Episode 13

After swasan engagement maheswari’s and gadodia’s went to Kolkata. After two weeks nitin and rachita’s marriage happened very grandly. Sanskar went to Kolkata after their marriage as their contract too finished. Everyone decided to do swasan Marriage in Delhi itself as they doesn’t want swara to know the past. So everyone agreed.

Two weeks passed. Swara and sanskar are very happy and eager to meet each other. Maheswari family are made to stay in kulkarni’s guest house. Everyone arrived few days back. Today is the day of sangeet. The ceremony is done in kulkarni’s house. Their house is decorated beautifully. Maheswari family arrived there at correct time. Pavithra did aarti and welcomed sanskar. Then all went inside and sat aside. Sanskar eyes are searching for swara. At that time shomi and rachu brought swara down. She is very beautiful. She wore a lehanga. Sanskar can’t take off his eyes from her. Swara while coming down saw sanskar and blushed seeing his intense gaze on her. She is made to sit in the small stage. Then sanskar is made to sit near her. After he sat he said to swara,”U r looking soo beautiful princess and see my fate i have to wait for two days more to make u mine. Huh god y this unjust to me??? Is this fair to u??”

“Huh sanskar don’t u think u r being so dramatic??”

“Is that so??”

“Yes my lord.” swara said and both laughed. Then the sangeet function started with nitin and rachita’s dance following by parineeta and adarsh dance. Then shomi and pavithra danced. Then sanjay and shekar danced. Then ap and sujatha followed by dp and ram. And at last the couple of the day swara and sanskar danced. The sangeet function finished beautifully.

Night everyone slept peacefully. Swara and sanskar can’t sleep as they are excited about their marriage. Sanskar is very very happy as his princess is going to be with him soon. With that thought he slept peacefully.

Next day it’s haldi function. Sanskar’s haldi is done in the guest house while swara’s haldi done in kulkarni’s house. Nitin went and brought the haldi of sanskar. The haldi function also completed beautifully. In kulkarni guest house sanskar is adamant to see swara but is stopped by everyone as after haldi he shouldn’t see bride. So without any option he went to his room and locked inside and jumped from window and went to kulkarni’s house. Without anyone’s notice he climbed the pipe and went to swara’s room. There swara is seeing her face in the mirror which is applied by haldi. Sanskar saw this and is mesmerized by seeing her in yellow saree. He slowly went near her and kept his hands on her bare waist. Swara is shocked. Before she shout he turn her and kissed her lips. Swara is shocked and after sometimes they parted their way and swara saw sanskar and blushed. Her cheeks turned red. Sanskar cupped her face and kissed both her cheeks.

“Swara u r soo beautiful.” saying this he kissed her forehead. Swara also kissed his cheeks and hugged him.

“Sanskar anyone will come. U go from here. We will meet evening in mehandi function.” swara said but sanskar didn’t move at all. With much difficulty swara convinced him and sanskar went from there with half hearted.

In the evening the kulkarni house is glowing with the lights and decorations. Maheswari family came to the function. Swara is brought down and made her sit in the center. Then the mehandi artist came and put mehandi on swara’s hand. After the mehandi is done shomi called sanskar and asked him to find his name. After searching for 5 minutes sanskar found it. Then after dinner everyone went to their home.

Next day is very important day for swasan. Swara got ready in her room. Her friends,rachita,shomi are with her. While pavithra and sanjay are down welcoming the guests. At that time sanskar came in a horse. Pavithra did aarti and asked him to move the pot which is tied up in the entrance. Sanskar did it with the help of a stick. Everyone clapped and Pavithra brought sanskar inside by keeping her hand on sanskar’s nose. After bringing him inside sanskar is made to sit. Then pandit did some pooja. After some time he asked someone to bring swara down. Shomi and rachu brought swara down and made her sit near sanskar. Then pandit did some pooja and asked someone to tie the ghadbandan. Shomi came forward and did the ghadbhandan. Then pandit ji called swara’s parents for kanyadan. Shomi asked pavithra and sanjay to do the kanyadan.

They are overwhelmed with this. They happily did the kanyadan. Then swasan stood up and took 7 vows. After that sanskar adorned swara’s neck with mangalsutra. And after that he kept kumkum in her forehead. The pandit informed that both are married. Swara and sanskar became happy and intertwined their hands. Sanskar is very happy while swara is both happy and sad. Happy is she got married to her soulmate while sad that she is leaving her parents and brother. Sanskar understood her emotions and told to her,”Swara princess don’t worry. Whenever u want to meet ur ma or dad or bhai i will bring u here so don’t worry.” he said and patted her cheeks. Swara is overwhelmed and smiled happily.

Then bidai happened. Swara is crying a lot. Pavithra,sanjay and nitin controlled their tears. They didn’t even think in dreams that a person who is not related to them in anyway became their life. Even maheswari’s were surprised seeing their love for swara. But they were happy. Swara and sanskar sat in the car and went to airport. Kulkarni family too went to airport. Everyone reached the airport. Swara again went and hugged pavithra,sanjay and nitin cryingly.

“Pagal u should be happy now. Don’t cry mini. And one more thing if u think like seeing us just call me and we all will come there by catching the flight. So don’t worry and haan one more thing if ever sanskar torture u just give a call i will kill him okie.”nitin said teasingly. Hearing this swara got little angry and said,”Bhai sanskar is very good and he is my husband and he loves me soo much. So don’t do ur stunts on him okie.” swara warned and everyone saw her with open mouth. Sanskar is happy to see the love she has on him.

“Ahaan ma,papa have u heard her husband. Just now she is married and took his side.” nitin teased and swara shied and hugged him tightly. Then both parted and she turned to rachita and said,”Bhabhi i know u will take care of everyone well but still i want to tell. Take care of everyone bhabhi and mainly bhai. Pls don’t hurt him at all. I know u won’t but still.”

“Meri baby u don’t worry. I will take care of everyone. I didn’t know the naughty swara is this much responsible. It’s true once the girl gets married she will become responsible. Be happy like this and take care of urself.” rachita said and after swara bid bye to everyone she went inside. With heavy heart kulkarni family went home.

After few hour of journey all reached Kolkata. Everyone came out of the airport and hired a cab and went to maheswari mansion. Ragini with the help of dadi and servants had done every arrangements. Even laksh helped them. They reached maheswari mansion. Ragini is happy to see her sister after a long gap. She went and hugged her and congratulated for marriage. Then ap and sujatha did the aarti and welcomed swara inside. She kicked the rice pot and kept her leg in kumkum water and came inside. Ragini and parineeta took her to sanskar’s room while adarsh and laksh didn’t leave sanskar to go. They caught him and is chatting unnecessary things like office work and about delhi. Then sanskar understood they are teasing him and pushed both and ran to their room. Everyone laughed seeing it.

Sanskar entered inside and expected swara to be either sitting in the bed or standing near the window. But to his disappointment swara is no where seen. Then he heard water sound from bathroom and waited for her to come. After some time swara came out and sanskar is shocked to see her.

“Whats this swara???”

“What sanskar???”

“Uff i was expecting to see u in bridal wear but u changed to night dress and can’t u wear anything s*xy atleast??? Today is our first night.”

“Huh sanskar have some shame man.” swara said and sanskar smirked and came near her.

“Y i should have shame???” saying this he pulled her and kept his hands on her waist lifting her tshirt. Swara became numb. He came closer and kept his lips on her and both kissed passionately. Then he carried her and went to bed and kept her on it. He removed his kurta and came on top of her. He kissed her forehead,then eyes,then cheeks,then neck and again kissed her lips and both consummated their marriage.

Four months leap.

In this four months many things happened. Ragini is blessed with boy child while parish adopted a born baby girl. Swara adapted with everyone. She became responsible and does every household work. She goes to delhi once in a month spend couple of days with them and returns back to Kolkata. She is angry on one person that is praveen who didn’t come to her marriage also didn’t even see her till now. As usual she is working in the kitchen. When she was arranging the dining table sanskar came inside and saw swara. He sensed something is wrong with swara. Before he went near she fainted and fell down. Sanskar is shocked and shouted,”Swara” and ran to her. Hearing his sound everyone came there and also shocked seeing swara lying down. Sanskar carried swara and made her lay in the bed and adarsh called doctor. After some time doctor came and checked her and said to everyone that swara is pregnant. Everyone became happy. Sanskar is feeling like flying in the sky. Everyone congratulated him and went from there. After few hours swara opened her eyes and saw sanskar seeing lovingly. She got up and asked him,”What happened sanskar???”

“Princess u know i am very happy today.” he said and took her hand and kept it in her stomach and asked,”Do u feel anything??” hearing this swara is shocked for a minute. But just wanted to confirm from sanskar. She asked him in sign language as whether it’s true i am really pregnant. Sanskar nodded his head and swara hugged him tightly.

“Swara we have to say to dad and pavi ma na. Call them” sanskar said. Swara nodded her head and video called them. Swara and sanskar told the good news and everyone became very happy. They booked the tickets for next flight to see their daughter. Swasan became overwhelmed. Sanskar pampered her fully.

Next day maheswari mansion is full of laughter sounds. Everyone celebrating the happiness. Swara is pampered by 4 mothers. Sanskar felt happy seeing it. Everyone are feeding her something after something. At that time praveen too came there making her happiness grow more. She went and hugged him. Sanskar saw it and teased her,”Swara someone told me they are angry with their best friend.”

“Aww bro that anger and all for few days. I know if she sees me her every anger will grow. Am i right swara?”

“Ya u r right.” swara said smilingly and beat him playfully.

Everyone were happy at this moment. Sanskar went to office due to some urgent work. Everyone became busy talking. Swara felt bored. Praveen saw this and asked swara,”What happened???”

“Praveen take me to a ride!! Pls i am bored.”

“Aww if ur hubby knows i am gone.” praveen said. Swara glared at him and called Sanskar and got permission after lot of pleadings and both went out. They just kept on driving and enjoying. Suddenly swara saw the same place where swara fell down from the cliff. Swara asked praveen to stop the car as she felt some uneasiness. Swara came out and saw the place. Her head started to pain and she got many flashes like someone shooting a person while that person pulled another person and both fell in the river. She felt drowsiness and fell down. Praveen who saw all this is confused and shocked.

Sanskar who is in the office suddenly saw the gps of that car. He saw the place where the car is standing and panicked. He called praveen to not be there but before he could say anything praveen said swara fainted and asked him to come to home. Sanskar kept the call and came to maheswari mansion.

In maheswari mansion doctor is checking swara. Praveen is feeling very guilty. Doctor asked,”What happened?? Do u know y she fainted???”

“No doctor we were just driving suddenly swara asked me to stop in a place and she came down and kept her hand in her head and fainted.”

“Actually doctor that place is where swara fell down into the river and she lost her memory.” Sanskar said and everyone is shocked. Doctor understood it and said,”May be she got some glimpse or she might have regained her memory. Only when she opens her eyes we can find it.” doctor said. Everyone were praying and is very sad.

After sometime swara opened her eyes and saw the surroundings and saw Sanskar sitting near her. She just hugged him and cried and said,”Sanskar happy to see u. When i fell into the river i thought i won’t see u. Thank god.” hearing it everyone are happy. Swara scanned everyone and saw uttara and asked,”Uttara r u fine???”

“Yes bhabhi.” uttara said with a smile. Then with hesitation pavithra asked,”Swara beta u r fine na???” hearing it swara just blinked and nodded her head slowly. Pavithra,sanjay,nitin,rachita,praveen everyone felt very bad that she forgot everything happened after memory loss. They just went out from the room. Everyone felt bad. They came out and pavithra cried as swara forgot everything. After few minutes swara got up from her bed as if she got some energy and went out and hugged pavithra. She became happy and asked,”Do u remember me???”

“Yes ma how can i forgot it?? When i gained my lost memory my brain didn’t work at all. It took me few minutes to recall everything. U always scold me for being irresponsible but now what u did?? U should slapped me and asked me how could i forgot u all. But u all just came out like someone. I am angry on u all.” swara said and turned her face. Everyone became emotional and hugged her and cried. (even i cried while writing this. This is the first time i am crying while i am writing. I have cried while reading others work but this is the first time i am crying while writing?)

“Ma,dad how come i can forgive u all?? If i forgive everything then i am not a human at all. I am really thankful to u all. I am just an unknown person but u all gave me so much of love and affection. I haven’t felt father’s love in my life. But u loved me more than ur own son. I always craved for sibling’s love. Though i have a sister she didn’t love me as i loved her. But u treated me as ur daughter. And ma u were same like my ma. I didn’t find any differences between u both except one thing. Shomi ma let me eat fish while u didn’t let me eat that’s all.” swara said and everyone laughed.

“And Sanskar thank u soo much for waiting for me and finding me and marrying me again. Even mom,papa,bade ma,bade papa,adarsh bhaiya,pari bhabhi everyone just behaved with me as if u guys are seeing me that time only. I am really blessed to have u all in my life. I love u all so much.” swara said and became emotional. Sanskar side hugged her and said,”U deserve this princess and we all love u too.” and kissed her forehead.

9 months passed. In these 9 months everyone pampered swara to the core. Sanskar didn’t go to office at all. He just attends the meeting. That too sometime he did it through video call. He does every office Work in home itself. None let swara do the work. One day she was sleeping in the afternoon and suddenly labor pain came and she is admitted in the hospital. After some hour the operation is over and doctor came out and informed everyone that swara gave birth to a daughter and a son. Everyone were very happy. After 2 months they kept the naming ceremony. They named the children as NITIN and NITESH named her brother name Nitin. Everyone accepted it. Nitin became emotional and happy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The End ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sorry for late update. And guys there is no epilogue for this story. Hope u liked this update.
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