all laugh and laksh says i mean books train…they all have some fun ….sanskar says i will tell u ur room …laksh says bhai tell malti (she is maid) she will tell tg
hem …sanskar says lucky plzz do some work and leave all others…laksh says okay bhai….sanskar takes swara and ragini to their room and mihika says bhai i will sleep wid tgem ..sanskar says u girlzz decide …he takes abhishek with him and he comes to room and says where is lucky now?? abhi says he will come u sit and relax..laksh walks and sees ragini talking to someone and stops and tries to hear..ragini sees him and smiles..she starts acting and says yeah baby…how r u???
u know what i am missing u so much

laksh is shocked and ragini turns and comes to him…he composes himself and ragini closes his mouth and burst out laughing and laksh understands her prank and runs behind her her…finally he catches her …he pins her against a wall and says where will u run now??? ragini in slow voice says laksh leave …..laksh realizes his position and moves away and goes…ragini sighs and comes to room..mihika and swara look at her and they talk

swara and ragini talk about abhishek and mihika blushes …swara notices this and thinks to find out??? she takes her mobile and says so many missed calls….she calls sanskar and tells her plan ….sanskar says okay as u wish…and ends the call…she comes inside and acts to talk to sanskar on phone and says ohhh so how is abhishek???is he hurt much??? ragini and mihika asks her and she says that abhishek slipped and his foot got injured…mihika says what ??how??when??is he alright?? ragini and swara look at each other and swara says yeah he is fine but his foot is not….

sanskar comes inside and tells laksh and abhi that mihika fainted …laksh understands his plan and abhishek sats what ??how??what hpnd??sanskar says dont know …we will talk to tgem in morning .its late…..they switch off te lights and lie down…abhishek and mihika gets up and meets ….mihika says ur foot and abhishek says r u ill…they both get confused and then they see sanlak and swarag standing and swarag and sanlak claps and says wow…abhika says so it was a plan….swara holds mihikas ear and laksh abhisheks while ragini and sanskar laughs….mihika says its hurting….laksh says thats why she held it…right bhab…..swara says what ??? sanskar says what u said…..ragini says he was saying behna ,behma and eyes laksh angrily and abhika says something is fishy ….all laugh

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